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Day 346 – Fated Destiny

Find It Here


It is here,

this place, this time,

where we can

find ourselves

just as we are,

fully accepting

ourselves in

this present

incarnation, with

all our stressers,

all our packaged

pains, all our beguiled

guilt. Breathing deep

in thisĀ  moment of

realization where we

find ourselves.

It is here.


It is here,

the here and now

of this breath, that

we can transcend

our misgivings,

our sufferings, our

heart’s tragedy to

encapsulate a

sacred love for

this moment, but

only for this moment

and then let it pass

for all things will

surely pass weather

we want them to

or not. So breathe

deeply into this

moment of eternity,

and then let it go,

to attain to your

higher self of

realized love.

It is here.


It is here.

The time has

come and the

place stands ready

to receive your

manifold greatness,

letting go of what

you think you are

owed in this life, or

who you think you

are, letting all ideas

of yourself and your

purpose in life to pass

before you and fade

into the land of

distant memories. So

breathe deeply into

this moment and

realize your fated

destiny lies with

love eternal.

It is here.


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Day 337 – Constructed Notions

Life Comes With The Breath


Life comes

as the breath enters

the body; and upon

opening our eyes

beauty is realized.

Waking each day

brings new life

to our terrestrial

bodies, for life always

comes as the breath

enters our bodies.


Love comes

as the heart relaxes,

releasing our built up

notions. With that

ease, grace begins to

flow through our

intrinsic movements,

ever projecting our

celestial souls out

into this wondrous

world for love comes

as the heart relaxes,

forever releasing our

continuously constructed


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Day 227 – The Clarion Bells Ring

Within my Soul


In the depths of the

darkest hour – when

all seems to be

nearing oblivion –

a harrowing thought

brings forth my

inch of hope – a

saving grace – that

brings to me a light

lifting the burden

from my hardened

and heavy shoulders.


In the murkiness

of my soul – where

still waters run deep –

all seems to be engulfed

by a stagnant darkness

strangling out any

salvation for this, my

burgeoning soul, seeking

solace in the light, a light

that starts to shine forth

from the impenetrable folds

of the abysmal darkness.


In the depths of this,

the darkest hours – when

all seems to be lost – a

glimmer of hope bares

new light, echoing the

last sentiment of water –

dance always with the rocks,

never cease from flowing

towards the greater source –

Be like the water to find

your manifest destiny: visible love within a soul.

    I found my light within you



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Hitherto Unknown

The River Still Flows On


Setting down on a paper stream

Ink bubbles through the bleeding lung

Ideas formed from contaminated seams

spitting foam and rabid words are flung

– And still the river flows on


Detailed plans raises the banks

Cementing actions fortify levees

strong of mind and hard of thanks

Asserts the dam of actions heavy

– And still the river flows on


Disdained hearts forge new boulders

Claiming for once the whole part

Ernest feelings on sore shoulders

Receding as the ocean sets to start

– And still the river flows on

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Day 336

I Seek You Out


I seek you out

you muse of a thousand thought

ages have praised you

and ages have hated you

You temptress of inspiration

I seek you out


I call you out

you lover of thousand lands

Men have given you their hearts

Women have given you their love

You fickle fiend of the moment

I call you out


I count you numbered

you wicked spirit of insipid beauty

Poisoning the best minds with false hope

Dancing on the graves of vanquished dreams

You vile friend of antiquarian means

I count you numbered


I call you out

you voracious dreamer of truth denied

Men have departed from their paths for you

Women have offered up their futures for you

You tantalizing houri of seduction

I call you out


I seek you out

You wonder of a wisdom’s heads

We sacrifice for your divine homage

We give for your sacred faith

You thousand petal flower

I seek you out

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Day 326

The Dam Of Security


Calling up the waves

Subsides submissions long past

Reversing the trends

Strengthens the bonds of our lives

Raising artistic notions

swells tides of generous love


Flooding the valley

of eternal perspectives

breaks down the strong dam

over-running the lands with

turbulent ideas

creating always anew

fertile lands within our minds


Break down your own dam

and see your lands flourishing

For the swelling tides

of creation incubate

love within your life

and life in eternal love

only if you break your dam

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Day 322

New Ideas


Teutonic plates

intrinsic circumstances

Always moving

endow life with the creative

To form

notions blurring

The foundations


Of our evolving

astounding ambiguity


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