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Day 18 – The Sacred Forrest

Of Nature The Mouth Breathes


Of Nature where the wild wind brushes

those fragrant colors of simple bliss.

Of Nature, there appears the forrests

where we climb high for the air to kiss.


Many trees there stand for us to marvel at,

yet still we move until climb we must.

There before us lie many paths and choices

’til one tree speaks to us removing the heart’s rust.


We may beg only to bare witness in honor,

but life forces us to climb as we can.

Breathe through these destined moments

for life is lived through passion’s demand.


There are many trees living and giving

to the life of the soul’s true song

but remember, it is in the climbing

and swinging where love lives long.


The Tree of Money, sought by many

stands tall in usefulness and delight.

Whereas the Tree of Health stands

meagre, young, and radiates gentle light.


The Tree of Fame stands stately and true,

framing the ideal of what is always the same.

And then there is the Tree of Knowledge

that bears the mind’s fruit as ignorance to tame.


Yes, there are many Trees in this forest

and there is the center, the oldest of all

stands wretched and meek, the Tree of Nature

where man has hurt and let low to fall.


Dive deep in your heart of Sacred Heart’s

and catch up from your peasant’s hardship past

The pains will continue yet transformed

and many new joys will come to stand and last.


This Forrest will always stand and new

Trees will surely be nurtured and grow

So we must find the sacred trinity:

Mind, Body, and Soul to live and let flow.




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Notes From Tea

The Lessons of Tieguanyin


In the darkest night

when the breath comes easily

Tieguanyin showed me

her divine elegance and

spoke of Love and Life:

– When you give love, you receive

love in a greater

abundance; Love is but an

experience of

infinity; The lips that

lapse time’s blest flower

forever swells the heart’s great

chambers; Peace of mind

within life comes piece by piece;

True happiness is

actually an art of life

that lies within us;

The true purpose of life is

to know and love and

trust and be yourself fully.

With a twinkle in

her eye, beauty in her

presence and a wry

smile upon her face, the

Goddess Tieguanyin

slowly faded from my room

as the morning’s sun

began to rise for Earth’s day.

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Day 14 – Expansion

Allons! Allons! Allons!


Allons! Come dance with me.

Bring with you the best and noblest of man.

Allons! Come and see with the

greatest eyes visions of blest, blest Eternity.

Allons! Come walk hand in hand

with love towards  the gleaming Eternity.

Allons! Come and smell the swiftest secents and

breathe that greatness through and through.

Allons! Come dance with me.


Allons! Come bask here with me.

Bare witness to Life’s most elegant Beauty.

Allons! Come and feel the Sacred, that divine

push and pull of life’s affinity towards truth.

Alllons! Come find your higher mind

through the shifting shimmering skies of Infinity.

Allons! Come and taste the

fragrant aires of love’s promising delicacies.

Allons! Come bask here with me.


Allons! Come sing with me.

Let loose those inhibitions that bind you to meek quietude.

Allons! Come and hear with a fresh and open

mind those sacred warblings of all Eternity.

Allons! Come breathe with me.

Fill your belly – see it rise – and know that tenseness, then release and relax.

Allons! Come and be whole with me.

Expand more and more until you become Everything, and everything is You.

Allons! Come sing with me.

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Day 12 – The Approaching Dawn



New dawn approaches

with a glistening sun, to

rise always with a

moment of pristine beauty.

Warming emotions

as dreadful thoughts fading fast.

Breathe in this morning’s,

and all morning’s, air to bring

greater clarity

to your soul. Take these moments

to bless and honor

your higher self with divine

intentions – it takes

strength to bare reverence in

each and every act.

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Day 8 – Manifesting God



Why is it?

– That when God manifests

in this world, he does

as man and not God?


– That when God manifests

in this world, he does

to walk on water?


– That when God manifests

in this world, he does

to fulfill his singular desire?


– That when God manifests

in this world, he does

through the experience of LOVE.

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Day 7 – Waves

Esoterica Obscura


There are waves, of

all types, constantly

exploding outwards constantly

drawing life to the event

horizon of our love.

Through secular acts of

faith, life finds that all acts

are rituals of our devotion

towards our higher entity

of love. For all life is a

conundrum of esoterica

obscura. Release. Relax.

Breathe and open up

to the vulnerability

that is your sacredness.

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Day 6 – Cloud Of All Things Knowable

Silence And Stillness


In the cloud of all

things knowable, our lives

live as a manifested

prophecy holding

tight to the spiritual

identity of love; where

duality dissolves into

a unified silence where

peace reigns through stillness.

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Day 3 – Vision

A Corner Of Brilliance


The Power of Now

lies in the power of

open vulnerability,

that willingness to

look directly into your

personal blindspots;

to witness the shades

of present’s past and

see through the mists

of future’s doubts,  and

blindly stare into the

present full of your

emotions. Let that

vision inform you. Let

that sight carry you into

a new perspective, a tiny

corner of your innate

brilliance. Yes, look there

and gain your wisdom,

Look there and gain your

truth, Look there and embrace

your love made whole.

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Day 2 – Harken

The Dazzling Now


Harken to the

wonder-makers –

those wondrous few

who create abundance

wherever they roam.


They who feel the

universe entire

looking out onto

itself through the

merriment of others.


Harken to the

ecstasy bearers –

those vigorous few

who labor in the

joys of exhilaration.


They who tread

lightly upon the

ocean of celestial

vibrations lifting

all life towards love.


Harken to the

wisdom keepers –

those brightly lit few

who look with-out yet

knows their strength,

that true greatness within.


They who breath deeply

the magnificent moment

where grace, love and

abundance unite in the

dazzling brilliance of NOW.

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Day 1- Here And Now

Still Lives In Forgiveness


Here and Now

Now is Here.

and Here, the Universe

blesses us all with

each intentional

Breath in the

Here and Now.


Now and Here

Here is Now.

and Now, the Sacred

gives all of us honor

through the choosing

of an intentional

Choice in the

Now and Here.


The Sacred takes much

delight in our Gratitude,

yet Lives still more in our

eternal Forgiveness.


Now and Here

with the Here in Now.

Nature welcomes us all

in beauty through our

righteous love in the

Now and Here.


Here and Now

with the Now being Here.

Life wraps all breath in  her

radiant beauty always leaving

more yet to behold in the

Here and Now.



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