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The Song Of Love

A Cosmic Song


Look up at the sky-

what do you see?

what do you hear?

Look up at night and

tell me for the language

of art is celestial in

origin and can only be

understood by the chosen

who can see and hear

beyond the greater beyond.


Those planets – all of them –

they move with a defined grace

making their music as they

dance through the sky. Do you

hear it, can you see it? Life

– all of life – makes their music

as they dance through movements,

whales sing as they swim, monkeys

call as they swing, people talk as

they walk, and moles cry out as they

scurry underground. Can you hear

it, can you see it? Even the trees and

plant life sing out through the winds;

open your ears and listen with you

hearts, surely you must hear this

plaintive song that stirs every heart.


This individualistic and yet

collective song is going on

all around us, through us, and

with us. The stars and planets

sing as they move the same

song life on earth sings, and it

lies on the air of hope that we

listen with our hearts to hear

this divine song ever singing of

love, and that we too, we too

shall sing our parts fully aware.


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The Dance of Union

Love Lives Strong


The body – it dances

to the song of the earth,

always moving with

the sacred rhythms

of the divine mother.


The heart – it dances

to the song of the stars,

always moving to

the wondrous melodies

of the generous father.


The soul – it dances

to the song of love,

always moving to

the mysterious pull

of an elevated love.


Take a deep breath

and fill the energy

welling up in your heart,

for in that  building

passion, love lives strong.


In that moment, where

love lives strong, the stars and

Earth all gather in honor to

celebrate  the birth of love made

whole through the dance of union.

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Letting Go To Love

Neighbors To The Stars


Take this hand of mine,

as you have taken my

breath, and come with me –

Come, merge with me. We

travel the cosmos and make

friends with the moons, and

dance with the planets as

the whirl around us in awe

of our love. Come, and let us

be neighbors to the stars

that shine forth radiant love.


Take this hand of mine,

and lets look each other

through our eyes deep into

our souls where all truth

lies to be discovered. I see

a wounded passion, and

a searing desire to be lived:

a glistening exuberance

within our heart has stoked

the fires of my heart, and

through our shared love

you come to see that all

wounds are healed through

letting go and letting love in.

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Day 254 – On This Day

The Universe Speaks


On this day

born of grace

the universe

reminds us to

smile for its beauty

surrounds all life

– it permeates life

through love and

gratitude – spreading

with each passing

gracious act of

surrender to beauty’s

sacred strength.


On this day

risen with love

the universe

reminds us to

laugh for its

glory creates

us too, awakening

life to star particles

and taking the long

and slow path of

evolution to

culture love in

the hearts of life.


On this day

full of love

the universe

reminds us to

breathe – to fill

not only the body

but the lungs

with the nurturing,

life  giving and

extending presence –

into the sacred space

where our souls

grow with love.


On this day

born of grace

the universe

reminds us to

love one another

wholly and completely –

letting our hearts

sing  out in equitable

tones matching

harmony’s gracious

sacredness – and to

breathe in the love

that surrounds us always.

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Day 258 once more

On A Star Gazer’s Night


On this, a star gazer’s blessed night

when winds are crisp and the sky cold

I went stumbling in the maddening height

searching for messages said too bold

Bleary eyed and cheeks stained of tears

hearing the voice  repeated in my head

I wander northward in the desert of my fears

Reciting the words spoken, never  to be read

A token of lasting love from countries far away

Denying the voice, denies the world mystery

So onward I walk, thoughts leading the mind astray

Always seeking to chase down my own history

Finding solitude in the ever-passing  night

Casting desirous urges into my burning light

Always claiming infinite love as our eternal right



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