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God Speaks To You

Life’s Little Mystery


The mysteries of

all eternity are now

being whispered to

you in the silent spaces

of your heart, so when

you breath, bring awareness to

the pauses between your breath –


For it is there you

will find the forbidden

secrets of life, the

universe and everything.

You will know your truth,

the answer to all questions

you have; the answer is LOVE.

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Day 118 – Wild Freedom

Wild And Free

Within you as with me
For in all, and all will see
Lies a world, a world so true
Full of wonder and colors free

With you as with me
And in friends with enemy
There lies a golden myth
Worth exploring, left to be

So go within and you will see
The secrets hidden, that’s your key
Discover your myth and see your heart
To live you life wild and free.

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Day 93 – Inside The Hearts

Wild Men, Wild Women

Inside the hearts

of wild men

is a truth barely

whispered in

inaudible tones

that love remains

where life is lived.

There it is

kept secret and in

that secrecy lies a

vulnerable strength

that unites love into

life and life into love

Inside the hearts

of wild women

is a secret worth

baring unto the world

a truth that incapsulates

the worth and value

of beauty’s strength

There is the sublety

of beauty’s holy truth

that it is each of our

duty to dissolve into

that sacred space, to

become one with love

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Day 353



I employ eager ears

so tell me your tears

convey to me your song

and I’ll sit here however long

I wish to know your pain

that feast on your brain

to learn your heart’s deception

begs forgiveness and receptions

So come and gently sit by me

whisper in my ear your story

Tell me about all your life

through the joys and the strife

for wisdom is always to be found

in the lives of people all around

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Day 226

Oh, Mistress


Come our bare mistress

and show us you reverence

Bestow on us the

wisdom and truth of showing

all of our secrets

Leaving nothing hidden and

Revealing our true beauty


Tell me my mistress

radiant and whole, to come

to you in the night

Whether you be shrouded or

revealed with your all

unfathomable flaws laid

bare for everyone to see


Reveal your beauty

Leave nothing hidden in your

heart of hidden proofs

Tell me your secrets and I

will follow your ways

Revealing all that I am

To all who gaze upon me

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