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Day 34 – An All-consuming Love

The Eyes of I

Eyes see you

the I’s in
the crowd about you
worshipping beauty
as they see it.

The eyes crave
a vision of what
they can’t comprehend
– that unsought manifestation

Of love in your form.

I’s see you

The eyes of
our everyday skies
as they bring a
luminous joy
with their gaze.

The I’s see you
transcend the ever-
elevating beauty

that only a light
and breathless joy
can expose to

Your all-consuming love.

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Day 33 – Set Free

A Great Wholeness

Set free your dreams

let them roam the wilderness

of your beating heart.

Follow deep into those marrows

where crooked narrowness spreads

into the fevered fields of creation.

step by step to find your footing

along that arduous path that eventually

leads you to your soul’s final salvation

where your enlightenment guides you to love.

Let loose your demons

let them reign high in this Kali age

where darkness ignites the sky

and hearts muddle the light in life.

Accept those insecurities and

harness those perceived flaws

exposed and strengthened from

past trials and pains and live

your truth as you enter a soul-ship

with your wholeness unified into You.

Set free your mind

and allow your thoughts to

move towards their own rewards.

Mind not the body’s reaction to

growth for wisdom is gained

through every inch of you; a

burning salvation revealed through

the heart’s feigning control over

a raw vulnerability, ever echoing

the praises of your great wholeness.

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Day 32 – Release

A Moment To Breathe

Breathe and release:

Do you dare to be open?

revealing your vulnerabilities

to the wild world made more

by your grand presence.

In daring to be open

you prepare the world

for your greatest strength

forged in the melee of love.

Do you dare to be open?

Breathe and release

Release and breathe

How goes the day love?

take a tally of your thoughts,

do your rituals mark growth

down the path you wish to follow.

A day long lived through love,

is spontaneity stalled, then

breathe and become more in

this sacred moment of Truth.

How goes the day love?

Release and breathe.

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Day 31 – Civilized Wildness


The soul – our light –

It vibrates our stardust bodies

out there, out into this

civilized wildness.

Let it move you towards

something great; something

so magnificently you. the

more you embrace your truth,

the more you shine, and share

in the beauty that is generated

with your kaleidoscopic light. And

in the end to find beauty being

refracted back to vibrate

our higher frequencies home

Our light – our soul

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Day 31 – Radiance

Sunlight And Moonlight

In Sunlight it dances –

with an agreed upon structure

for exhibition and confession.

This deep truth inside.

Taking pleasure in the visions

This truth deep inside

revels in her revealing:

In sunlight we dance.

In moonlight it radiates –

with a willfully beneficial intent

manifesting blessings and curses

in equal measures for future growth.

Climb high in the soul’s pursuit.

This emanation of the futures

radiance to shine forth from us:

In moonlight we radiate.

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Day 30 – Magnificence

Go To That Place

Take your magnificence there –

where all mysteries dissolve

into the misty mountains where

miracles are manifested in love –

Take your magnificence there –

Take your heart there –

where the seven heliospheres of

hazy radiance shine forth from

a life lived in a balance called love –

Take your heart there –

Take your soul there –

where stillness born of actions

instill faith in the moments

we can intentionally breathe love –

Take your soul there –

Take your mind there –

where all paths lead to the same

three fountains to present the one

great choice: from which to drink love –

Take your mind there –

Take your magnificence there –

where the universe marvels at

your wonders and strives to honor

your beauty through its infinite love –

Take your magnificence there –

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Day 29 – I Lived

For Others

I lived my life

for the convenience

of others

  • think on that –

to Change so much

solely to make others

at ease around you

  • think on this –

For the convenience

of others,

I lived my life.

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Day 28 – A Union Of Life

Every Inch Of You

In the times of myth

and the land of magic there

lies hidden deep

in the marrows of life a

subtle chance of change.

Take a long breath and feel deep

inside the kingdom of

your heart and keep that

beat steady and your

breath strong, for every inch of

you will expand and

you will see an old land made

new through perspectives

where the air reveals a

closeness that bespeaks of a

true intimacy

of a divine union in life.

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Day 27 – The Words Don’t Come

Thank You And I Love You

The words don’t come,

not the right ones – if they ever

were the right ones – to convey

to you, my dear loves, just what

you mean to this raw heart of

mine. I could write of your

vulnerable strength – that

courage to remain exposed

for the world to see, I could

remark on the divine beauty

I see dwelling within and

throughout your elevating

presence. I could write sacred

truths such that few have

read but all know: the world

exists for the heart’s education.

I could talk of a love so sublime

that it laughs at the concept of

being confined by all eternity;

but the words don’t come, maybe

they never have, so all I have to write

are these six little words:

Thank You And I Love You.

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Day 26 – This Ship

A Storm Always Passes

This ship carries us

always forward despite the

waters, mind not the

helm and let the ship ride those

wild waves where the

churning waters lie. If you

like, you can brace for

impact, cursing your luck. You

may wish for calmer

waters, easier waves, but

those currents will still

come and bring devastation

with each moment you

don’t act, so be brave my love

and face down those waves.

Trust in yourself love,

and come to know your true strength.

This ship carries us

always forward despite the

calming waves ahead.

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