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Fierce Melodies

Take This Cup


The spirit sports with time

always dancing through various

bodies to the song of Love.

Those delicate yet fierce melodies

crown life with a radiant

nimbus that fills our hearts with

that delicious elixir. It breathes

the purpose of life into every soul.

So take this cup and drink from

it all the love that you deserve.

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Day 284 part 2

What I Have, What Have You


I have a rhythm deep inside me

that only you can sing to


My life is a sequestered riddle

and you are the wandering answer


I have the sight of angles

and you are the vision of God


I am the effect of life transparent

and you are the cause of insolvent truth


I have the key to the forbidden domain

and you are the lock that blocks the path


I am the call that goes out at night

and you are the answer that returns at day

can we never join to sing the rites of eternity?


You are the wind that blows from afar

and I am the fragrance that wafts merrily


You are the mountain that inspires awe

and I am the sky that acts as your backdrop


You have the melody that roams freely

and I am the harmony that balances rhythm


You are the water that nourishes all life

and I am the temperate sun that brings warmth


You have the breath which instills peace

I am the mind which dictates aggressive action


You are the inspiration of the artist’s mind

I am the muse that tempts the creation divine

Can we never join to sing the rites of eternity?

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Day 234

The Dance


The dancer

poised in her scene

lowly spins

her  lovely arms around


Leaping vertical

and extending her arms

she slowly descends

in a field of flowers


Musical movements

filled with austere and grace

Nimbly she promanades

around the mighty tulips


Melodies and music

swing with her hips

She shows her delight

when the breeze takes  the lead


Coming full stop

She recharges the dance

Keeping the silent song

a secret of the wind

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