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It Does Happen Sometimes



It happened slowly

but was impossible

to stop, it came, and

it happened to me

as it happens to

every life exposed

to bear the heart’s

truth. It happened

on a day like this,

and on that day, I

found my wings,

found them being

pinned by love,

but through you I

also found that my

soul still soars, higher

than I ever could

have imagined. It

happened and

I am happy.


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Day 363 – You And I

When Love Unites


You live here

and work there,

you inhale here

and exhale there,

but you spread your

love everywhere.

It permeates the

air we all breathe,

and we become

rightly charged with

love. So we all can

live over here

while working there,

breathing in here

and breathing out

over there, sending

love out everywhere.


I beat the drum

inside my heart,

and I bang the drum

outside my body, infusing

life with music while

I initiate myself

within the troupe of

love. Sending my

internal song out

into this wild world

of rhythms where

souls can merge

under the guise of

dance and hearts can

join in the ecstasy

eternal love.


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Day 336 – Mind And Heart

Completely Inadequate


Everything we tell

ourselves, all that

we think we know,

every single thing

the mind seeks as a

response, the heart

already knows to be

completely inadequate.

So put aside your mind,

and stay your thoughts,

for the wisdom of the

heart is greater by far.

Once we find outselves

on the path of the heart,

we come to see that

happiness is a choice we

can choose with every

moment that passes, and

for those who choose, it is

a blessing bestowed onto

the entire world, for the

joy we experience in this

life is not limited in scope,

but rather it grows exponentially

with every good thought

we share with others. So breath

deeply, resting your thoughts

to allow your heart to reign

over your life. Breathe deep

in joy, breath deep in love

and live your path through life.

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Day 276 – Take This Person

Breathe Into Your Sacred Space


Take this heart, love;

– this beautifully

vulnerable heart –

and do what you will.

It was given with

love’s truest intentions,

to always light your

way home in the darkest

night. Take this heart,

love; and breathe into

your sacred space.


Take this soul, love;

– this tattered and

worn out soul –

and do as you see fit.

It has found many answers

to the imposing questions

that have been long sought

out in you. Take this soul,

love; and breathe into

your sacred love.


Take this union, love;

– this meager collection

of joy and misery –

and do what you want.

It has learned much to

teach very little and

in the face of action

stood frozen in thought.

Seeking out happier days

through longer and happier

nights. Take this union,

love; and breathe into

your sacred space.



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Day 245 – Life, Love, and Joy

Sing, Dance, And Breathe


It is for you that life,

singing its song full and

pure of the invitations

to honor  and respect

everyone’s responsibility

to invite creative love

into your life daily, and

in the moment to make

manifest the destiny that

awaits all that live in this

instant eternity, the breath

and scope of love’s grand design.


It is for you that love,

dancing through each

divine cell of your celestial

being, shares the infinite

gratitude lying hidden

deep within your daily

intentions to experience

life waiting for this, your

instant eternity held within

the bottle of your peripheral

time, breathing in the ebbing

waters that flow through joy.


It is for you that joy;

breathing in full and pure

tones, settles the murkiness

of regretful intentions by

allowing you to let yourself

be completely undone so that

you may come, by breathing,

to invite creative love back

into your living instant

eternity and to make manifest

the destiny that love has  breathed

into your ever beautiful life.

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Day 235 – In The Beginning

Given Hope, Given Faith


In the beginning

I was given hope to look

into infinite

love, finding space in her eyes,

those blue eyes shone like

the last touch of a sunset

set at the edge of the world.


In the beginning

I was given faith to see

through eternity;

the ebb and flow of events

and the sharp pain of

loss that forms the greatest gifts,

the lost treasures of our hearts.


In the beginning

I was given hope to know

love as eternal,

barring witness to life’s joy

best known to last in

this little life to show that

life deserves not less than love


In the beginning

I was given faith to feel

infinity through

joy, carrying to light through

the starless night as

I look to share in every

awe filled sky held in this heart.




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Day 224 – And The World Starts

A Voice In Sublimity


As the world starts

to wake and finds

its voice in sublimity,

the heart exposed

begins to shine

as the power of

a thousand suns to

give a warming guidance

of an unrestrained

comfort that eases the

tempted mind into

a state of ubiquity.

It is in those sanguine

moments that the heart

is allowed space to paint the

sky with an unheralded love.


Finding peace in

the shifting winds

of a cluttered mind

distills the passions

of precipitous thoughts,

and once our thoughts

have passed us by, it is

realized that what is true

has been seen by those

only who can see truth.  And

to look within towards

the sacred breath, the heart

brings life back to the

body and passion back to the

artist, for the heart is the

path from creator to his work.


As the world outside begins

to wake, so the world inside

for the external world is just

a mere adornment – a lacking

imitation of the beauty imprisoned

within your heart (a beauty needing

to be freed if you could release your

claim of it) – of the soul eternal

so take the nourishment that

your spirit must need to

glow;  take that love that

you are so scared to give and

allow yourself to heart that

this world gives forth a

singular music composed

by a love engraved by your light.





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