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The Way Home



Among the myriad paths

in this world, and there

are a plethora of them –

the silk road, the tea route,

the sacred pilgrimages and

their rites – but two come to

mind as I think on life and it’s

complete works. All creative

endeavors and their makers

have the same origin. The first

step, the deep breath in, for it

is the Heart that is the path

from the creator to his (or her)

works in all areas of creation.

As to the second path, it is far

expansive, for life spans across

time and experience, and all

that live, live the same path;

though their functions are

different in every conceivable

way, for the many forms of life

vary greatly in scope and

ability. The path that all life

follows is one laid down by love.

Following the heart’s intuition

to walk the path of life is the way

all life takes to find it’s home.

(for home is where love is expressed.)

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Soul’s Truth

The Wanderers


The wanderers of

the soul’s call – ever seeking

the lonelier way –

wish to begin no day where

they ended before

and hope to see not one more

sunrise where the last sunset

left us to our running hearts.


The wanderers of

the soul – ever hopeful to

see greater truths – breathe

deeply to inhale the great draughts

of this Earth’s canvas,

forever imbuing life with a

beautiful love where the soul

flows with the passing earth-sets.


The wanderers of

the soul – ever seeking the

heart’s  hidden truths – moves

with the confidence to be

knowingly lost in

this wild world born of beauty

step with lively, though often

respectful, step towards truth’s love.

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One Thought



A little musing –

Isn’t it funny how

the people with the most

to lose will claim to know the

reasons for living

just so they keep living

a life of honored status?


I’d think it better

to live a simplistic life

outside of their reach

and let the events of life

guide us to our hearts

where we can live our passions

and create our own reasons.

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Little Whispers

Life’s Calling


It has been said,

by more wise men

than I, that life’s

highest path is that

inward journey to

the heart of the soul,

and the mind of the

heart; where all

are  passions are

revealed through a

beautiful silence.


It has been told

by those lingering

whispers riding on

the wings of the winds,

that life’s truest calling

lies in the union of

your love and your

full life’s mission; and

if you can heed the

wisdom of the winds

then yours will be a

whole life filled with

love’s saving grace.


It has been spoken

in the hushed hues

of the painter’s vision

that the true beauty

of life lies in the fault

of our stars and our

greatest strength is

in the gentle surrender

to our heart’s truest

calling: to live in an

accord with your love.

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A Single Step

The Path Of Love


With the eyes of Indra

and the hand of God

I traverse down dark

and weary paths unsought


With the mind of Buddha

and the heart of Christ

I walk down the forgotten path

with the help of curenderos


With the strength of Kali

and the conviction of John

We move steadily forward

cautious of the waiting pitfalls


With the grace of Francis of Asisi

and the courage of Mirabai

We hold faith for our arrival

into faith’s abode of love




into the heart of love

we aspire to create great acts

with the ardent passions of Rumi

and the magic of David


careful of our failing sight

we grapple towards the circuitous sides

with the wisdom of Solomon

and the madness of Hafiz


moving slower with each new step

we pensively take the room given

with the humility of Terese

and the courage of Ganesha


in the act of each step

we find love, my curenderos and I

with the praise of Allah

and the songs of Nature

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The Goddess

Within Our Hearts


Trading opinions in the open market

Hides the lackluster void of persuadable facts

Endangering the whole of progressive thought


Granting rights in sights only vision

Opens the vaulted doors of our one heart

Demanding all to enter with absorbing eyes

Denies no one the right to see such sights

Enter your own heart at your own risk

Surprising snares lie hidden from you

Sentiment is thought to be your guide there


Doubt not the truth of the matter

Willingness to love opens your heart

Elevating above the menial passions

Looking past those rose-color glasses

Laments the passing of a peripheral hope

Sanctifying our actions done with a noble heart


Walk boldly into that sacred hall

Inside waits the message of your life

Thankfulness will carry you far

Handling the affairs of your life’s path

Inside out the heart’s love abides

Nourishing life with the internal fountain

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Day 349

Time and Experience


The time has come now

when experience shall pass

for the coming age

presents a new face of hope

where shadows once lived

preparing the crucible

that shall swiftly come this way


The rites of passion

leads into a holy realm

where purity lives

adorned in translucent light

passing from the mind

a tranquil peace within each

giving life an unity


For this transition

many perils will come forth

no shiny awards

but long and lonely hours

and a wearied heart

confusing delusions with

a subtle truth deep within


Though we’ll surely grasp

for soon passing desires

distracting our sight

from our intended purpose

but we’ll soon regain

a clarity of life’s path

To come to where we’re needed


To finally stand

on the precipice of life

the last crucible:

Time and Experiences

of this new-found age

where the rites of passions new

will lead you to a pure soul

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Day 328

The Body Of Us All


The hand of solitude

holds the lover’s heart at bay

Keeping for the owners mind

the one and only way


The arms of humanity

spread across far and wide

Embracing lands from afar

to join together in life’s ride


The foot of repitition

recites the present to survive

Hindering future’s hidden path

rebuking privileges deprived


The eyes of vision

Glances down the path

Seeing intertwined lives living

dissolves nature’s holy math


The ephemeral body

infiltrates the sacred tomb

Gaining liberty to beauty’s life

impregnates the empty womb

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Day 303

Hearken To Your Heart


Dark skies rage inside

a tranquil and pensive heart

balancing passions

with steady perseverance

Holding to ideals

melded in practical sense

Elevating acts with thought


Prevailing winds calm

when directions are needed

Forcing decisions –

always to follow your heart

and do not rely

on omens to be given

or signs when your mind will do


Always trust yourself

and create your own passage

Forge latent talents

with passions that are to come

and seek out grand sights

that infuses life abound

with a beauty unrestrained

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