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A Soul Poem

Your Soul Poem


Poems of the soul

rarely veer far from

infinite gratitude,

so rise up and again

take your power

in your heart and

notice how your love

expands out into yourself.

*  *  *

Claim your inheritance:

hope unbounded, yet always

raising humanity to those

infinite skies where beauty

sings with vibrant colors

to the rhythm of Earth’s

internal dance which excites the

never-ending and sacred passions

eternally pressing us to light up.



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Like Shadows

The Shadows


It’s like the shadows –

forever running away

from the light striving

towards a goal, only to

get lost in the shade of

oblivion where all that

was once known is lost –

this chasing after love;

better to be the sun that

radiates light over this

world and nourishes all

life with it’s warmth.


It’s like the shadows –

forever shrinking  and

growing with the

celestial movements,

the sun and the moon

of our lives giving us

credence and criticisms,

these outside forces

guiding us through our

choices – this constant

measuring of yourself

through the eyes of others.


It’s like the shadows –

ebbing and flowing with

the day, always; in the

end, to surrender to a

greater power than

itself, to give in and

rejoin with your higher

nature, to become one

with your own sacred

strength and power –

this communion with

the Source of Life.

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You Too

To Come To Love


You too shall walk this

path strewn with diamonds

yet shrouded with the

mists of confusion, that

forever blind you to your

attainments, feeling

the pain of sharp

crystals under your feet

drawing the strength of

your blood out from

your foundation – yet

you must continue onward.


You too shall walk this

path through the vale

of tears where nothing

is as it seems, beguiling

the mind into the deepening

silences that echo through

the weary mind. Take

solace in the face of

that ennui, and find

the courage to feel what

is for you to feel, opening

up to that experience.


You too shall walk this

path to the places you

will be from, and you

must trust in your

greatness. In the silences

that are to come, God

or the Goddess, will come

to you from the confines

of your heart echoing the

sentiments that you are

to stretch the edges of your

soul to come to love.



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Memories And Visions

Visions And Dreams


In the memory

of a dream where

shadows hide in

the shade of our

veiled thoughts

a striking truth

came to be known

by this world made

whole; for your

truth is not seen by

all, you remain hidden

by your veils of divine

mystery, yet blessed

are we whom you

allow to witness

your sacred truth.


In the vision

of a memory lost

where the fogs

of time distort

the edges of

all things defined

I thought I may

have saw the

truth of your

greatness, where

stars all gather

to celebrate the

birth of your love

which nurtures the

life of all souls that

live with love.

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Sisters Of The Sun


No ray of light is

ever lost of it’s

importance just

as no lake ever

loses it’s grandeur

in  depth. And so

it is with you –

you can never lose

the radiance of

your beauty nor

could you ever

deplete your sacred

love’s warmth.


I can feel deeply

this sisters of the

sun radiating truth

from your eyes and

grants my soul the

wisdom of your love.

And so it is with you –

you sense the brothers

of the moon flowing from

my being, eternally ebbing

the passions of your heart

with a love that speaks

of your greatness.

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I See You There

Divine Wisdom


I can feel you there,

feel your loneliness

as I sleep all alone

here. I can feel

that suffocation

of your baited breath,

feel it as your thoughs

descend,yes I can feel

it and my heart hurts

for your agony; but

I know one thing, the

only thing that matters,

that you are strong,

strong enough to embrace

the gentleness of love.


I can see you there,

you with your

blessed nobility and

haunted mind. I can

see your thoughts

belittling you and

darkening your smile.

You must remember.

Remember your truth:

That it is a blessed eternity

where you are everything;

that you breathe love and

live joy, and are sacreness

in human-form. So smile. Yes,

smile, my beloved friend,

and in remembrance of things

to come, and visit those

places your stories are living,

become who you are always

meant to be, the holder of

the divine wisdom of your love.

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Open Eyes, Closed Eyes



I can see with

closed eyes the

radiance of your

majestic soul, and

with my eyes wide

open I can see your

fractured shadows

that you so desperately

try to hide or leave

behind. be it right or

wrong, I witness the

reluctance to embrace

your whole self, to

temper your sacredness

with your maligned

heart, while alighting

in the lifting of your

strained heart with the

graciousness of your

soul’s unified love.

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