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Higher Realms

That Land Of Magic


You take me to that

higher sphere, where

the land of magic reigns

supreme in the heart

of the beloved, so rip

apart this shroud that

distances you from me

and reveal the heart

of the lover to the

eyes of the the beloved.

Place your hopes in

his hands and rejoice

in the love that you share.


I take you to that

realm, elevating you

to your natural throne,

where in the times of

myth, the heart of the

lover mingles with the

grace of the beloved;

secretly blending the

roles of lover and beloved.

We ever seek to reach

those sacred heights

again, forever lifting

each other up to the

kingdom of the heart.


So, take me there, and

I’ll carry your load, upon

my back. Let us strengthen

each other in turns, giving

and receiving support, each

leading and the other

following in their turn. Yes.

Take this heart in your

beautiful hands and I’ll

take yours as we, we two

together, always move into

those higher realms where

love abides in grace and

beauty flows from heart

to heart always enhancing

the the lives of the beloved

and the lover, as our roles

blend into one wholeness.


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You Came To Me

A Divine Love


You came to me as

a gentle storm, restoring

my peace, nurturing

life with your falling waters

and for that I give

you all I have, all that I

am, and all that I shall be.


You came to me as

a cooling wind on

the runner’s face, bringing sweet

relief from the heat

of the day and the body;

you ease all actions

with your loving touch only

to bring a greater action.


You came to me as

the words to a poet’s pen,

I know not from where,

nor how, nor why you came here;

but I am thankful

for you express me better

than I could ever hope to.


You came to me as

the beloved moves towards the

lover, tempting fates

with latent desires and

I, I came to follow

my heart as your love flowed through

bringing me peace. I love you.


You came to me as

a siren to a sailor,

drawing me to you

with a lurid song and a

mysterious glance;

speaking riddles as a truth

to reveal a divine love.

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Day 244 –

The Great Listening


Listen to your thoughts

made internal and fully

extend your love out

into this mad world of our

inspired greatness

forever benefiting

the heart that guides the soul.


Listen to your thoughts

completely revealed through the

light of intellect

and expand them out into

this crazed and vapid

world where lovers finally

behold their beloved’s heart.


Listen to your thoughts

made internally great by

a heart full of hope

and a soul filled with your love

and know that I form;

I who see you completely

undone, form this world for you.


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Day 342 – Our Beloved

Knowing Only Love


Life comes as breath

through the windows

of our soul, fleeting

as a lasting gasp through

the motives of a blended

heart, for as life goes,

death comes as the other

side of the same coin, and

beyond life lies death, but

greater still, beyond

death lies the eternal land

where love and lover merge

into one entity that eternity

cannot touch, knowing only love.


We, being born into this

wild and wicked world,

breathe beauty for nothing

is as powerful as beauty

in the space of wickedness.

We, being born into this life,

will surely come to pass into

the realm of death’s darkness,

but fear not my love and lovers,

for while we are living, we

light the eternal candles in

our hearts that shall shine

forth through the waiting world

where death lives peacefully,

and in that darkness we, we

two together, shall know

one another through our candles

lit with our love, and that shall

guide us through death into the

final realm where love reigns,

blending and mending lovers

with their beloved, knowing

only love shall be our truth.

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Day 323 – I Could Lift



With the strength

you’ve shown

I could lift you

to the pleasures

of heaven with

the winged energy

of our delight.

With that truth

I could use your

practiced strengths

and stretch them

until they reach for

our contradictions –

for far inside us, we

two together, gods

wish to consult

with sacred love.

Holding to that

strength, I could

find my bravery in

the face of unprompted

vulnerability and tear

off the mask veiled

in vanities and extend

my unprotected heart

to you who holds my

future in your hands.

With the strength

you’ve shared I could

lift our lives where

love speaks through

authentic spontaneity

dancing always with

the grand design of

coincidental synchronicity

where love keeps eternity

in it’s infinite grasp

for eternity is like love.


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Day 308 – Love’s Changing Paradigm

In Blest Eternity


They, those ancestors

dancing before my

very eyes to

bring alive the

august nature of

the lover’s heart.

They, balancing love

and faith in the

infinite heart, come

to be forever alive.

They live, they live

in blest Eternity.


We, wanderers

ever seeking the

lonelier paths, have

found our homes

in the other’s

heart, forever

to abide in an

infinite love.

We, the lovers

of the sacred

night are but

two stitches in

time woven through


We live, we live

in blest Eternity.


You, who answers

the encumbering

inquiries of my

exuding heart, chain

together the breath

of our lives that

comes to bind love

within our hearts.

You, tempting fate’s

desire with the

dancing faith of

love’s grand design.

You live, you live

in blest Eternity.


I, confessing

myself enraptured

by the beloved

of my heart stand

to testify that

everything and

everyone is a beloved

unto life itself.

I come to stand

rightly, to live and

not to die one day,

but to die each

day in order to live

rightly the next

always within love.

I live, I live

in blest Eternity.

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Day 238 – Of Life And Love

Perfected Unity In Life And Love


Life –

life is not life

that is not a

moment of

singularity between

the external and

the internal


occurring in

perfected unity.


Love –

love is not love

that does not love

the details of

the beloved, for

which all affection

is made to manifest

a mutual treasure

shared in equanimity

within both souls.


Life –

life is always life

that gives forth a

dynamic significance

and a static importance

tending always towards

a portent moment

in hopes of expressing

a fecundity throughout

this blessed world.


Love –

love is always love

that shines forth

love’s holy light;

emanating from

within a world of

sacred wisdom and

allows the lover to

feel the totality of the

universe  in the beloved.



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