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Right Now

Messages and Lessons


In this breath

messages come

to use from near

and far, those

tree-top flyers

sing always of

our shifting

priorities, guiding

our hearts back

to a love made

whole and new.


In this moment

lessons once learned

become renewed

to bare deeper

meanings towards

the heart, those

deep-earth diggers

always run into the

divine music of

your soul, forever

dancing us to the

edge of Love.


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Day 76 – Become Who You Are Meant To Be

We Become The Light

The shifting skies  of an ominous sight

reflects the gaining momentum’s right

trespassing in life’s sacred domain

we become, always becoming the light

The blackness of night fades to white

revealing the glories of love’s abundant might

beckoning life to breath that strength in

we become, always becoming the light

The body balks when the mind takes flight

painting life in delicious moments so bright

setting our souls ablaze with love’s great fire

we become, always becoming the light

The pull of the soul seeks messages to write

projecting the creative movements above our plight

awakening the sleeping giant of your sacred soul

we become, always becoming the light

The shifting skies part for life’s wondrous sight

reflecting beauty in the eye’s sacred right

tempting fate to ignite in love’s truest glory

we become, always becoming the light

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The Unspoken Words

Speaking Eyes


And she came to me

saying silently with eyes bright

clothe yourself with love

and reveal to the world a

heart unhindered and wide

. Yes, clothe yourself with love

and love will shine forth


And then she left me

echoing with her mouth luscious and loud

your love shines forth

only to reveal the beauty without

existing in parts and parcels

uniting man and nature

in one form glorious



And when I left her

with mounting sentiments in my eyes glowing

looking down from above the clouds

we see infinite beauty through the passing

finite tragedies that life bestows on us

only to finally conclude to the epilogue

a vase view of sour souls abound


And I came to her

with a message spoken by silence

to mesmerize the world through love

ambitious and courageous

wide open for the taking by all

who are in desperate need of

love through the profusion of beauty.



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Will You Hear?

When The Gods Speak


The Gods spoke to us

with an austere patience and

a cold competence

repaying our questions with

riddles to answer

the silent question we all

hide in the depths of our hearts.


The Gods speak to us

every single day we live

through means unknown of

Whispering silent longings

to unite with all life

in all realms of holy life

conscious, subconscious, divine


The Gods will speak to

everyone, every moment

speaking in tongues known

only in the natural world

we shall decipher

the language with our hearts and

realize the messages soul



Will you lend your ear

and hear the call meant for you

whispers in the wind

tempt you to go forward now

It’s best to heed them

those calls of divine purport

rearranging destiny’s path

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God once asked

what is a dream?

and retorted with

s.  i.  l.  e.  n.  c.  e.









I think and contemplate

and soon find myself



What is a life?

and find myself answering

r.  a.  d.  i.  a.  n.  c.  e.











For life, like dreams

are but a message

unto the world

and our lives are

the mouthpiece

for the lesson to

be sung.

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Day 318

I Heard


I heard in the dark

a voice echoing strong

piercing the wind

To finally reach me


Calling me to its source

pleading for a separate love

whole and strong in desperation

running across lands


A song of desperate longing

played by heartstrings

always vibrating

through our souls


I heard in the dark

A voice calling me forward

To join in love

for life eternal


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Day 258 once more

On A Star Gazer’s Night


On this, a star gazer’s blessed night

when winds are crisp and the sky cold

I went stumbling in the maddening height

searching for messages said too bold

Bleary eyed and cheeks stained of tears

hearing the voice  repeated in my head

I wander northward in the desert of my fears

Reciting the words spoken, never  to be read

A token of lasting love from countries far away

Denying the voice, denies the world mystery

So onward I walk, thoughts leading the mind astray

Always seeking to chase down my own history

Finding solitude in the ever-passing  night

Casting desirous urges into my burning light

Always claiming infinite love as our eternal right



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