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Your Truth ( A dedication)

You Are Loved


You are loved

and you love.

Both are true

for You. Are. Love.

You come from

Love and as you

come from love,

you go to love.

for You. Live. Love.

So go and be love.

Manifest it Now.

Live It. Share It.

And Join With Love.


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The Wisdom Keepers

The Keeper of Breaths


We weary travelers

know the gifts of wondrous

meetings that bring wisdom

to our souls and love to

our hearts. The gift of a

written meeting bares

lessons to be shared in

future endeavors. I have met

several wisdom keepers, but

one stands out now:The

Keeper of the breathes. He keeps

the many breathes within him;

each has it own use and purpose.


The Breath of Fire – brings heat and

passions to our hearts, exciting

movement through the clearing

of our soul. The Breath of Love –

bares a persistent patience that

nurtures a divinity within life.

The Breath of Peace, the soul of

the dove, moves through both

solemn and active actions, bringing

the gift of solace to an agitated soul.

The Breath of Life greets every day

with a wanting sigh that welcomes

gratefulness to the morning’s breath.

The Breathe of Learning holds to

the practiced experiences that life

aligns with our growth, utilizing

the breath unites the body to the

mine. The Breath of Truth holds to

the book of time, that tome where all

acts have been recorded, giving life

the strength to perform the acts that

evolution of the soul requires. The

Breath of Smoke makes holy the

area where life lives, blessing all

eternity with the sacredness that is life.


Yes, we weary travelers know the

blessings of the fated meetings

through time and experience. We

rovers, having met the Keepers of Wisdom,

usually not in those we would assume

wisdom to be found in, come to

know that life is a conundrum of

esoterica, forever blessing this

sacred world of beauty with an

eternity to shine for our love.



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It Comes

Loves Comes Too


It comes, it comes – always

to come from above for us

below. We, the lowly toilers,

baring the weight of a beauty

bestowed – born forever to

witness life’s sacred truth;

that life is lived through beauty.


It comes, it comes – always

to come from below for us

above. We, the chosen few,

hold true to a faith destined

to shine for the world to

see, fanning the flames of that

sacred fire that breathes love.


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The Dance of Union

Love Lives Strong


The body – it dances

to the song of the earth,

always moving with

the sacred rhythms

of the divine mother.


The heart – it dances

to the song of the stars,

always moving to

the wondrous melodies

of the generous father.


The soul – it dances

to the song of love,

always moving to

the mysterious pull

of an elevated love.


Take a deep breath

and fill the energy

welling up in your heart,

for in thatĀ  building

passion, love lives strong.


In that moment, where

love lives strong, the stars and

Earth all gather in honor to

celebrateĀ  the birth of love made

whole through the dance of union.

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The Offering

With Closed Eyes


Close your eyes Love.

Close them and feel.

Feel deep within. The

chambers of your heart

are echoing with the

song of the love. Let those

melodies wash over you

and feel the reverberations

spreading out over every

inch of your beauty.


Close your eyes Love.

Close them and look.

Look inward deep. The

chamber of your heart

are aglow with the flame

immortal. The eternal fire

of your fated love, so breathe

deep and fan those flames,

and let that sacred warmth

spread out over every inch

of your immaculate grace.


Close your eyes Love.

Inhale deeply and open up.

Open up fully to that aroma.

Deep within the chamber

of your heart, at the altar

of your soul, the fires of

your love, mixed with the

song of your soul are preparing

the sacred offerings of love.

Let that offering spread out

over every inch of your

radiance and then be open

to receive and be open to give,

for both are the same act, both

are a sacred gesture of love.

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For You

Come To…


For you – who live today

Come to let go, come and

take this moment, always giving

reverence to this moment, this

true breathe that brings life

to you. Come. Let go of your limiting

thoughts made of fear and let the

light of day smile upon you and your path.

Let go on the self-imposed importance

you have placed on the mantle of

your sacred soul and mind not those

tedious tasks the future will bring, but

focus on the one task you have now; focus

on the love you share in with this moment.


For you – who love today

Come to embrace, come and

give this instance, always taking

in the austerity of this sacred

moment, this true breath that

carries you back to you. Come.

And embrace the circumstances

that all the yesterdays have wrought,

all those minute events that has carried

your heart: raw, bloody, yet full; to this

moment where the night tenderly

touches your soul, stoking that eternal

flame where the two lover’s dance; separate

yet united – two bodies one universal love.


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Arrive, Yet Be Stilled

The Arrival


Arrive, yet be stilled

and shine forth your light for that

bright elegance speaks

to all life what is beauty.

Through your arriving

inwardly you gift this world

the Gift of Divine Beauty.


Arrive, yet be stilled

let that mystic runner of

your heart run wildly

through the fields of this world’s truth,

swim in the tranquil

seas of your sacred

thoughts, and fly in the airs of

your soul’s delight. So, Arrive.


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