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The Sacred Task

A Love’s Golden Breath


Strike deep within the

seems of your soul and see the

gold hidden in your

love. It is your sacred task

to find and share that

precious gift to this world and

in the giving you receive.


In the power of

one lies an infinite range

of eternities

where your love sheds it’s confines

and shines brightly on

this sacred world made up of

our choices to share that love.


So breathe deeply in

this moment and calm your mind;

for it is only

in this moment where you can

shine the light of your

heart’s most radiant love and

enjoy the fruits of sharing.


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A Love Made Divine


Listen closely

to this moment –

Can you hear it? –

That chorus of

silent echoes calling

out from the stars

within your radiant

heart; always singing

of your destiny. This

song sung by that sacred

chorus grows louder

with each step we take

down the path of life –

forever gilding you in

a love made divine.


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The Strength of Love

An Air Of Love


It is this,

the all-seeing,

all-knowing ocular

air of love that we

hold to. We bare that

light out into this

wild world of sacred

beauty where we, while

waking, walk through the

veiled valley within your

heart. So, be brave child of

love and reach out for the

edges of your greatness,

always breathing in your

sacred strength.


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The True

It Is Here


It is here,

this instance;

this precise sight,

where you arrive to

meet the true you, peering

deep within the mystery of

your heart and solving the

riddle that is you complete

undone and yet redone,

moving towards



It is here,

this moment;

this exact breath,

where true silence

becomes your truth.

That true silence is

the living experience

of an eternal love,

so breathe deep

and relax in

this love.


It is here,

this instance;

this precise sight,

where true vision

is revealed to be a

melding of two worlds

revolved, evolved,

and growing still,

to become one

with sacred


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A Sacred Union

The Mighty Majestic


Prepare the sails and

load the ships, for the trip is

yet to come. Board those

boats and man the wheel; it is

ours to tread the seas

of celestial vibrations

where each wave guides us to love.


Take to the helm and

ride those wild waves, drifting us

ever here and there

always to the site where the

mighty majestic

flows through life breathing magic

into our lives to know love.


On our arrival

we enter into those blest

grounds where sacredness

reigns, bestowing us entrance

into the mystic

where love joins our hearts and minds

with the universe made whole.


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The Way Home



Among the myriad paths

in this world, and there

are a plethora of them –

the silk road, the tea route,

the sacred pilgrimages and

their rites – but two come to

mind as I think on life and it’s

complete works. All creative

endeavors and their makers

have the same origin. The first

step, the deep breath in, for it

is the Heart that is the path

from the creator to his (or her)

works in all areas of creation.

As to the second path, it is far

expansive, for life spans across

time and experience, and all

that live, live the same path;

though their functions are

different in every conceivable

way, for the many forms of life

vary greatly in scope and

ability. The path that all life

follows is one laid down by love.

Following the heart’s intuition

to walk the path of life is the way

all life takes to find it’s home.

(for home is where love is expressed.)

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Become Like Water

Sunday Meditations


It is early this

Sunday morning

as the clarion bells

perched high atop

the church’s steeple

ring out with powerful

vigor calling parishioners

to their seats on the pews;

the bells signify the beginning

of this sacred day born of

Reverence as I begin my

morning meditation –

lighting the candles, burning

the incense, putting on my

robe, laying out the crystals.

Tea is brewed, cup is poured,

and I settle down into my

pose always listening through

the silence as my teachers

have taught me, focused

intently on my forehead,

tip of the tongue behind

my teeth, malas in hand

chanting my mantra  – always

listening, find the sound of

water flowing no matter where

I am, water is always flowing.

Time passes, and the bells start

to ring again, and I still sit in

silence, listening. Tea turns

cold, and I listen to the cooling.

Breathing in the sound of

water, I become like the water;

always dancing with the

obstacles in my path – always

flowing towards my source.

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