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Here We Are



Here we sit:

watching the morning’s

rising – birds sing,

the dew dries as

the wind sighs, and

we hold hands watching.

On this porch we

watch the morning’s

rising as life moves always

forward, always alive.

Here we sit.


Here we walk:

watching the day’s

living – the people

and water flow by,

listening to the music

of the living world.

On this walking trail

watching the day’s

living as love moves

through our hearts,

binding us always

forward, always alive.

Here we walk.


Here we lie:

watching the day’s

quiet repose – the

setting sun, the

whispering people

walking by, the birds

singing their delight.

Under this tree as we

watch the sun as it sets,

love binds us together

sending our hearts always

forward, always alive.

Here we lie.


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Day 152 – This Wanderer

Stop Knocking

I, the wanderer

ever seeking

the lonelier way

begin no day

where I ended

another and no

sunrise shall find

me where the sunset

had left me. I the

solitary wanderer of

this impassive Earth

will find you and your

austere beauty flowing

freely all around you for all

formal beauty is a natural

response to being guided

with an acknowledged love

– and you are loved – always

seeking to find the one

who is knocking, no

fulling understanding

that the door – the door

to your soul – you are knocking

on opens from the inside.

Please cease that knocking

to allow this weary

wanderer to come tentatively

knocking on your door

and be blessed with the

vision of beauty’s love

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Day 149 – Just What Have You Done

Your Beauty

What have you done?

Have you on

this wondrous day

blessed the world with

your greatness

by way of your

grace filled

movements and

did you make

the skies blush with

the serene beauty

of your radiant smile?

what have you done?

What have you done?

Have you taken your

share of delight

in the knowledge

that you imbue the

universe with a

growing beauty

of profound austerity

that helps to dignify

love’s existence

in the holy world

what have you done?

What have you done?

have you set your

soul free to roam the

celestial playground

of unimagined delights,

loosening the reigns

so that your spirit

may soar in the glories

of your bountiful beauty

as twilight breaks upon

this sacred world, is the

sunset a magnificent

reflection of your soul

set loose in eternity

what have you done?

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Day 60 – The Witness Of Beauty

Life’s Witness

I’ve been the witness

of many a scene filled by beauty:

the sunrise in the Rila Mountains

or the sunset across the enormous

sand dunes of the Sahara

and a myriad of other occurrences

but the most beautiful

scene I’ve been blessed with

witnessing is the glimmer

held momentarily in your

sacred eyes as you laugh

and the smile upon your face

as you gaze out into the

great unknown.

I’ve been the witness

of many a scene filled by beauty:

walking through the autumnal hues

orchestrated in Nature of the

Pyrenees Mountains or the

holy church spires of Meteora

Greece and have come to the

grandest of conclusions: that life

is continually built upon

delicious moments if we just

let go and open up our soul.

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