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Those Starfields

Honoring Love


Venture bravely into

love’s true intent, opening

gradually at first, timid and

weak, but your presence

is needed, so take your

courageous heart and

open it more, continuing

the sacred work of lovers.

Let that work grow through

your acts and honor love

with gratitude. Breathe deep

and live with a sacred love.

Venture bravely into those

star-fields born afar.


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Speaking Winds

Wind’s Truth


The wind speaks

in sing-song breathes

luring an audible

truth through my soul:

the natural state of life

lies in fluidity, the grace

of flow. So take this breath,

this one precious breath

and release it, release to

receive. Be like me, move

with the flow of spirit always

releasing to always receive.

That wind speaks in a

melodic way, tempting

the poets words to flow

into meaning, and from

meaning to sacredness.

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Come You To Me

Stage Of Love


Come you, come to the

stage of love where our fullness

dances to the great

rhythm of life that opens

up within the soul –

spread the winged canopy

of the mystic star’s love breath.


Come you, come to the

center of this life where the

heart finds it’s rhythm

and that rhythm causes life

to find it’s balance –

To look towards you, you who has

the potential to share love.


Come you, come to the

altar of love where

our souls unite in love:

finding a sacred power

to turn my dark night

into bright day, ever filled

with hope to share life with love.

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Breathe Through The Heart

Smile Much


Breathe through your heart

and take hold of your

authentic spontaneity,

forever dancing with the

sacredness of each moment.

Breathe deep in your heart.


Strike at the wild seams

of the gentle greatness

elevating your mighty

soul further towards

the majestic realm of love.

Strike deep at those seams.


Return to the birth of your heart

and dance with the wild passions

carried with the weight of

a thousand suns; dance with

the coincidental synchronicity,

Return again to your heart.


Think deep and smile much,

for this life presents many

riddles and bestows a  sacred

grace in love’s knowledge:

You are the only mystery worth solving.

Think deep and smile much.

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You Are

Ocular Air Of Love


Reach deep down

towards the greater

edges of your gilded

heart and strive for

that all seeing, all-

knowing ocular air

of love’s destiny. In

the act of striving

we find the path

of surrender where

the universe arrives,

arrives, always arriving

within you as the silence

that breathes a calmness

in our chaotic lives. Reach

further still, transcending

the myriad thoughts of your

you-ness and find your

truth, that you are radiant,

that you are pure, that

you are love. You are.


Come to that point where

birth and death cease

their gentle touch upon

your heart, and live to be

that love that encompasses

all of eternity, and breathes

through the guise of material

life. For as you walk through

that veiled valley of life, you

assume that silence of the

heart where you can speak

without words, act without

actions, and love as only

a unified heart-mind can.

Transcending form, you

are reborn again and

again as that all-seeing,

all-knowing ocular air

of divine love. You are.

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Finding Your Love

To Gently Smile


Take up your manifested

strengths and stretch them

until the ends of your

multi-faceted strengths

touches upon the edges of

your soul’s sacred grace. In

that moment you will know

peace in all you do for through

your grace-filled strength a

gentle compassion will flow

from your heart and enter into

the realm of the living, where all

actions speak of love.


Once you realize that blessed

truth of life, your soul will

wash upon the sacred shore

of your sanctum santorum,

where the candle of your

heart is lit, forever guiding the

souls of all who love back to

the beach of eternity, where

lover and beloved become

one and only the love they

share is witnessed by the

great cosmic dancer, who

gently smiles at that holy sight.

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Losing Yourself

Treasured Emanations


Walking here and

looking there, we

are apt to lose

ourselves along

the path, and once

lost we are given a

golden opportunity,

one we may have asked

for, a chance to find

ourselves on the path that

we are traversing, so take

this breath, this moment

and live the gradual

opening that is finding

yourself exactly where you

are. For in this true living

you are eating the bread

found in the sacred wilderness.


Finding yourself not where

you expected yourself to be,

you begin to doubt who you

are, what you want, how to

move forward, and then a

miracle happens, your heart

speaks to you through your

divinity. “Love cannot be

owned by one, nor by any,

but rather must be shared

and added to.” A light flickers

within your soul, and idea is

gleaned, “In my ignorance, I

mistook that communal

sharing as a personal right

to ownership and am now

stumbling upon the inherent

of love: Now, I know, something

that grand, such as love is, could

never be possessed by one

person, just as one swatch of

paint owns not the painting

of which it is a part.” This is

the feast of bread found in

that sacred wilderness that

you have given yourself, for you,

and the rest of us, are treasured

emanations of divine love.

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