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Growing Love

The Silent Love


In a world of noise

only truth is silent and

that truth will lead you

back to your heart. So follow

that path, and enter

the sacred flame where our love

grows each day we share our lives.


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Finding Yourself


Through life as it

is with experiences,

I have come to realize

each person is a world

of and within their own

selves. As a traveller I have

been permitted but just

a minute into that world;

it is a rare occassion when

love strikes an accord

between your world and

theirs, and you are invited

to share in both worlds, and

in time to join those world’s

into the garden of Eden. That

happens very little in this

world of egos, so when it does,

jump up my love and rejoice.

When that door opens for me,

I bow in homage and give

honor to the creator of that

world, and have just one,

and only one, hope. I hope to

get lost in that world, if for no

other reason to have the

opportunity to find myself

in that sacred heart.

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Letting Go To Love

Neighbors To The Stars


Take this hand of mine,

as you have taken my

breath, and come with me –

Come, merge with me. We

travel the cosmos and make

friends with the moons, and

dance with the planets as

the whirl around us in awe

of our love. Come, and let us

be neighbors to the stars

that shine forth radiant love.


Take this hand of mine,

and lets look each other

through our eyes deep into

our souls where all truth

lies to be discovered. I see

a wounded passion, and

a searing desire to be lived:

a glistening exuberance

within our heart has stoked

the fires of my heart, and

through our shared love

you come to see that all

wounds are healed through

letting go and letting love in.

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Love’s Divine Sight

Beauty’s Swift Grace


Set alight your feet

love, step lightly

upon this earth. As

you move swiftly, you

also move with grace.

or what is grace,

but the movement

of elegant beauty?


Set still your mind

love, think not of

transgressions past or

yet to come. As

this presence expands

you radiate serene love.

For what is this love,

but a moment purified

by a lasting presence?


Set aflame your heart

love, be made wild

by your burning passions

renewed. As you enter

the heart’s kingdom the

Truth of silence is revealed.

For what is this Truth,

but the silence of

a lover’s true heart?

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Soon To Come

Singularity’s Hope


You’ll soon be there

and I’ll be waiting.

Always you come

with a receptive

and an attentive

awe and instill a

fierce grace deep

within ever heart

your path crosses;

I know this for it

has happened with

mine too. With your

exuberant splendor

you have given life

a moment of ecstasy:

a singularity between

the external body and

the internal heart that

perpetually merge into

a beauty undefined. I

have found that experience,

and I have long been

in that place eagerly awaiting

your destined arrival.

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Finding Your Breath

Breaths Of Love


Find that space

within your breath

between the inhales

and the exhales. Live

in that space and

become whole in body

and mind, for your

wholeness is a relative

singularity held within

the heart that is constantly

merging with the binary

convergence of your

sacredness that is

perpetually found

within your breath.

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A Radiant Honor


Look to the stars,

those radiant beings

that give life hope and

beauty. Look to the

sun and moon see

the truth of life:

evolution spins our

love round and

round, as we share

in our growth. So let

us look to the stars

and be inspired to

live a life full of love.


Look to life with the

eyes o the blue wind,

ever roving, ever kissing

the faces of those who

brave the cold winds. Yes,

look to life and see the

sacred honor of life: to

join in a soul’s convergence

with love. So let us look

to all life and and share in

that radiant joy that is love.

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