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Our Shared Life


Your effulgence spreads

it’s inner worth to this world

– rousing sleeping hearts

to live another day – to

sing it a holy

song, to become a witness

to the world’s sacred beauty.


Your effulgence spreads

over t my world giving

my soul your sacred

breath, revitalizing the

life lived with your love.

A presence divine engulfs

this soul, manifesting love.


Your effulgence spreads

magnificent color in

this windswept spirit,

tempting life to swell in the

sanctuary of

our soul’s abode where love reigns

supreme throughout our shared life.


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Day 260 – After Time, Life, And Reasons

Time, Life, And Reasons


After time came to produce

new circumstances, the spirit

of the day, your sacred spirit

came with new eyes open to

the purified world. So Love,

come and play the music your

soul wants to hear, let the

music flow direct from your

heart to the world’s ascended

arena. For your truth imbues

everyone’s world with a graced

love. Oh Love, join in the chorus

that initiates love in this expanding heart.


After life came to unfold new

shadows in the world of light,

the flame of the world, your

passionate flame, came to

ignite love within this ever-

wandering world, curiously

spinning day in and day out,

let the light flow direct from

your heart to the path of the

world’s ascension. For your

flame imbues life with a  beautiful

love. Oh Love, come and ignite

this heart with your love.



After reasons shifted from

pliable meanings to a veiled

excuse masked with intent,

an arrow came shooting

through the mists of

ambiguity, you being that

sacred arrow of love’s pursuit.

Oh Love, coming from the

eye of the universal archer

strikes the eye of my heart,

wounding not the target but

severing the binds of the

past and the hopes of the future

from the love of this moment.

Oh Love, come and set free

this heart with your loving presence.

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Day 160 – Strike Deep Within

River Veins Of Love

Strike deep within the

seams of your ever-lasting

being and draw out

that manifest sweetness which

shapes your sacred heart

and directs the universe

to always abide in love

Strike deep within the

empty spaces of your mind

breathe in awareness

in the space between the breaths

take in that delight

and direct eternity

to always abide in love

Strike deep within the

cooling waters of languid

thoughts and tempt not the

warming skin of your passions

for you endow the

action through the universe

to always abide in love

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Day 68 – WIthin You

A World And A Story

Within you a story lies

yet to be created by

feats or strength or

acts of perilous love

A champion to fight

for your chosen cause

stands at the ready for

your wandering

spirit to command

For acts of raw love

or feats of brilliant

strength are yet to be

created by the will of

your divine self, yes

a story lies within you

Within your heart a world

of endless wonder lies

ready to be explored

with the lover’s senses

Seeing the grand vastness

of love’s most precious

gems sparkling,

emitting their radiance

through your

tempting eyes calling

out for my spoken

presence in your

wandering spirits life, yes

a world of endless

wonder lies within you

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Day 49 – Greater Realms

Your Love

Impeccable obscurities

run rampant

throughout my mind

while your

wily winds

my love,

help to steer

them towards

greater realms of

creative love.

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Day 11 – That Surrounds You Love

Your Light Lingers On


Your light lingers on

the ground that surrounds you love;

It blesses all it

comes to and rises above.


Your light lingers on

the soul that touches you dear;

It reveals the truth

that once only lived in fear.


Your light lingers on

the life that your body saves;

It transmits the love

on eternal cosmic waves.


Your light lingers on

the path the your spirit craves;

It illuminates

the curious ways love saves.


Your light lingers on

the flame that kindles love dear;

It purifies the

very life that was once fear.


Your light lingers on

the ground that you walk on love;

It sends the warming

gentle waves of love above.

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Lovely Houri

Manifested Union Of Love


Love is the ignition

of the sacred flame

– rebellion – that the

lovely houri of sacred vision,

the firebrand of honored sights,

bestows onto this blessed world.

Her beauty shines through

the darkest night of humanity’s

conception to shower life’s

onerous path with the tempered

and incandescent flame of love.


Love is the penultimate chord

of Nature’s wandering song

– that glorious hymn echoing

through all living hearts –

bringing a rising scale of

emotions and condensing

passions into a fury

of windswept tears

and emblazoned hearts


Love is the spirit in accord

with the laws hopeful dreams

– those unspeakable aspirations

that vanish as soon as they

conceived – that leave a terror

in the heart and a chasm in

the soul. The bridge across

which only a narrow toll

will suffice and an act of

desperate longing will

concede to ever-invoking steps


Love is a sacred science

– the alchemy of the heart –

that transmutes the properties

of the carriers who bring forth

the encompassing love, changing

loathsome and regrettable traits

into crystallized gems of

perfection personalized

bonding to marred souls together

to form one blessed entity of

manifested unity in love

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