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One Day

The Holy Now


One day –

perhaps today –

you will know, more

than knowledge can say,

that Greatness abounds here;

that Greatness abounds there, that

Greatness abounds all around.

It is more than knowledge

can say and perhaps

it is today that

you know.



One day –

perhaps today –

you will feel more

than experience can show,

to feel the strength of Beauty

lying within your heart, the strength

of Beauty lying without your body, the

strength of Beauty everywhere. It is more

than a fleeting experience of your body,

more than what experience can show,

that you will feel more, perhaps

that day is today to feel,

perhaps it is here

for all time.



One day –

perhaps today –

you will see, see more

than vision can allow, that

Truth is beauty made manifest,

that Truth is a courageous strength

that only Greatness opens up to that

sacred strength that grows from

the Beauty held within, as it

is distilled without the

body made holy.


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The Strength of Love

An Air Of Love


It is this,

the all-seeing,

all-knowing ocular

air of love that we

hold to. We bare that

light out into this

wild world of sacred

beauty where we, while

waking, walk through the

veiled valley within your

heart. So, be brave child of

love and reach out for the

edges of your greatness,

always breathing in your

sacred strength.


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Bluest Winds and The Greenest Heart

A Rare Beauty


There’s a rare beauty

in this world, where

the eyes of the bluest

winds let loose their

movements to dance

inspired with the

three smokes of the

soul – that sacredness

which brings a light

joy and a peaceful

spontaneity that speaks

of your divine love.


There’s a rare beauty

in you that speaks

of a gentle strength

and a divine courage

that asks you to come

to the stage of life where

life gives opportunity

for you to dance your

soul’s sacred dance;

forever imbuing this

world with your beauty

made intimate in truth.


There’s a rare beauty

in this world where

the heart of the green,

green Earth plays the

song of love with the

rainbow water on the

streets, to lighten

hearts and elevates

our souls to give way

to the grand procession

of life with a lilting

step fated with grace.

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Full Moons

The Great Moon


In times of the

great moon, we

come to bloom in

our life’s greatest

strength. It shines

down it’s radiance

upon our creations

forever illuminating

our grandest intentions.


In times of the

great moon we can

to find the truth of

our manifesting

prowess – accepting

the path of our lives

that have lead us to

exactly where we

are meant to be now.


In times of the

great moon we can

bathe in the purity

of luminescence,

cleansing our

emotional spirit –

allowing us to

release all of our

limiting denials.


In times of the

great moon we can

realize our true

worth. We can finally

breathe in the truth

of our greatness,

infusing this world

with our creative

light that lives in love.


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The Green Earth

The Strength Of Love


With the wings of

the purple wind

purpose flew into

our lives, leaving

much to our destined

interpretation – what

are our strengths, how

we perceive challenges,

how we come to see

the world; what we set

up in our hearts as our

goals to accomplish in

this life lived with love.


With the heart of

the green earth

strength grew within

our love, giving us

the courage and the

fortitude to hold true

to the truths that our

souls desire to be be

known to this wild

world and to explore

the sanctified meanings

with a raw and loving

heart expressing our truths.


With the eyes of

the blue breath

truth flew from

our mouths giving

truth to our purpose,

conviction to our

courage, and strength

to our words; for

truth illuminates the

messages of our inner

most desires for this

blessed world made

up of our sanctified love.


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The Move To Love

The Power Of One


The strength of one breathes

through the heart where lovers live

Breathing faithfully,

always trusting this moment

to express all that

needs to be understood and

live all that would be their truths.


The vigilance of

one holds true to the pulling

of the soul’s path.¬† It

seeks ever the untraveled

way and reveals it’s

truth through silences hoping

ever to guide life with love.


The power of one

strengthens the heart and

elevates the soul

by shaping the direction

of our lives through the

guided decisions our

hearts, minds, and souls make through love.

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Finding Your Love

To Gently Smile


Take up your manifested

strengths and stretch them

until the ends of your

multi-faceted strengths

touches upon the edges of

your soul’s sacred grace. In

that moment you will know

peace in all you do for through

your grace-filled strength a

gentle compassion will flow

from your heart and enter into

the realm of the living, where all

actions speak of love.


Once you realize that blessed

truth of life, your soul will

wash upon the sacred shore

of your sanctum santorum,

where the candle of your

heart is lit, forever guiding the

souls of all who love back to

the beach of eternity, where

lover and beloved become

one and only the love they

share is witnessed by the

great cosmic dancer, who

gently smiles at that holy sight.

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Loving Dangers



It’s a dangerous thing

this living for another,

the continual giving

and hoping they take

notice, but living

for another is a gift

in and of itself, a

knowledge that a world

has been made better

through your living.

It’s a dangerous thing.


It’s a dangerous thing,

letting loose the reigns

of your heart to another,

a subtle fear takes over

for a time, but great courage

and faith, with honest too, will

help to quell any such notions,

so breathe into our heart

and trust it’s inner guidance

to let loose the reigns

of your heart to you beloved.

It’s a dangerous thing.


It’s a dangerous thing,

this melding of two souls,

initially confusion and fear

will take hold, becoming

something more than

yourself is scary, as

growth always is, so

free yourself of your

doubting thoughts and

let your two souls flourish,

melding together to form

something stronger, more

beautiful than either of

you could have managed

on your own.

It’s a dangerous thing –

but love is worth that danger.

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Day 323 – I Could Lift



With the strength

you’ve shown

I could lift you

to the pleasures

of heaven with

the winged energy

of our delight.

With that truth

I could use your

practiced strengths

and stretch them

until they reach for

our contradictions –

for far inside us, we

two together, gods

wish to consult

with sacred love.

Holding to that

strength, I could

find my bravery in

the face of unprompted

vulnerability and tear

off the mask veiled

in vanities and extend

my unprotected heart

to you who holds my

future in your hands.

With the strength

you’ve shared I could

lift our lives where

love speaks through

authentic spontaneity

dancing always with

the grand design of

coincidental synchronicity

where love keeps eternity

in it’s infinite grasp

for eternity is like love.


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Day 314 – The Hearts Of Wild Men



With the hearts of wild

men we dissolve into our

path fraught with peril

and strength through our burgeoning

will to continue

ever onward towards a llove

bearing a lighter

weight and a nobler truth

made open by our heart’s light.

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