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Born Complete

Our Whole Truth


We are born complete

and resplendent in our love

yet we continue

to shroud ourselves with a growing

mysteries complicating

our intrinsic lives

beyond our measured effect.


We are born total

and absolute in our truth

yet we succumb to questions

of evidence to our worth,

so breathe deep and set

your mind aside and trust in

the proof your heart abides to.


We are born trusting

in the path of life we choose,

questioning always

yet we still choose; forever

forward forever

alive to live with a heart

filled with love  wanting to share.


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Day 307 -Like Life, Like Love

The Unanswered Question


Life like love

seeks to honor

the other with

a sincerity through

an honesty born

of gratitude.

Love like life

advances through

the passage of


changes that

transmute the

heart of love and

the soul of life; and

it takes the wisest

mind to see the

greater balance needed

to flow through this

life and this love with

an ease of sumptuous



Love like life

speaks to the

hard lessons of

the heart advocating

for a complete

surrender to the

person of your

affections, a

constant surrendering

of your ambitions,

your thoughts, a

surrendering of

your totality, a

never ending

surrendering, and

through that action

of complete surrendering

your soul gains the

world made whole, the

universe made complete,

the you made new through

a love made connected

to a something greater,

something more grand

something more than

one, it transforms

two into one, and

answers the begging

question your heart

has been asking

since your sacred birth.


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Day 231 – What Have You To Say

Questions And Answer


What have you to say

– my oceanic lover –

what –

when you find

have –

that life strands you

you –

away from your home

to –

surrounded by giants

say –

in the land of trees.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my mountain goddess –

what –

when you find

have –

yourself, solid of earth,

you –

become unbalanced

to –

transforming from life

say –

to life in unknown ways.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my ethereal lover –

what –

when you are too heavy

have –

with the dross of time

you –

and the plague of experiences

to –

to feel the lightness to root

say –

leaving your sacred heart

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my fire goddess –

what –

when your light starts

have –

to dwindle, being extinguished

you –

from maligned plans

to –

and a troubled heart

say –

for your souls becomes reactive.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my cosmic lover –

what –

when circumstance sends

have –

your heart and soul through

you –

a gauntlet of suffering

to –

so slowly you can’t see


or comprehend the divine purpose.

What have you to say?


* And the lover answers *


I –

who am always on

Am –

the cusp of life and death

Love –

continually give that which I receive.


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Day 193 – Seeking Answers

The Answers


I sought my answers from the outside

inwards and took notice of little but

my struggle and my pains, not seeing

the wonders all around me nor the

beautiful answers lying that surround

me and all life – hidden in plain sight –

Yea, I was blind then when I sought my

answers from the outside inwards

Refraining from the maddening echoes

pealing through the cavern between the

ears, I started to look inwards for the cause

of all the outside problems, and upon seeing

the cankerous source I breathed into each

and ever event that had it’s beginning

within my thunderous heart. Opening my

eyes and seeing the sun rays dance in the

grey morning dawn I glimpsed the answers

I had so eagerly sought outside of me dwelling

deep within my own being and feeling this I

learned to see beauty for the first time,

stretching from eternity to infinity, surrounding

all life within it’s bountiful grasp – just look within!

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It’s How We Love


Why are you so encouraging?

– I was once asked –


Why are flowers so inviting?

Why is the snow so pure?

Why is the ego so tempting?

Why is life so precious?

Why are you so beautiful?

Why is the breath so purifying?

Why are our hearts so desiring?


(One might say that

that is merely their essence)


I just sang aloud,

It’s how we love.

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Will You Hear?

When The Gods Speak


The Gods spoke to us

with an austere patience and

a cold competence

repaying our questions with

riddles to answer

the silent question we all

hide in the depths of our hearts.


The Gods speak to us

every single day we live

through means unknown of

Whispering silent longings

to unite with all life

in all realms of holy life

conscious, subconscious, divine


The Gods will speak to

everyone, every moment

speaking in tongues known

only in the natural world

we shall decipher

the language with our hearts and

realize the messages soul



Will you lend your ear

and hear the call meant for you

whispers in the wind

tempt you to go forward now

It’s best to heed them

those calls of divine purport

rearranging destiny’s path

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God once asked

what is a dream?

and retorted with

s.  i.  l.  e.  n.  c.  e.









I think and contemplate

and soon find myself



What is a life?

and find myself answering

r.  a.  d.  i.  a.  n.  c.  e.











For life, like dreams

are but a message

unto the world

and our lives are

the mouthpiece

for the lesson to

be sung.

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