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Day 144 – Life And Love

Only Within

Within life

as life moves

we find a

subtle strength

and a dynamic

courage in the


vulnerability that

inspires a gentleness

in life

Within love

as love grows

we find a


significance and

a static importance

in this auspicious

moment expressing


throughout this

world of love

Within life

as life expands

we find in

this world of

ceaseless noise

only truth

can and will

remain silent

and heard within

the heart of

audible life


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Day 298

The Carver of Meanings


The greatness of your dexterous skill

lies always hidden for the eyes fill

Molding my paltry and amorous words

into a meaning greater than lions and birds

Etching from their plaintive sight

the meaning and importance of your right

Through a fastidious and thoughtful mind

A thought is formed from words to find

Taken from the communal form of sense

You chisel your message without pretense

Forming out of stultifying and somber stone

the words of independent truth of your own

So it is to you, the greatest magician of all

that I offer my plaintive words to your call

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Day 282

The Gift


I received a gift

Given with love from a friend

Who received it when

her time was right to receive

It was given when

I was ready to receive

And I shall give it

to you when your time is right

and you will and the same too


Take this gift with love

and know that it came from me

and goes on to you

And I take this notion true

That you will pass on

Continuing the chain of

giving which links us

in the perpetual cycle

of enlivened love for all

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Day 213

Your Meaning


I should tell you what

You mean – you perfect stranger

I should let you know

But the words I cannot speak

They elude my mind

Forever evading my

Always searching consciousness


I should take a pen

And inscribe your importance

I should write down now

Exactly what you mean but

When I write the words

Escape my mind and I seek

To find them without error


Trusting not my mind

For the mind can lie as well

I dare not think to

Write or speak your importance

Words may become sweet

Or words may become hostile

I seek for a better way


Rather take my acts

In place of words written or

Spoken as your guide

Let my acts be your poem

And through my actions

You shall learn exactly what

You mean to me from now on

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