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If Only You Would Ask

I’d Come Running


If you would only

ask, I’d come

running to your

side; if only to tell

you how magnificent

you truly are. I’ll be

listening, so just a

mere whisper upon

the winds will reach

my ear, so whisper

gently into those

howling winds and

let your words fly

directly to me.


If you would only

ask, I’d come

running only to

give you the love

your heart and soul

so desperately crave.

I’ll be listening with

deep interest in the

clarion bells perched

atop your radiance; so

let your soul ring loud

and true, and I’ll be there.


If you would only

ask, I’d come running

with quick step and

an eager heart to

elevate your thoughts

to the throne of your

soul, always to breathe

in new experiences that

foster your heart’s sacred

growth, I’ll be listening

with heart and mind,

so let your heart sing its

song and I’ll be there.


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Life’s Greatest Lesson

I Am As You Are


I am, as you are,

love absolute, and

I look towards the

heart of all lover’s

for the questions

my answers seem

to call for. Let loose

your magnetic light

as your soul wanders

forever forward as it

seeks that mysterious

sea within where all

lover’s imbibe love.


You are, as I am,

confused at times,

grown weary of

life’s kingdom that

abides in the dust

of time and experience.

It is then that we

must find our breath

again, to return again,

always again to where

we once stood, and

see the world in a

radiant new light.


We are as we

are meant to be –

perfectly flawed,

imperfectly balanced

in beauty, always

yearning to give,

eager to learn, and

through this life I

had one thought that

I, and you and life

itself, was a mind that

knew god, but now I

see the truth of sacred

life: that Life is the

universe experiencing

the Divine Goddess.

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For You, For Me

The Great Washing


It is for you love,

this world was made in honor

with the guiding hope

to have you shine your greatness

into this wild

world of expansive beauty

where love flows always freely.


It is for you, love,

this breath you are taking now

bestows within you

a gentle strength that conjurs

a vulnerable

heart to open up to the

great flowering of the soul.


It is for you, love,

this grand moment in all time

enables your heart

to glow from within spreading

radiant love to

wash over this wondrous world

and all to share in that love.


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Come You To Me

Stage Of Love


Come you, come to the

stage of love where our fullness

dances to the great

rhythm of life that opens

up within the soul –

spread the winged canopy

of the mystic star’s love breath.


Come you, come to the

center of this life where the

heart finds it’s rhythm

and that rhythm causes life

to find it’s balance –

To look towards you, you who has

the potential to share love.


Come you, come to the

altar of love where

our souls unite in love:

finding a sacred power

to turn my dark night

into bright day, ever filled

with hope to share life with love.

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You Are

Ocular Air Of Love


Reach deep down

towards the greater

edges of your gilded

heart and strive for

that all seeing, all-

knowing ocular air

of love’s destiny. In

the act of striving

we find the path

of surrender where

the universe arrives,

arrives, always arriving

within you as the silence

that breathes a calmness

in our chaotic lives. Reach

further still, transcending

the myriad thoughts of your

you-ness and find your

truth, that you are radiant,

that you are pure, that

you are love. You are.


Come to that point where

birth and death cease

their gentle touch upon

your heart, and live to be

that love that encompasses

all of eternity, and breathes

through the guise of material

life. For as you walk through

that veiled valley of life, you

assume that silence of the

heart where you can speak

without words, act without

actions, and love as only

a unified heart-mind can.

Transcending form, you

are reborn again and

again as that all-seeing,

all-knowing ocular air

of divine love. You are.

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Brace Yourself

The Arrival


Brace yourself

for the arrival is coming.

if you wish to see,

close your eyes and keep

your mind wide

open, if you wish to

hear, silence your

speaking mind and

allow your heart to sing.

The arrival is happening.

the soul’s call is not for

the timid in love, nor for

sure in life, but requires a

vulnerable courage to

be open to the tides of life

and the pains of love. Open

your heart, open your mind

and breathe deeply for it

comes for all who wish to be love.

Brace yourself

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The Three Sisters

A Greater Capacity


Breathe deep my love,

breathe deep and trust –

let that capacity of

love flow like water

and nurture your

sacred heart. Invite

that holy elixir into

your soul and let it

nourish your self-esteem.

For a healthy and whole

heart has no limits to it’s

ever expanding love.


Breathe deep, my soul,

breathe deep and trust –

let the winds of life etch

away the insecurity of

your intelligence. Set

the mind at rest and

know the limits of your

integral thought. For it

adds much beauty to life

to allow wonder to live

in uncertainty. For a

healthy and whole mind

knows naught but the

love it has to continually give.


Breathe deep, my love,

breathe deep and trust –

let your inner child, a

child born of the instant,

roam the wilderness of

your heart, forever alive

and playing with the

strings of your emotions.

Allow your intuition to

flow as water and your

breathe in a greater love,

and give way to the three

sisters of your total being

as they guide you ever to love.

For the healthy and whole

heart has no limits to it’s

capacity to love – even yourself.


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