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A Soul Poem

Your Soul Poem


Poems of the soul

rarely veer far from

infinite gratitude,

so rise up and again

take your power

in your heart and

notice how your love

expands out into yourself.

*  *  *

Claim your inheritance:

hope unbounded, yet always

raising humanity to those

infinite skies where beauty

sings with vibrant colors

to the rhythm of Earth’s

internal dance which excites the

never-ending and sacred passions

eternally pressing us to light up.


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The Sacred Rites



Our daily tasks, when

done with reverence and grace,

turn into rituals

and it is through rituals that

we can honor the

sacredness that moves through us,

aligning our paths with love.


Our tasks – soon to be

purposes – ignites our lives

with a light made whole

and a conviction to hold

to our truth: to breathe,

to touch, to love, to live, to

honor love with gratitude.


Our simple rituals

speak of our innate grace that

illuminates the

love dwelling within our hearts.

Take this breathe and make

each task into a sacred

rite, a ritual of your love.

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True Silences

To Venture


I venture now

out into that

wild silence

where the soul

breathes with

unending love

and dances with

beauty for all

eternity. Yes,

I, and all life too,

venture out into

that wild silence

and find that

the heart that has

eyes to see is

divinely happy.

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Grace and Virtues

Love And Beauty


Love is a fierce grace

that flutters upon the wings

of the dragonfly;

it breaths music into our

hearts and brings delight

to the mind’s eye that sees a

truth purified by your breath.


Beauty is a truth,

a flowering virtue that

clears the busy mind,

which allows us to see our

sacredness, a grace

made radiant by our heart’s

generosity and love.

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The Trail



We wanderers

ever seeking the

lonelier paths come

to find our truth

manifested through

the actions of those

we extend our love to.


We seekers of

the hidden truths

find a lingering

love in the smile

of a stranger that

speaks of a trust

never to be defined.


We travelers of

distant paths seek

to find a healed heart

on the autumnal

path of a cooling yet

colorful trail we find

our soul walking on.


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Resplendent Love

With Closed Eyes


With eyes shut wide,

I can see a world

that dances in the

colors of the vibrant

winds; whirling

with the leaves

of our souls that

breathes creativity

into our vaulted mind.


With eyes closed wide,

I can see a beauty that

shines brightly, bringing

joy to each heart that

hearkens to bear witness

to the truth that beauty

bestows; let that ribbon of

beauty run wildly through you

and breathe beauty outward.


With eyes shut wide,

I can see souls that love

wildly, letting loose that

nourishing flood that

drowns out all fear and

enables life to create a

brave new world made

resplendent with the love

poured from your heart.


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Where Beauty Abounds

The Pull Of The Soul


The pull of the soul

directs us to this day

where our greatness

abounds – that strength

of beauty which lies

within our heart’s

grasp – this day where

we find that only

together can we be

the stewards of our

destiny where the

power of the sun

reveals the truth of

our eyes, that life

is a beauty realized.


The pull of the soul

allows us to throw

our spirits to the

winds and allow

those temperate

winds to wash our

hearts into a purity

to where the light that

wraps us and all

things in a delicate

yet equitable showers

where we come

to know our task – to

animate love within

every heart we cross

and bring into those

sacred hearts a lingering

presence that lights the

candles of their soul’s love.

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