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Our Shared Life


Your effulgence spreads

it’s inner worth to this world

– rousing sleeping hearts

to live another day – to

sing it a holy

song, to become a witness

to the world’s sacred beauty.


Your effulgence spreads

over t my world giving

my soul your sacred

breath, revitalizing the

life lived with your love.

A presence divine engulfs

this soul, manifesting love.


Your effulgence spreads

magnificent color in

this windswept spirit,

tempting life to swell in the

sanctuary of

our soul’s abode where love reigns

supreme throughout our shared life.

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You Came To Me

A Divine Love


You came to me as

a gentle storm, restoring

my peace, nurturing

life with your falling waters

and for that I give

you all I have, all that I

am, and all that I shall be.


You came to me as

a cooling wind on

the runner’s face, bringing sweet

relief from the heat

of the day and the body;

you ease all actions

with your loving touch only

to bring a greater action.


You came to me as

the words to a poet’s pen,

I know not from where,

nor how, nor why you came here;

but I am thankful

for you express me better

than I could ever hope to.


You came to me as

the beloved moves towards the

lover, tempting fates

with latent desires and

I, I came to follow

my heart as your love flowed through

bringing me peace. I love you.


You came to me as

a siren to a sailor,

drawing me to you

with a lurid song and a

mysterious glance;

speaking riddles as a truth

to reveal a divine love.

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Here We Are



Here we sit:

watching the morning’s

rising – birds sing,

the dew dries as

the wind sighs, and

we hold hands watching.

On this porch we

watch the morning’s

rising as life moves always

forward, always alive.

Here we sit.


Here we walk:

watching the day’s

living – the people

and water flow by,

listening to the music

of the living world.

On this walking trail

watching the day’s

living as love moves

through our hearts,

binding us always

forward, always alive.

Here we walk.


Here we lie:

watching the day’s

quiet repose – the

setting sun, the

whispering people

walking by, the birds

singing their delight.

Under this tree as we

watch the sun as it sets,

love binds us together

sending our hearts always

forward, always alive.

Here we lie.

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Loving Dangers



It’s a dangerous thing

this living for another,

the continual giving

and hoping they take

notice, but living

for another is a gift

in and of itself, a

knowledge that a world

has been made better

through your living.

It’s a dangerous thing.


It’s a dangerous thing,

letting loose the reigns

of your heart to another,

a subtle fear takes over

for a time, but great courage

and faith, with honest too, will

help to quell any such notions,

so breathe into our heart

and trust it’s inner guidance

to let loose the reigns

of your heart to you beloved.

It’s a dangerous thing.


It’s a dangerous thing,

this melding of two souls,

initially confusion and fear

will take hold, becoming

something more than

yourself is scary, as

growth always is, so

free yourself of your

doubting thoughts and

let your two souls flourish,

melding together to form

something stronger, more

beautiful than either of

you could have managed

on your own.

It’s a dangerous thing –

but love is worth that danger.

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Life With You

The Falcon And The Poet


Does a falcon need to be

shown how to hunt?

Or a tear to be shed?

What about a heart to love?


All come from an impulse

to act towards their nature.

– so it is with me,

I act on an impulse to

love you wholly, to give

all I have for your smile.


Does a poet need to be

told to write his words?

Or a tree to drop it’s fruit?

What about a body to feel?


All come naturally and

without promptings yet

are beautiful to behold.

– so it is with me,

I come naturally and

without promptings to

always come home;

wherever you are.

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On This Morning

Waking To Beauty


On this morning

waking to such

beauty, is a

dream realized,

a truth seized,

a day revealed,

and a mystery

grasped. On this

morning, waking

to such beauty

I breathe easier

in the knowledge

of the heart that

speaks only of love.


On this morning,

holding to such

pleasures is a

moment frozen

through eternity’s

scope, an empty

mind, a breath

suspended, a

beauty fulfilled.

On this morning

holding to such

pleasures, I breathe

easier knowing

that love always

surrounds us.


On this morning

witnessing beauty’s

breath is all eternity

held in a moment,

glories gilded in

gold, an opening

of the heart’s gate,

a flood of love. On

this morning witnessing

beauty’s breath in all

eternity, I breath

easier in this

knowledge of the

heart that speaks

only of our love.

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You And I

Night And Day


You come as the night,

silently, solemnly and

without the greater

procession, but still you come

undeterred into my

life with the effect, always

saving my soul through your grace,

lifting my heart with your love.


I come as the day

with grandiose design and

a curious aire

of the flamboyantly odd;

basking the world in

my heart’s and soul’s unified

light hoping to bring forth love.


We come as a whole;

you the restorative night,

me the warming day:

each beneficial in their

own way, each have need

but love is born of the night

while life is made of the day.

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