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Day 350 – Living Life

Natural Sights


As the rose unfurls

her petals each morning

to face the rising sun,

so I open my heart

to embrace your

edifying love,

fulfilling life’s

manifold destiny –

to love with a heart

of pristine gratitude.


As the moon rises

each evening to

shower the dark world

with a glistening glow,

so I continually look

within to see truths,

and I have learned that

I have lived a thousand

lives but never lived this

experience, I have learned

a thousand things, but

have never had this

knowledge, I have loved

a thousand different

ways, but have never

loved completely, and

seeing my final truth I

realize that I have never

lived, never knew, and have

never truly experienced

love until you.


As the trees reach

their roots down into

earth to find their home,

so I root my love down

into your heart to find

the sacred space where

our love can grow and

through your nuturing

grace I can breathe

easier to settle into this

life, to live what is to

be lived, and more

importantly, to love all

who is to be loved.


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Day 283 – Wake Up To Love

Dancing In The Wind


To wake to fresh scents:

the rose blooms fragrance

dancing in the wind, colored

linen sheets born of Earth’s

scent, the soft and supple

skin of your beloved heart. To

wake to these and know love’s

lightness and joy is to be present

to your moment of sacred love.


To wake to fresh moments:

the scent of freshly made coffee

mixing with that of a breakfast

still be prepared, the first breath

of the day taken deeply into the

folds of your luminous heart, the

grace of love surrounding your

presence as you move throughout

this day. To wake and know these

events is to know love’s fulfillment

and still be present to your

moment of sacred love.


To wake to fresh scents:

the geraniums fragrance

rising with the winds, the

outdoors air infused with

lavender and sage, the scent

of freshly mowed grass. To wake

and have these scents dance

with you is to know love’s

gentle touch rousing you to

celebrate your beauty in this

already abundant world.

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Day 251 – Celestial Garden

The Garden Sings


The celestial garden

awakens each and every

night to sing in glorious

colors the honor of you.

– the rose colored sky

speaks longingly of

your lingering grace –

Forever tempting me

to venture forth into

the unknown to seek

out that beauty which

has the roses blush

with a burning envy; or

bequiets the laughing

hydrangea forever of is

scented melodies by the

mere presents of a greater,

more divine fragrance – that

of your soul which nurtures

this feral world of humanity –

Forever finding that nothing is

as powerful as your beauty in

this wildly wicked world, so

I seek you out, you to whom

the Celestial Garden awakens

each and every night to sing

in glorious colors their honor

and their pleasure in witnessing

the totality of your embracing


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Day 153 – The Celestial Garden

Awaken To Sing

The celestial garden

awakens each and every

night to sing in

glorious colors to honor

the shade of your

innate and particular beauty.

The blushing rose of

the sky harkens to

the calling your soul

to sing along in splendor

The clarion bells

perched high above

sound every night with

powerful vigor to ignite

the procession of honored souls

that sing, always singing

for life’s manifest destiny

that lies ever in love

It is proven through

your wondrous beauty

We, the children

of the fire, we’re made

from yet never the

porters of love, sing

always delighting in

the presence of dawning

beauty – for in the dew

of little things the heart

finds it’s morning and is

continually refreshed in

the beauty of love

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Truth of a Flower

I Must Be Mad


I approached timidly and whispered

in what I thought was her ear,

asking the stalwart rose

how she could stand so tall

without any fear from man


and as a gentle breeze kicked up

I perceived her head turning slowly

to look me eye to eye

Leaning near by I heard hear response

that to live in fear diminishes beauty

and to lack forgiveness of events out of hands

is too wilt while still living in fertile lands:

The best we can do, is to live confidantly

always looking up towards the heavens at day

and lower our heads in prayerful meditation at night,

to drink deeply the sacred dew of the earth

and abide with confidant love in our hearts.


I heard all of this from a rose,

and gleaned a whole new doctrine

the fragile petals of radiant beauty,

I must be mad, but I see a truth in these words.

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