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Life With You

The Falcon And The Poet


Does a falcon need to be

shown how to hunt?

Or a tear to be shed?

What about a heart to love?


All come from an impulse

to act towards their nature.

– so it is with me,

I act on an impulse to

love you wholly, to give

all I have for your smile.


Does a poet need to be

told to write his words?

Or a tree to drop it’s fruit?

What about a body to feel?


All come naturally and

without promptings yet

are beautiful to behold.

– so it is with me,

I come naturally and

without promptings to

always come home;

wherever you are.


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Day 226 – Morning Tea

Warm Tea and A Rising Sun


The heart is

the path from

the creator to

his work, so says

the Magi drinking

his tea early in

the morning.

Accompanied by

a Yogi, a Poet, and

a Warrior – each with

their due respect.


Each sipping on

their morning tea

– watching the

rising sun make its

way across the

enlightened sky –

silently keeping

their thoughts

to themselves.


The Warrior,

eager for battle,

– a chance to prove

his valor – echos

the sentiments of

his growing tribe;

today is a good if

not a great day

to die for a cause.


The Yogi,

breathing in

the joy of life

– each breath

giving him more

pleasure – yearns

to stretch his life

out from day of

his birth to the last

of his moving breath;

sits growing wise

with intention to say

that today is a good

day, if not a great day

to truly live.


The Poet,

silently cherishing

his cup of morning

tea – finding happiness

in the sense projections

of his pleasure-filled

cup, silently nods to

the truth of his own

heart; that today is

a good day, if not a great

day to fully love.


And the four of them,

the Poet, the Yogi,

the Warrior, and the Magi

sat in the morning light

drinking their tea

when the Magi got up and

said, our hearts are the

path from the creator

to our works in this

grand, whole life.

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Day 270

A Poet


A poet

pollinates love

throughout society


Sharing notions

of strong ideals

a place apart


Taking away

the best of solid minds

inciting mystery


Giving again

only the best of myself

strangers soon friends


Allow me

to see your worst

save the best for others


A poet takes nectar

and pollinates love

throughout the  world.


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