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Looking With Receptive Awe

Reckless Wonder


With receptive eyes

one can look about

themselves and see

beauty’s austerity

all around: the stark

colors – blue and white,

brown and green, orange

and red, or any other

combinations; the merging

relationships throughout

Nature and humankind

too. Look about you

and see that reckless

wonder that the universe

puts in front of our eyes

each and every moment.

You can see all this, and

more too; if only you

look with receptive awe.


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Here We Are



Here we sit:

watching the morning’s

rising – birds sing,

the dew dries as

the wind sighs, and

we hold hands watching.

On this porch we

watch the morning’s

rising as life moves always

forward, always alive.

Here we sit.


Here we walk:

watching the day’s

living – the people

and water flow by,

listening to the music

of the living world.

On this walking trail

watching the day’s

living as love moves

through our hearts,

binding us always

forward, always alive.

Here we walk.


Here we lie:

watching the day’s

quiet repose – the

setting sun, the

whispering people

walking by, the birds

singing their delight.

Under this tree as we

watch the sun as it sets,

love binds us together

sending our hearts always

forward, always alive.

Here we lie.

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Day 351 – A Morning

The Sunrise


A cool morning’s chill

brings a curious delight

tinged with discomfort,

a blending of pleasure and

pain, to the bare skin that

feels the kiss of the wind

and the softness of this

morning’s tear softens the

tightened skin bringing

a wet cool dampness to

further chill the body, all

the while you inch your

body closer to mine in the

hopes to steal my body’s heart.

I, with love in my heart and

ease in my soul, put my

arms around you and pull

you closer still, freely giving

you all the warmth my

body possesses, for you have

given this heart (and soul)

an ever-lasting ecstasy that

is your love. Senses start to

mingle, the scent of your

morning’s body, the scent of

our coffee, and the scent of

Roses, Lavender, and Tansy

all permeate around us. The

chill of the air, dampness of

Earth, and the warmth of our

bodies and the coffee mugs in

our hands confuse our minds

between warmth and chilliness.

Then it happens, I turn to look

at you, slowly and subtly as you

continue to watch the sun start

to rise, and I see the sun’s first

rays start to dance around your

face, and I can’t decide which,

which is the more beautiful

sight, the vision of the sun

starting to cast it’s glories out

across the lands in the burning

fog, or the way your face looks,

with your unkempt hair, sleep

still in your eyes, shoulder nestled

into my ribs and head resting on

my shoulder. I now know why

god delights in beauty and

breathes through love.

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Day 350 – Living Life

Natural Sights


As the rose unfurls

her petals each morning

to face the rising sun,

so I open my heart

to embrace your

edifying love,

fulfilling life’s

manifold destiny –

to love with a heart

of pristine gratitude.


As the moon rises

each evening to

shower the dark world

with a glistening glow,

so I continually look

within to see truths,

and I have learned that

I have lived a thousand

lives but never lived this

experience, I have learned

a thousand things, but

have never had this

knowledge, I have loved

a thousand different

ways, but have never

loved completely, and

seeing my final truth I

realize that I have never

lived, never knew, and have

never truly experienced

love until you.


As the trees reach

their roots down into

earth to find their home,

so I root my love down

into your heart to find

the sacred space where

our love can grow and

through your nuturing

grace I can breathe

easier to settle into this

life, to live what is to

be lived, and more

importantly, to love all

who is to be loved.

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Day 327 – Guidance

With Your Heart As My Guide


With your guiding heart

all things come with love and leave

with a lasting joy

forever roaming this world

seeking unguarded

hearts and expressive actions

sustaining Nature’s pure love.


With your breathing soul

all events will come to pass

through the heart’s realm where

with new experiences

life gently expands

to contain all that live in

love’s sacred world held in us.


With your beating heart

the clarion bells of our

union perched higher

in our consciousness shall sound

with a powerful

vigor to harmonize with

Nature’s truest song: Life’s Love.


With your sacred soul

water flows through fire’s flame

not taking the less

but making more so that our

love will grow in time

echoing each others’ words

with love’s passing sentiment.


With your guiding heart

all experiences that

come to pass in the

lives of humanity shall

certainly arrive

through the heart of humankind

to breathe wholly knowing love.

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Day 299 – The Wishing Tree

Come To Sing



to the wishing tree

and sing in your



the hidden truths

lingering in

my love-struck




to the wish tree

and praise love’s

wanderers ever

seeking the lonelier

paths through the

heart’s breathing

vulnerability lying

in your glistening




to the wishing tree

and embrace your

sacred smile

ever bestowing

to this wondrous

world a magnitude

of beauty only

matched by the languid

love shining in your




to the wish tree

and sing your

heart’s one desire

ever left to echo

Nature’s sentiment

uniting wisdom and

beauty with the eternal

love living in your



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Day 275 – Breathe Into Me

Breathe Out Your Name


You are a light –

the light – lingering

in my soul bringing

the sacred breath

of courage to discover

what lies hidden in

the dark recesses of

this heart. You, who

I dearly wish to know,

are my solace in my

time of introspection.

Breathe into me, as I

breathe out your name.


You are a smile –

the smile – lingering

in my mind imbuing

life with ecstatic joy

in moments of doubt,

when I traverse down

the emotional river’s

pain. You, who constantly

uplift me by your presence,

are my inspiration to

create a life of love.

Breathe into me, as I

breathe out your essence.


You are a truth –

the truth – lingering

throughout life with

constancy and measured

step when all else is

rushed with impatience,

and I heed your lesson

to find my peace and joy

in your presence. You, who

perpetually teaches me

long sought lessons in

this life have shown me

the worthiness of love.

Breathe into me, as I

breathe out your name.


You are a whisper –

the whisper – lingering

with the gentle breeze

always going where you

are meant to go, and now

have drifted into my life

with subtle ease and joyous

love bringing with you

a sort of contentment and

peace into my life. You, who

have given me an encouraging

push towards creation, have

taught me that all life,

including the one I live, is

always worthy of love.

Breathe into me, as I

breathe out your essence.

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