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Day 333 – Here We Walk

Beauty’s Birth


Here we walk,

hand in hand

down the path

of our united path,

looking here, gazing

there, we two together

point out to each other

various curiosities.

Here we walk, hand

in hand as We peer

through the depths of

eternity wreathed in the

brilliant flame of

innocuous time and

clothed in the veil of

spacial experiences.

We two together have

seen eternity merge

with humanity’s infinite

soul; and in the coalescing

magnitudes beauty was

born in that and every

moment were life is

fully present. Here

we walk, and continually

see the birth of beauty

dawning before our

eyes with each step.

Here we walk.

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Day 313 – Lifted Above

A Love So Crowned


A love so crowned

lifts the heart above

and gains naught but the truth

for the full life of love.


To go searching for the

spaces between the letters

and find the pauses between the

breath is to live life without fetters.


To find that sacred area

where the heart can dance

is to breathe in the strength

to stand for love’s great stance.


For a love so crowned

lifts the heart above

filling the cup of the heart

to breathe life full of love.

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