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Become Like Water

Sunday Meditations


It is early this

Sunday morning

as the clarion bells

perched high atop

the church’s steeple

ring out with powerful

vigor calling parishioners

to their seats on the pews;

the bells signify the beginning

of this sacred day born of

Reverence as I begin my

morning meditation –

lighting the candles, burning

the incense, putting on my

robe, laying out the crystals.

Tea is brewed, cup is poured,

and I settle down into my

pose always listening through

the silence as my teachers

have taught me, focused

intently on my forehead,

tip of the tongue behind

my teeth, malas in hand

chanting my mantra  – always

listening, find the sound of

water flowing no matter where

I am, water is always flowing.

Time passes, and the bells start

to ring again, and I still sit in

silence, listening. Tea turns

cold, and I listen to the cooling.

Breathing in the sound of

water, I become like the water;

always dancing with the

obstacles in my path – always

flowing towards my source.


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Day 266 – It Takes Me Away

Centering On Love


It takes me away

these contemplating

feet seeking their

truth with each

step; not caring for

a destination, focusing

only on the act of

walking. These thinking

legs always take me

away from my mind.


It takes me away

this sacred breath that

fills me with air to live;

never caring for an action,

but only for the sensation

of this breathing, the perpetual

entering and exiting of air. This

sacred breathing, in the end,

always takes me away

from my mind.


It takes me away

this joyous movement

in these hands; forever

moving with intentions

pure of motive, caring

not of the results that

will surely come, but of the

sacred action itself. This holy

movement always takes me

away from my mind.


It takes me away

this divine attention that

enlivens my eternally

expanding heart; feeling

not the less for the pain

it has endured. This divine

centering on love always

expands my  heart and in

the end takes me away

from my mind.


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Day 233 – Songs

Have You Heard It?


The song of Nature,

have you heard it?

consists of attentive

participation; with

your steady breath,

sweetly humming

along, or a dance

filled by contentment’s

grace. Yes, the Song

of Nature demands

participation through

active listening.


The Song of your Heart,

have you heard it?

consists of daily

withdrawing; a listening

within to your steady

breath, the sweet drumming

of your  sacred heartbeat,

and the gentle dancing of

blood flowing through

your body. Yes, the Song

of Your Heart requires

a quiet mind to be

fully appreciated.


The Song of Life,

have you heart it?

consists of a duel

melody and a divergent

harmony; a deep listening

from within to that which

permeates the sacred air,

a sweet rhythms of your

vulnerable heart syncing

to the wilderness Nature’s

surroundings, and a graceful

dancing where the rising

emotions paint the sky

above with love. Yes, The

Song of Life needs to be

felt through joyous love.


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Day 222 – Leisure Time

In All The Free Time


If you have the

good fortune and

grand leisure to

spends so much

time in your head,

don’t you think

time could be

spent better if –

just for a moment –

you let yourself

be completely undone,

a dismantling of

the stronghold

of our thoughts

and a freeing of

our soul eternal.


If you have the

god’s fortune and

the great leisure to

spend so much

time in your head,

shouldn’t you take

a few breaths that

releases your hold

onto those ethereal

concepts that cannot

ever be touched – just

let them go – and feel

yourself deeply rooted

within your self, and

in those few moments

where the breath

expands our heart’s scope

this life presents us

with reunions of a sort,

it lights the way that

brings us back to our

soul’s home with love.


If you have the

good fortune and

god’s leisure then

you can find the time

to just breath and

feel that breath elevate

your soul to such great

heights, and with each

breath passing with

mindful intent humanity

is nurtured in the lap

of love and our thoughts –

being bigger and more

grand than you could

have  imagined – wells up

from the universal mind that

always takes the time to

completely unwind

and let those weak

thoughts fall away so that

the heart can fully shine forth

it’s beholden and holy light.


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Day 203 – Stop And Breathe

Breath Work


Stop. Breathe. Stop.

Take a breath into silence

and quiet those

maddening thoughts.

Breathe. Stop. Breathe.

Release any tensions

held within your

gripping muscles.

Stop. Breathe. Stop.

Let loose your

focused control

and gentle drift.

Breathe. Stop. Breathe.


Stop. Breathe. Stop.

Open your heart to

speak your truth, always

converse with your God.

Breathe. Stop. Breathe.

Listen to your soul,

allow it to guide you.

through with ease.

Stop. Breathe. Stop.

Hear with an open heart

that this world gave

forth a singular music.

Breathe. Stop. Breathe.

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Day 115 – Beauty’s Birth

The Birth Of Beauty

The pull of the soul
Draws me closer still
And seeing further
I venture now into
That wild silence; where
Our inner natures arise,
And there I peered through
The depths of eternity
– though it was wreathed
In the flames of
Innocuous time and
Clothed within the veil of
Spacial experiences – I
Saw eternity merge with
Man’s infinite soul; and
In that coalescing
Magnitude beauty was born.

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Day 37 – The Passing Of A Bead

With The Passing


With the passing of

every bead through our fingers

all humanity

is nurtured in the lap of

unadorned love and

so it is with you

that your soul is carved by light

and molded by time eternal


With the passing of

each and every bead a new

conversation is

enveloping me and god

the goddess in gold

venerating all who claim

and champion love above death


With the passing of

every bead held by our hands

humanity’s heart

is set to kindle, sparking

forever a flame

divine and pure to burn through

the quickening night of doubt


With the passing of

each and every bead a new

path is aligning with our

calculated steps

daring us to enter on

unworn and wild nature

always tempting to grow love

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