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A Grand Reflection

The Valley Of The Veil


The sacred will come

to you from the inside, like

a reflection of

a mirror – it can only

be witnessed when your

eyes are completely open

and the mind ceases it’s play.


Love will come to you

as the breath enters the lungs,

naturally without

any effort on your part –

it flows in and out

permeating this world with

a gentle magnificence.


In the valley of

the veil, life enters into

the mystical night

elevating the breathing

heart into the sky streams where

spirits soar with the

gilded wings of love, sharing

space with the sacred in life.

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An Accelerated Heart



We, the people

of an accelerated

heart find love

wherever we

may walk, over

here or definitely

over there, we take

this love with us

always to elsewhere,

breathing as we go.


We, the poeple

of an accelerated

heart have learned

that our name is

the future we seek

to live, that the

virtues we hold to

are constantly

lived to the fullest

imperfection possible.


We, the people

of an accelerated

heart have come

to know a certain

wisdom of the soul,

that our great

inheritance is not

that of money or

possessions, but

that of love and

the giving rather

than the receiving

of it most.


We, the people

of an accelerated

heart give love

wherever we may

roam, breathing it

in from the our

surroundings and

then releasing it

to all we meet on

this path of love,

this path of life.

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Loving Dangers



It’s a dangerous thing

this living for another,

the continual giving

and hoping they take

notice, but living

for another is a gift

in and of itself, a

knowledge that a world

has been made better

through your living.

It’s a dangerous thing.


It’s a dangerous thing,

letting loose the reigns

of your heart to another,

a subtle fear takes over

for a time, but great courage

and faith, with honest too, will

help to quell any such notions,

so breathe into our heart

and trust it’s inner guidance

to let loose the reigns

of your heart to you beloved.

It’s a dangerous thing.


It’s a dangerous thing,

this melding of two souls,

initially confusion and fear

will take hold, becoming

something more than

yourself is scary, as

growth always is, so

free yourself of your

doubting thoughts and

let your two souls flourish,

melding together to form

something stronger, more

beautiful than either of

you could have managed

on your own.

It’s a dangerous thing –

but love is worth that danger.

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Eye, Mind, And Heart



From the eye of the

archer a greater sight is

held for true vision

lies within the mind’s intent,

distance troubles not

the ardent archer for life

is truly seen through his eye.


From the mind of the

poet ideas are held high

for through him the world

seeks to benefit itself,

finding the higher

truths through his lofty poems

and breathes a bit easier.


From the heart of the

lover a greater love is

born for lasting love

lingers not only in the

heart but moves through his

whole being, manifesting

his actions with gentleness.


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You And I

Night And Day


You come as the night,

silently, solemnly and

without the greater

procession, but still you come

undeterred into my

life with the effect, always

saving my soul through your grace,

lifting my heart with your love.


I come as the day

with grandiose design and

a curious aire

of the flamboyantly odd;

basking the world in

my heart’s and soul’s unified

light hoping to bring forth love.


We come as a whole;

you the restorative night,

me the warming day:

each beneficial in their

own way, each have need

but love is born of the night

while life is made of the day.

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Day 336 – Mind And Heart

Completely Inadequate


Everything we tell

ourselves, all that

we think we know,

every single thing

the mind seeks as a

response, the heart

already knows to be

completely inadequate.

So put aside your mind,

and stay your thoughts,

for the wisdom of the

heart is greater by far.

Once we find outselves

on the path of the heart,

we come to see that

happiness is a choice we

can choose with every

moment that passes, and

for those who choose, it is

a blessing bestowed onto

the entire world, for the

joy we experience in this

life is not limited in scope,

but rather it grows exponentially

with every good thought

we share with others. So breath

deeply, resting your thoughts

to allow your heart to reign

over your life. Breathe deep

in joy, breath deep in love

and live your path through life.

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Day 335 – Cause And Effect

A Heart’s Storm


A storm brews through

my soul, and my emotions

begin to darken. Grey skies

open up as my heart starts

to pour down rain, quaking

with fierce thunderclaps

and large cracks of lightning.

A storm brews through my

soul as I go out to roam

through this wild world

born of infinite causes.


In the darkest night

where emotions begin

to reign, bringing down

fire and rain I looked

up through my heart

to see you light up this

world of mine. By lighting

your candle you gave an inch

of hope to this weary soul,

always seeking for my

salvation through love.

In the darkest night  where

emotions begin to reign, I find

the effect through our love.

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