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Lessons from the Gods

…And The Gods Spoke To Us


The truth of the world

shines forth from the

passing smile of strangers:

and the gods spoke to us.


The meaning of your life

is derived from the joy

you place into others’ hearts:

and the gods spoke to us.


The love you give

is the love you spend

in the market of life:

and the gods spoke to us.


The peace you pour

from the ewer of your soul

washes the dross of passion away:

and the gods spoke to us.


The emotions you show

shower the world with beauty

and patience that rests hearts:

and the gods spoke to us.


The wisdom you hold

erupts from your intrepid mind

flowing through the wilderness of thoughts:

and the gods spoke to us.


The talents you possess

form the crux of an eternal heart

holding up this impassioned world:

and the gods spoke to us.


The experiences that grace

your eternal presence in the cosmos

give perspective to an already gifted world:

and the gods spoke to us.


The truth of your life

shapes the meaning of

the world’s ragged truth:

and the gods spoke to us.


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Headstrong and Longwise

Of Meditations


Sitting head-strong

and longwise

I concentrate at best

With the passing

of each smoothed

and polished bead

I find that the best

of life comes to pass.

That humanity becomes

fully nurtured in the

lap of sanctified love.


Sitting downwards

with an uptight back

Concentrating on

the mantra of human

breaths, in… out… in…

I understand the reality

of all life held in her arms

That the truths of life

are engraved by the light

and placed throughout time.

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Will You Hear?

When The Gods Speak


The Gods spoke to us

with an austere patience and

a cold competence

repaying our questions with

riddles to answer

the silent question we all

hide in the depths of our hearts.


The Gods speak to us

every single day we live

through means unknown of

Whispering silent longings

to unite with all life

in all realms of holy life

conscious, subconscious, divine


The Gods will speak to

everyone, every moment

speaking in tongues known

only in the natural world

we shall decipher

the language with our hearts and

realize the messages soul



Will you lend your ear

and hear the call meant for you

whispers in the wind

tempt you to go forward now

It’s best to heed them

those calls of divine purport

rearranging destiny’s path

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Live to Love

Love To Live



: the meaning is

the same

however it is

read –



right to left

left to right



However it is

read the message

is the same:


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Day 344



Life is

– Around us and within

a gauntlet

– lies a treasure truly

prepared (for us)

– wonderful;

by our

– perceptions of a

skilled master,

– love divine.

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Day 298

The Carver of Meanings


The greatness of your dexterous skill

lies always hidden for the eyes fill

Molding my paltry and amorous words

into a meaning greater than lions and birds

Etching from their plaintive sight

the meaning and importance of your right

Through a fastidious and thoughtful mind

A thought is formed from words to find

Taken from the communal form of sense

You chisel your message without pretense

Forming out of stultifying and somber stone

the words of independent truth of your own

So it is to you, the greatest magician of all

that I offer my plaintive words to your call

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Day 231

I Am


I am.

the uncarved block

only chiseled by nature


I am.


two comes from one,

as three comes from two


I am.

The pause

between the inhale

and the inevitable exhale


I am.


Realized through my

inadequacies and flaws


I am.


Where everything

is left undone


I am.


Filled always with

a permeating emtpiness


I am.


The ideal seen

without the beloved


I am.


Taken through the

acts of rest and relaxation


I am.



the realm of nothing


I am.


Seen only with the

eyes of presenting ugliness



I am.


Seen only with the

eyes of beauty


I am.


Containing the realm

of material entities


I am.


Taken through the

actions of Sisaphus


I am.


Taken  by the

Always loving heart


I am.


Containing the

wholeness of life


I am.


Leaving all things

to complete themselves


I am.


Containing the real

perfection in my flaws


I am.

The inhalation

The action of lungs

expanding and contracting


I am.

The many

Extrapolating myriads

through the ideal of one.


I am.

The carved stone

Chiseled by man

and left undone by nature.


I am.




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