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The Four Gifts of Breath

Nature’s Giving


The winds have given

life a sacred gift, the eyes

of the bluest winds,

and with this giving, we who

live, receive the rite

of the holy breaths, so take

measure of your breath and live.


The sturdy earth has

given life a holy gift,

the heart of this green,

green world; the sacred presence

that distills the breath

through our practice of breathing

wholly, this the breath of love.


The spacious seas have

written the clearest truth through

it’s most sacred gift;

the bestowal of the sea’s

breathing, the ocean’s

sacred breath never ceasing

to give life a calming love.


The luminous skies

have given a sacred host,

the boons of the breath;

with each inhale light and life

awaken, and with each

exhale a darkness descends;

find the balance of breath’s life.


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Love and A Sunrise

Morning’s Radiance


A Red sun rises,

and blue sky is made.

The black bird sings

as the gentle night fades.

So, rejoice this day,

and feel the air take

feel it enter ourselves

and the actions we make.

See in life this daily beauty

with a joyful heart to take and share

For beauty is only the exterior

of a love our hearts do bare.


See into me what

the past has wrought

and bare witness to

the present we sought

forging ahead through

the mist, the path we find

heart to heart and hand

in hand we strive to bind.

So breathe deep and feel

your hair and the fluttering wind,

they set sail to our souls

and trust love to us they send.


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Day 289 – Sacred Goddess Of Wisdom

To Live In The Heart


To you, you with the

heart of the green

Earth; love follows

swiftly towards

the blessings of

your sacred presence.

It is unto you whom

the world sings all

it’s glory, that my

sacredness always flows,

seeking expression

through your  graced

visions of  our infinite

and eternal love, which

nourishes all life.


To you, you with the

presence of the lofty

mountain; beauty stalks

quietly about your nimble

steps, always heading

inward towards your

effervescent soul. It is

unto you whom the world

praises sacred wisdom, that

my gratitude flows, seeking

always to honor your sacred

presence in my fleeting life

built from the ashes where

the temple of our union is

yet to be erected – that holy

ground of imminent love.


To you, you with the

soul of infinite skies,

wisdom falls behind

as you traverse the

greater inner world

of the heart’s design,

always seeking a path

to the hearts of those

whom you have loved.

It is unto you whom the

world prostrates down

before, for the greatness

dwelling in you shall carry

forth the blessings of

sacredness. With one word,

you inspire me, the present

personification of all man,

to tear down the inner

dams I have built up in the

name of  protection to allow

the River Love to flow. So, I let

it flow continually onward,

finally coming to bask in the

sacred presence of you, the

sacred Goddess of wisdom

living within my heart.


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Day 269 – It Came To Me

The Words Of Another


It came to me

through the words of

another: Be like water,

find your solace in the

hidden depths of your

eternally emerging soul.

Find your repose through

the dance of life, always

flowing through, dancing

around the obstacles; finding

your ineffable source

through love’s movement.


It came to me

through the words

of another: Be like

Earth, impassively

nurturing and

inescapably expansive.

Find your strenght

through stillness, always

lifting life up towards

the skies; allowing

life’s roots to reach

your sacred heart.


It came to me

through the words

of another: Be like

life, breathe through

these native moments

which roam the world

over, ever seeking the

unguarded hearts and

expressive acts of

steadfast love, always

allowing space for the

flowering of love.

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Day 253 – I Come As You Go

Comings And Goings


I come, always

marching through

the soul’s procession,

holding my heart

to the purifying sun.

Watching and waiting

with each breath to

feel the healing rays

burn away the pains,

for in the dew of little

things all hearts find

their morning and are

refreshed. Waiting and

watching with the passing

clouds I come, always

marching through the

soul’s procession.


You go, always

marching in the

soul’s procession,

radiating forth your

holy light for all the

world to behold. Waking

with each step to a new

and sacred truth of your

benevolent soul. Seeking

and finding a hidden truth

in the  visible world, that

there is a magic that merges

two aimless beings as they

discover their meaning

of life eternal. Finding

and seeking you go,

always marching in the

soul’s procession.

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Day 220 – Mountains And Valleys

Inward and Outward


In the valley

of the universe,

I found truth

resting in the

night river’s

room of sacred

dreams, wildly

holding to a

grasping emotion

where the heart

has painted the

skies below with

the colors of

dispare. In the

valley of the

universe I sought

out the strength

to be the sacred



On the mountain

of life’s spirit

I discovered a

series of moments,

the continuum of

choices, that each

life lived fully must

make and in the

mind of that great

madness, life comes

to choose according to

their altered state of

perception for in the

eye of the archer the

vantage point is given

to see the reflected

oceans above where

the heart paints the

with love. On the

mountain of life’s

spirit I sought out

the strength to be

the receptive valley.


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Day 217 – Love Is Found

In The Land Of The Djinn


It is there

within the

hearts of

wild men

and women

a like – a love

born from

the stars; it

is there but


for they, once

aware of it’s

presence and

affect upon their

lives – they cast

it high above

their peripheral

grasp; so that

they can love as

the ocean loves,

and flow as the

moon flows through

the night waves

of the astrological

ocean where myths

and legends live. A

love is born from

the stars, being cast

from the depths of

the hearts of wild

men and women.


It is there

within the land

of the djinn

where mystics

rise to watch the

greatest vagrant

there ever was, that

wandering sun,

inhaling great

droughts of God’s

radiant love – being

present in my most

prescient moment,

that I bore witness to

life’s greatest

treasure, a moment

of spontaneous love

soon to pass yet

held within your

glancing smile wiping

that rosy dust off

of your blushing

cheek with the

glistening stars in

your eyes. It was there

in the land of the

djinn, while inhaling

droughts of God’s

radiant love where

I found you – the mystic

held in my heart.

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