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A Love Made Divine


Listen closely

to this moment –

Can you hear it? –

That chorus of

silent echoes calling

out from the stars

within your radiant

heart; always singing

of your destiny. This

song sung by that sacred

chorus grows louder

with each step we take

down the path of life –

forever gilding you in

a love made divine.



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The True

It Is Here


It is here,

this instance;

this precise sight,

where you arrive to

meet the true you, peering

deep within the mystery of

your heart andĀ solving the

riddle that is you complete

undone and yet redone,

moving towards



It is here,

this moment;

this exact breath,

where true silence

becomes your truth.

That true silence is

the living experience

of an eternal love,

so breathe deep

and relax in

this love.


It is here,

this instance;

this precise sight,

where true vision

is revealed to be a

melding of two worlds

revolved, evolved,

and growing still,

to become one

with sacred


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Silent Echoes

The Great Listening


Listen deeply.

Can you hear it?

that chorus of silent

echoes where the

stars gather into

constellations to

celebrate the birth

of your love.


Listen deeply.

Can you hear it?

The song of destiny

is being sweetly sung

by the moving waters

of the river of silence

where your heart’s

truth comes alive.


Listen deeply.

Can you hear it?

The great Sama

that honors love

with a generous

hand and a grateful

heart. Breathe in that

love and live it true.

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To Release Your Self

The Silences


Let loose your soul

and let it soar through

the untempered schism

of the celestial heart,

letting it venture out

into those wild silences

where love is revealed.


Set free your heart

and let it roam those

native lands where

silence is the living

experience of our

eternal love that

breathes through us.


Release your mind

through your breathing

and let that beautiful

silence reign, forever

bringing you back to this

moment to experience a

sacred truth, to know love.

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Live Your Life



To be fully present,

listening to the music

that surrounds you

and letting that joy

permeate through

your heart allows

for your truth to shine.

Returning to your home,

that sanctum where love

abounds and your

breath comes easily,

brings a lasting joy to

each moment. So take

that inward journey and

see your divine and intricate

truth. Yes, being fully

present in your heart

imbues this world world

with your dynamic beauty

and shares your truth

with a lasting love.

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Cup Of Hearts



I take this cup –

the cup of your heart –

and drink that sacredness.

Tasting the purity of

grace and the beauty

of wholeness; I drink

from the river of silence.

I drink those blessings held

in the cup of your heart –

I take this cup –

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It is a lonely place

– this world of solitude –

to be exiled in the

land of mute echoes

seeking to find your

sacred voice through

the gentleness of the

souls’s blessed heart.


It is a lonely place

-this world of the heart –

to be found in the eye’s

sacred presence, steeling

yourself against the

immunity of Heart while

love lagged sluggishly

behind asking why.


It is a lonely place

-this world of breath –

taking in the life of

silence that creates the vast

space of our spirit where

we can find the sacred

presence and become

one with everything.

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