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Day 17 – Miracles

Eyes Love You


Through the passage of

life and time, experience

teaches life certain

lessons when humanity

can best grasp their true

understanding. And

now a new lesson has come

to be relearned; be

re-established: That life is

filled with miracles,

some larger than life

– Jesus-esk if you life – and

others more minute,

though both are necessary.


Eyes wish to open

to your divine beauty and

live in the folds of

your love. Yes, the Eyes

love you. Completely. You bring

much joy, light, and truth

to each moment. Hearts

wish to rip themselves open;

to reveal their raw

truth and be vulnerable

to your presence. It

is true, hearts ache to

be close to your truth. You help

manifest healing

and create love in these worlds.


The lessons of life

are not lessoned by fatigue,

they bare the lightness

of truth and radiance of

the sacred fire.

I know miracles exist,

and am reminded of that

sublime fact daily.

Yes, miracles are

real and give prescience to

life’s precious moments.

As someone once wrote

Beauty is a miracle

to behold; thus I

know they exist; I witness

beauty when I gaze

upon and into your heart,

seeing your beauty,

I live in your miracle.

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Notes From Tea

The Lessons of Tieguanyin


In the darkest night

when the breath comes easily

Tieguanyin showed me

her divine elegance and

spoke of Love and Life:

– When you give love, you receive

love in a greater

abundance; Love is but an

experience of

infinity; The lips that

lapse time’s blest flower

forever swells the heart’s great

chambers; Peace of mind

within life comes piece by piece;

True happiness is

actually an art of life

that lies within us;

The true purpose of life is

to know and love and

trust and be yourself fully.

With a twinkle in

her eye, beauty in her

presence and a wry

smile upon her face, the

Goddess Tieguanyin

slowly faded from my room

as the morning’s sun

began to rise for Earth’s day.

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Day 6 – Cloud Of All Things Knowable

Silence And Stillness


In the cloud of all

things knowable, our lives

live as a manifested

prophecy holding

tight to the spiritual

identity of love; where

duality dissolves into

a unified silence where

peace reigns through stillness.

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Day 2 – Harken

The Dazzling Now


Harken to the

wonder-makers –

those wondrous few

who create abundance

wherever they roam.


They who feel the

universe entire

looking out onto

itself through the

merriment of others.


Harken to the

ecstasy bearers –

those vigorous few

who labor in the

joys of exhilaration.


They who tread

lightly upon the

ocean of celestial

vibrations lifting

all life towards love.


Harken to the

wisdom keepers –

those brightly lit few

who look with-out yet

knows their strength,

that true greatness within.


They who breath deeply

the magnificent moment

where grace, love and

abundance unite in the

dazzling brilliance of NOW.

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The Great Song



Find your stillness and

you will feel your breath –

Inhale deeply and

exhale completely –

Listen, can you hear

it? Go beyond your

breath’s great song. Can

you hear it? That great

chorus of silent

echoes. The stars and

planets are singing

to you. The music of

the Spheres calling

to you, always to

speak of your greatness.

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Altered Eyes

A New Dawn


After the dark night,

a new dawn soon follows with

a radiant light,

and in the great shinning a

new practice soon forms –

the Great Listening – to breath

with sure intention.

Through the altered eyes of a

stilled soul I saw a

vision of blissful delight.

Fractals of our true

destiny lies in the love

we share with others.

We find that our souls vibrate

back to us our heart’s

true path through lessons learned

and life lived through love.

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The Wisdom Keepers

The Keeper of Breaths


We weary travelers

know the gifts of wondrous

meetings that bring wisdom

to our souls and love to

our hearts. The gift of a

written meeting bares

lessons to be shared in

future endeavors. I have met

several wisdom keepers, but

one stands out now:The

Keeper of the breathes. He keeps

the many breathes within him;

each has it own use and purpose.


The Breath of Fire – brings heat and

passions to our hearts, exciting

movement through the clearing

of our soul. The Breath of Love –

bares a persistent patience that

nurtures a divinity within life.

The Breath of Peace, the soul of

the dove, moves through both

solemn and active actions, bringing

the gift of solace to an agitated soul.

The Breath of Life greets every day

with a wanting sigh that welcomes

gratefulness to the morning’s breath.

The Breathe of Learning holds to

the practiced experiences that life

aligns with our growth, utilizing

the breath unites the body to the

mine. The Breath of Truth holds to

the book of time, that tome where all

acts have been recorded, giving life

the strength to perform the acts that

evolution of the soul requires. The

Breath of Smoke makes holy the

area where life lives, blessing all

eternity with the sacredness that is life.


Yes, we weary travelers know the

blessings of the fated meetings

through time and experience. We

rovers, having met the Keepers of Wisdom,

usually not in those we would assume

wisdom to be found in, come to

know that life is a conundrum of

esoterica, forever blessing this

sacred world of beauty with an

eternity to shine for our love.



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A Happy Peace

Finding Happiness


Peace – it comes and goes

flowing with the breath

through a gentle mind.

Grasp not to your thoughts

and peace will grow.


Hope – it arrives

when you envision your

goals and trust in the love

that you feel towards

yourself and others.


Happy is the person

who can find their

peace and live in the

hope of a better future

clothed with love.

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Peace And Hope

Life’s Presence


Life comes in waves –

the good when it saves,

and the bad in it’s turn

each flowing until the other caves.


Both feed off of each other

and when the bad takes to brother

and theĀ  flames burn the air

filling the sails as they smother


We become a soul soon lost

through circumstance to bare that cost

it is important to find your breath

to establish peace soon crossed


Bearing presence to this event

we see a glimmer too soon lent

bringing peace and hope to this moment

vying for the grace time has sent.


So breathe deeply and feel this love

for love, always sent baring God’s dove

creates a lasting hope and peace in life

for each of us to live for our soul’s life above.

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Difficult Times

To The Hard Times


There are hard days as

well as soft, easy ones

transplanted by difficult

times. The ebb and flow

of life continue. Today is

no exception, bearing the

weight of a thousand lonely

souls and a thousand more

broken hearts. Today is one

of those days, where I have

been placed in a new realm

where each moment lingers

on towards eternity, breathing

in the cold, stale air of this

timeless vacuum of complacency

where all lasting joy has been

drained from this still beating heart.

There are good days along side

the bad ones, and this day is

no different in it’s making, just

the choice is imminent, to resist

movement, to hide yourself away,

or to find the courageous breath and

rise above the cooling morning and

seek out those sunnier skies where

happiness lifts the soul towards love.

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