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Love’s Destiny


Events comes as they should

bringing change as the could

so become like water and let it flow

this life and all that would.


Living this life in love’s flow

gives this world your heart’s true show.

Hold nothing back, masking nothing

always dancing with love’s sacred glow.


Become like water, flow over something,

everything that impedes love’s nothing

breathing through pain with love

manifests life’s destiny in something.


So dance with the falling debris above

ever tempting us to halt or to shove

leaving off our growth to come that should

continuing forth to the source with love.


That in this life and all that would

bringing change in all it could

bares a life built of our love

in events that come as they should.



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Day 227 – The Clarion Bells Ring

Within my Soul


In the depths of the

darkest hour – when

all seems to be

nearing oblivion –

a harrowing thought

brings forth my

inch of hope – a

saving grace – that

brings to me a light

lifting the burden

from my hardened

and heavy shoulders.


In the murkiness

of my soul – where

still waters run deep –

all seems to be engulfed

by a stagnant darkness

strangling out any

salvation for this, my

burgeoning soul, seeking

solace in the light, a light

that starts to shine forth

from the impenetrable folds

of the abysmal darkness.


In the depths of this,

the darkest hours – when

all seems to be lost – a

glimmer of hope bares

new light, echoing the

last sentiment of water –

dance always with the rocks,

never cease from flowing

towards the greater source –

Be like the water to find

your manifest destiny: visible love within a soul.

    I found my light within you



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Day 31 – So Be That Beauty

And Honor The Soul Within


There is beauty in

the truth of a sincere heart

glowing as embers

made by the burning flame of

pain, loss, and presence

So be that beauty

and live truly by the pain

and honor the soul within


There is beauty in

the subtle wisdom of a

pained and suffering

soul made by the cascading

trials life has made

so be that beauty

be purified by the path

and honor the soul within


There is beauty in

the dreadful agony that

etches the sacred

truth of each of our actions

so be that beauty

be carved upon our heart’s walls

and honor the soul within


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One Year In A Life

A Year


One year in a life

fills the void of time

with passions new

mounting the lingering climb

I may gain in a moment

what in a year I lost

or I may loose in a second

what a year would cost

now as it seems

I’ve lost my purpose to be

a specific cause or meaning

life’s delicate flow through me

Loosing life and property

within a year’s passing

death takes with it causes

and meanings of life amassing

Now I spend my waking moments

trying to fill the empty space

that time has emptily left

within my quivering heart’s pace

Divesting myself in work and drink

setting down words to make my art

I find my task anew is to

animate love within a dead heart.

Closing in on a year filled with death

the soul’s raw, bloody and opened wide

ready to take to life’s climb

with passions new to ride.


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With A Heart

I Form This World


With a soul

filled with tears

and a heart

full of sores

I open this world

always for you


With a hope

vastly unknown

and a desire

spurned by time

I give this world

always for you


With a sorrow

surely unsought

and an anguish

birthed by tragic loss

I mend this world

always for you


With a misery

opening anew

and a grief

of living renewed

I shower this world

always for you


With a desire

largely unspoken

and a hope

merely whispered

I rend this world

always for you


With a heart

filled by hope

and a soul

full of love

I give this world

always for you

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This Heart Of Mine

The Lesson Of Loss


This heart of mine

still beats

the blood of life

remains flowing

through my

temporal existence

citing new experiences

for growth


My brown eyes

still open

at the waking

of dawn

the lonely and lost tears

of existence

still streak down

my quivering face

revealing the pain hidden

of my lost heart


This shuttering sigh

in morning’s wake

-the insipid breaths

that tempt the heart

to make

the quaking skies

in prime evenings fate

– the decrepit cries

that urge the heart

to hate


My brown eyes

finally close

at the dawn

of passing life

The lost and lonely tear

multiples in birth

dampen the tenacious

skin pliant with pains

moistened grip


This heart of mine

still beats

the flowing blood of life

through my life

-fated dread –

to finally learn

the lesson of loss

– to go beyond

possessive love


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Propelling Life

Significance Lost


Significance lost

through loss of life and items

that once touched a heart

and a soul finds our souls on

a daily basis

to be as lonely as a

cold and rainy winter day


The bitterness of

that peculiar loneliness

can only be made

manifest by the sweetness

of our soul’s union

with a love beyond our sight,

further than comprehension.


That divine spark heals

our fractured and wounded soul.

Through mending our soul

our heart finds its small pieces

placed back together

Fastened by love’s holy grip

propelling life through our form.


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