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Your Truth

The Darkening Path


In the darkness

of your path

– Dar Tariki tariqat –

We should remember

the river rock, made

smooth by the currents

constantly flowing over

and around it, yet retaining

it’s hardness and pereseving

it’s truth. Stilling it’s hardness

through the plying softness

engulfing it. Remembering the

river rock, remembers your

heart – it embodies the same

softness and hardness,

roughness yet is made smooth,

it raw and true, yet masked

by the mind’s agenda; hold

true to your truth; your are a

duality made into one whole.

It is good, Dar Tariki tariqat,

in the darkness of your path,

that you are beloved by Nature,

Man, me, God, the Goddess

Supreme, and the Universe.

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Day 154 – Take This Feeling

A Sort Of Knowing

Feel deep down

and bring your

constant awareness

within your hushed

hues of consciousness.

Feel deep within

the entire universe

looking out onto

itself through your

cosmic eyes.

Yes, feel and know

that greatness within

Look within your

grand being and

seek out that truth

implacable and supreme

Look down into

your sacred heart

and feel the pulse of

the infinite grace

Yes, feel and know

that greatness within

Feel deep down

in your internalized

and separate world

the constant flow

of love – that river

of passion – that waters

all your actions in

a beauteous grace.

Feel deep within

your aching soul

to find the permeating

peace of love abound

Yes, feel and know

that greatness within

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