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The We-Ness

I and You


In these times together

I have learned so much

from you along with

through you, and

because of you I have

learned much more

about myself. It

took your presence and

inquires towards me to

have me sit down with

myself and listen, to

come to grips of who

I am. for I have ignored

for far too long, if not

openly shunned, aspects

of myself. With your

cautious and continuous

probing, we – both you and –

we came to discover my whole

authentic self. And for this I

am eternally grateful to have

you in my life, possessing my

heart. This is but one reason

among an infinite number of

reasons why I love you. Every

single day I wake up, either

by your side or in my own

spherical life, hoping to

serve you in any way I can,

for you bring me, and this

wide world of ours, such

happiness that I would see

your heart as happy as mine

always is in your company. To

that end, the greatest end, I would

do anything you could ever ask

of me for I: my heart, my soul,

my mind, my body; the whole

I-ness, Love You: your heart,

your soul, your mind, your

body, your whole You-ness.

The whole I in me Loves

the whole You in you.



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Path of Love

Meandering Paths


The Spirit guides

our hearts to the

gift of love.

– bringing you

into my life.


The Heart clothed

in kindness breathes

only with love.

– bringing me

into your life.


Water flows

as love does,

taking its’ own path.

– forever uniting

you and I in love.

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Day 341 – Delight

A Half Known Truth


Take delight in our

sharing, the communal

giving and receiving

of each other’s gentle

caressings, blending

time with experience;

life with love; glances

with touches; breath

with intention; thoughts

with purpose, so take

delight in our communal

sharing as we descover

each other in our hearts.

I was made whole, yet

incomplete until you,

for who can know a

whole truth when only

half of it has been

experienced, so take me

in your heart and let me

find my home in your

arms, as my soul sings

the words: You and

I and Love to the rhythm

we make, we two together.


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Day 242 – Finding Union In You

Solace and Union


Alone at night, always alone,

I find my solace being swaddled by

incense smoke singing and

chanting in foreign languages.

Enjoying the pleasing clarity of mind;

when my vision starts to dim and

my mind starts to pierce the veil of

life; enabling me to see through the

pains and tragedies of a life lived, to

see the penultimate truth  of this life.

That beauty abounds in love,  and then

I found you, the grace and beauty of my

own heart. I found your image smiling from

within my very being, stepping out  of myself

so that I may step fully into  you as you step out

of yourself to fulling step into me, we join

in a sacred union of divine light to live in the

dawning of a  day new and bright.


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To You I Go

I Am Drawn


I am drawn to you

like a moth is to the flame

either you’ll burn the

impurities of me

or I will die just the same


I am drawn to you

like a drunk is to the bar

either you’ll grant me

drunken ecstasy for my

body or I will fall far


I am drawn to you

like a stream to the ocean

either you’ll take me

inside your unknown depths or

I’ll evaporate unseen


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Once You Gave

Our Gifts


Once you gave

me a ‘night of

your senses’

resulting in my

tremulous heart –

the next day

apathy took hold

never wanting time

to pass us by again

endowing tedium

mediocrity, laziness

and delirium until

time begot circumstance.


Once you gave me

a ‘night of your senses’

concluding with an

increase of that heavenly

sweet ache the heart’s delight,

a swell of love pure and

divine, a wave of humanity

whole and perfect until

time came by and feigned

new circumstance.


So now I give you

a ‘night of my senses’

ending with terrible and

precious feelings from

the very beginning, consisting

and commiserating

with constant bombardments

of our always pulsating hearts.

Hear how it beats for love,

so insatiable and terribly beautiful;

waiting, patiently knowing

that time will come

and birth a new circumstance.

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Day 293

You And I


I condemn you

you followers of the stars

tempting desired effects

from dubious causes


I forsake you

you from porcelin gates

indicting everyone

that challenges you


I detest you

you who have spoken out

cursing me by my fate

live a loving life of unseen acts


I refuse you

you of a celestial mind

denying me with my destiny

To roam the joyful lands with desperate heart


I condemn you

you who refute the earth

in hopes  to attain the sky

Requiring to receive without first giving

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