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Goodness, Truth and Beauty

The Holy Trinity


The power of the moon

affects us all, the 29

day cycle gives credence

to life, the tides raise

and fall as the moon waxes

and wanes, our emotions

flutter as the moon grows

and descends in fullness

through radiance; yes, the

moon has power over us all.


The power of the sun

embraces us all, the 11

year cycle gives credence

to the heat of our hearts,

the magnetic waves give rise

to our home’s polarity,

the gamma waves heats

and nourishes our home

and our bodies; the sun

has power over us all.


The Power of the Earth

nurtures us all, the 4

differing cycles that

dictate the growth of

life distills in us a great

vastness of a fortifying

strength, compelling life

to move forward towards

greater future, yes, the earth

has power over us all.


The holy trinity; the Moon,

the Sun, the Earth, each

have their power just as

the Father, the Spirit, and

the Son, each speaking to

the credence to Goodness,

Truth, and Beauty; for life

is great, and it is only great

for those who live greatly; yes

the trinity has power of us all

– though through living, we have

power over the holy trinity.


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Sisters Of The Sun


No ray of light is

ever lost of it’s

importance just

as no lake ever

loses it’s grandeur

in  depth. And so

it is with you –

you can never lose

the radiance of

your beauty nor

could you ever

deplete your sacred

love’s warmth.


I can feel deeply

this sisters of the

sun radiating truth

from your eyes and

grants my soul the

wisdom of your love.

And so it is with you –

you sense the brothers

of the moon flowing from

my being, eternally ebbing

the passions of your heart

with a love that speaks

of your greatness.

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Day 350 – Living Life

Natural Sights


As the rose unfurls

her petals each morning

to face the rising sun,

so I open my heart

to embrace your

edifying love,

fulfilling life’s

manifold destiny –

to love with a heart

of pristine gratitude.


As the moon rises

each evening to

shower the dark world

with a glistening glow,

so I continually look

within to see truths,

and I have learned that

I have lived a thousand

lives but never lived this

experience, I have learned

a thousand things, but

have never had this

knowledge, I have loved

a thousand different

ways, but have never

loved completely, and

seeing my final truth I

realize that I have never

lived, never knew, and have

never truly experienced

love until you.


As the trees reach

their roots down into

earth to find their home,

so I root my love down

into your heart to find

the sacred space where

our love can grow and

through your nuturing

grace I can breathe

easier to settle into this

life, to live what is to

be lived, and more

importantly, to love all

who is to be loved.

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Day 223 – I too, Sing

As the Mounting Sun Rises


When the passing

of the sun has come

and the moon arrives

to join in the cosmic

fun and in the space

after the day has

departed and the

night has yet to arrive

A shift starts to occur,

a gentle unraveling

that opens up the heart

and allows love to  flow

freely from one heart to

another gentle heart and

in that space each of us

finds a grain of wisdom

and in the joy of growing

wisdom you will find that

I too sing Yah Fatah.


When the ebbing moon

starts to wan at the

approaching dawn, as the

moon descends and the

rising sun glistens with

the dew there exists a

moment, an instance of

divine celebration where

the heart and the soul

merge into one being of

cosmic love where beauty

cannot be seen, but is lived

completely, in that sacred

moment in space beauty

becomes more than a visage,

more than an ideal – it

becomes life itself and when

I find myself in that beauty,

I come to see that I am the

source of all existence

inviting all to come bask

in my presence as I –

I too, dance to love.


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Day 217 – Love Is Found

In The Land Of The Djinn


It is there

within the

hearts of

wild men

and women

a like – a love

born from

the stars; it

is there but


for they, once

aware of it’s

presence and

affect upon their

lives – they cast

it high above

their peripheral

grasp; so that

they can love as

the ocean loves,

and flow as the

moon flows through

the night waves

of the astrological

ocean where myths

and legends live. A

love is born from

the stars, being cast

from the depths of

the hearts of wild

men and women.


It is there

within the land

of the djinn

where mystics

rise to watch the

greatest vagrant

there ever was, that

wandering sun,

inhaling great

droughts of God’s

radiant love – being

present in my most

prescient moment,

that I bore witness to

life’s greatest

treasure, a moment

of spontaneous love

soon to pass yet

held within your

glancing smile wiping

that rosy dust off

of your blushing

cheek with the

glistening stars in

your eyes. It was there

in the land of the

djinn, while inhaling

droughts of God’s

radiant love where

I found you – the mystic

held in my heart.

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Day 214 – Under The Stars

The Desired Fates


Many thoughts

come descending

upon my slaked mind,

weary of all it’s comings

and goings towards you:


It is of you

– you who can read

the stars plainly –

that this life can

be lived with our fated

gratitude and generous

grace towards your

vapid, wishful beauty.


It is for you

– you who can see

through the veil of desire –

that my promptings for

this world, this life, this

pressed moment of love

always end for naught

but for the expression itself.


It is to you

– you who fails to read

the plain verse of my heart –

that I wake up each day

with a cause to smile – for

I see what the world knows,

and have opened my heart

to breath in your honored beauty.


Many thoughts

come cascading upon

my hopeful mind, as we

bask under the moon and

stars, we two together.

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Day 158 – Share In That Sky

When The Silence Falls

When the moon turns high

and the stars do fly

when that silence does fall

share in the awe-filled sky

When the night comes about

and the owls start to shout

when Nature’s procession does sing

voice your song without doubt

In the night river’s room

where fate is woven on time’s loom

when eternity is finally glimpsed

awaken the love in your sacred tomb

When the night comes about

where the stars shine out

when delight is taken in the heart

sing forth of love’s holy doubt

When the moon turns high

and nautical love guides us by

when that silence does fall

share in every awe-filled sky

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