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The Sacred Balance


Life gives us many

opportunities to see

the mystic of our hearts,

embracing both light

and dark to further our

perpetual growth. Take

heed now and breathe

deeply with the intent

of courage to venture into

the great darkness and

greater light in the center

of your heart. The only weapon

you need is the breath that

cleanses, so walk assuredly

to the center of your heart and

find your intrinsic rhythm. Take

hold of that rhythm for that shall

lead you to your sacred balance.


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The Coming Storm


The world abounds

with lessons for the soul

– a foreboding sky

with a silver sheen

or a butterfly showing

color before the storm

– a cooling summer shower

or a hard day’s labor

in a staunch humidity

– the winds of change

blowing you on your way

or perhaps you stand your

full of pride, refusing to flow.

The soul delights in

these and other lessons

that this world abounds with.

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Day 274 – Waking Up

The Six Powers


Waking up today

I see life’s wonder

dancing in your eyes

radiating beauty out

into this world of

ours ever expanding.


Waking up today

I see the six powers

of your heart manifesting

love into this world of

incalculable wonder, I

ever ready to learn the

lessons you have to teach,

am  waiting to give you

– if you would ever reach –

the space in my open heart.


Waking up today

I see your magnetic

personality imbuing

this world with your

calming grace and

positivity through

allowing your heart to

shine and your love to

flow from your soul out

over this world pained

with grief, despair, pain,

and self induced criticisms.

Always you move through

time and space dancing

through the emotions of

out love, with an act of

permission you become

a being of light -beautiful to

behold, greater to feel.


Waking up today

I see life’s wonder

dancing in your eyes

ever radiating beauty

into this impassive

world of ours always

expanding through love.

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Day 217 – Lessons From Time

Life’s Lessons Through Eternity


Through all

these years

I have finally

come to

learn a lesson

or two that

time has


to expound

upon me:

That there

exists a

subtle strength

and a dynamic

courage in our



that inspires a

growing gentleness

in this life.

Life has taken

a gentle hold

upon me and

spoke love into

my ear, urging

me to understand

the underlying

truth of this Earth:

That there is a

dynamic significance

and a static importance

in this petulant

moment expressing

fecundity throughout

the scope of life. So open

up your heart and see

what this life and your

time will be speaking

to you ever so sweetly,

it might just be

that you too are

worthy of love

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Day 213 – 6 Powers Of The Heart

As With Life


Within you

as within me

a treasure lies

beneath the sea

the magnetic pulling

of your personality

calls to a power

your heart does see


Inside you

as well as me

there lies a worth

greater than gold to be

a force of promise

showing a positivity

that allows love

to shine free


Within you

as within me

there lies a cave of

forgotten dreams to see

teaching the tenets of

love from your magnetic tree

of self esteem and you

positive self to be


Inside you

as well as me

there lies a grand

treasure for all to see

To open your heart and

find god within with glee

each of use should ask for

the divine presence to be


Within you

as within me

there lies an opulent

hope for life to happily be

moving between the realms

of space and time to see

and coming to recite

love and dance frantically


Inside you

as well as me

a treasure lies

beneath the sea

to act with permission

and always give to me

your hand and heart

with guidance to be:

as a person of light – loved




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Day 187 – Always Dance Along

The Wanderers


We wanderers

– ever seeking the

lonelier paths –

have learned lessons

hard sought through

presence and

mind fought with


or conspiracies:

that time is a

contagious ailment

that constricts our

mental movements

and progressing souls.


We wanderers

– begin no day where we

ended another day –

come to dance in life’s

pressing joy and

move in the comforting

wisdom of our eternal

void singing as we go:

I’m the source of

all existence so come

children of the fire,

as the flames of love

consume you complete,

come bask within

my infinite presence


We wanderers

– no sunrise finds us

where the sunset left us –

conjure magic with

our expanding hearts

and in the casting of

sentiments spread joyous

love abound with

unhindered acts of

spontaneous love with

the coming fruits of

soul discovery: for in

this discovery the

dew of little things

the heart finds it’s

morning and is refreshed

as it  dances along.

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Day 184 – Lessons

The Greatest Treasure In This Mighty World


Life has taught me

through experience

and enduring time

that through the

pain of seeking

for the desirous eye

and an avaricious

heart suffering and

loss will come to

pass, but it is

through such pain

of seeking that we,

we seekers of wild

delights, find the

greatest treasures

hidden in our feral hearts.


My eyes has shown me

through visions and

sights unknown

imparting a knowledge

to set a fire to the

tempted heart and to

feel the warmth of

a love shared with

life. Seeing her eyes

clearly for the first

time, my heart sees

that her eyes were

blue, blue like the last

touch of sunset at the

edge of the world and

my eyes have cried

the blessed tears of

love, a gratitude to

life eternal for showing

me that such beauty

does live in this mighty world


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