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Day 252 – The Ode To You

Be Embraced By Love


You –

who sees through

the veil of pain

and tragedies of life

and glimpse the

vast view of beauty’s

bountiful landscape –

light the candle that

burns ever in the dark

tempting a curious

discovery of my eternal

and infinite self.


You –

who has torn of

the rags of egoism

and swaddled yourself

in the alluring comfort

of love – have traversed

the vastness of man’s

heart to learn the true

nature of humanity’s

sacred destiny and would

impart the same unto

my still healing heart.


You –

who walks to feel

the dirt of a new

country with graced

steps bare, digging deep

into the great Mother

herself to find a wold

purified by your sacred

presence – lure me out

to play among the wild

grasses and be totally

embraced by love.




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Day 237 – On This Day

For Womanhood


On this day

the day honoring

the sacred feminine

within life itself,

we give thanks to

motherhood abound

– for all the mothers

we know, for the

mother we have, all the

mothers who have

come before us, and all

the mothers still yet

to come – so with all the

love this little heart

has come to possess

(that is due to you, and

your indelible influence

through this life) thank you,

and know that Love flows

through all actions in

this sacred world.

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