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Star-fields Made Far

A Kiss


We; who live,

we are bound by no

means nor limited

by any thoughts. We

find truth through

various paths warned

untamed for our eager

travels, so we must

hurl ourselves into

that passion of a bird-

flight’s sacred vision.


We; who love,

we are free to let

the wings of our

hearts spread wide

and lift our souls to

that promise land

where all beings are

one with that divinity.

We venture out, brazen

with crazed hearts, in

love’s great truth onto

those star-fields made

to look far, though are

already within us. All

come to learn that truth

to be held within a kiss.



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Memories And Visions

Visions And Dreams


In the memory

of a dream where

shadows hide in

the shade of our

veiled thoughts

a striking truth

came to be known

by this world made

whole; for your

truth is not seen by

all, you remain hidden

by your veils of divine

mystery, yet blessed

are we whom you

allow to witness

your sacred truth.


In the vision

of a memory lost

where the fogs

of time distort

the edges of

all things defined

I thought I may

have saw the

truth of your

greatness, where

stars all gather

to celebrate the

birth of your love

which nurtures the

life of all souls that

live with love.

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Day 349 – Born Of The Unknown



From the nearer, born

of the unknown and off

into it’s further depths,

our thoughts descend

baring precious pearls

of momentary wisdom,

bright flashes of gleaming

light before the darkening

abyss of uncertainty, and

through those myriad

thoughts, I finally come to

see the truth of life, that the

procession of life is littered

with beguiled gifts, gifts

unsought but needed: the gift

of trials; of a broken heart – or

two; of loss; of pain; of labors;

of anger, jealousy and rage. Yes,

this meandering path that our

lives follows is littered with

these gifts and more. It is

with these gifts that life

moves always forward,

always onward towards

something greater, more

lovely, and worthwhile. It

has come from the nearer

born of the unknown that I

have found my most precious

gift this life has to offer, this

gracious gift of being able to

not only see, but to spend time

with the specter of divine

beauty that is my goddess;

and that you feel the same

is what builds this home in

our sacred hearts.

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Day 244 –

The Great Listening


Listen to your thoughts

made internal and fully

extend your love out

into this mad world of our

inspired greatness

forever benefiting

the heart that guides the soul.


Listen to your thoughts

completely revealed through the

light of intellect

and expand them out into

this crazed and vapid

world where lovers finally

behold their beloved’s heart.


Listen to your thoughts

made internally great by

a heart full of hope

and a soul filled with your love

and know that I form;

I who see you completely

undone, form this world for you.


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Day 293 – What Time Has Sculpted

Love Comes Through


Time has sculpted this

body with circumstance

and your presence has

molded my heart with

love, so here I dance

to the rhythms of the

wild world prompted

by the melodies of

your laughing heart

and embodied love.

—-  ~~~   —-

love comes through

radiating from the glories

of my impassioned heart

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

emanating through the

beauty of my divine soul

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

entering into the wonders

of my quivering heart

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

radiating towards the expansion

of my quickening soul

—-  ~~~  —-

Time has sculpted

your body to near

perfecting with

circumstance and my

presence brings forth

an easing that enables

you to relax into your

sacred beauty that emits

the space for your divine

heart to shine forth.

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

radiating towards the deepening

of your eternally infinite soul.

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

entering into the greater

space of your gracious heart

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

emanating through the sacredness

your jovial and resilient soul

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

radiating from the glory

of your beautiful heart

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Day 286 – Why Wait Any Longer?

And Be Love


What are you waiting

for love, why do you

post-pone what you

feel in your heart

needs to be done? Rise

up and start this dance,

dance with the creative

cosmic dancer who spins

this universe into being.

Allow he who touches your

heart and soul to come near

and dance with the goddess

within you. Why wait any

longer, the path is laid – the

road is waiting, merge your

heart, with the creative heart,

conjoin your soul with the spirit

of this universe, entwine your

sacred energy with the energy

of the creative cosmic dancer.

Do all of this and become love.


Come and join us, for we the

beings of love are all here now,

come and join us to become one

of the  bearers of light that

illuminate the darkness and lead

the way of the path of the heart,

become a steward of lost soul judging

not their condition, for their condition

was once in your life, but rather

honoring them and their gifts allow

love and peace-giving breath to flow

towards life as you illuminate the

intricate powers lying dormant in

their heart. Breathe deeply and and

within your heart you will feel

the source of all existence start

stirring. Allow others to bask

within your presence of creative joy.

Do all of this and be love.

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Day 270 – Love’s Sacred Breath

With Eyes and And A Heart


With those royal eyes of

intelligence can you confirm

love’s descent towards man?

Confessing your pained

thoughts of illusion to Nature’s

purest beauty. Breathe deep

into that scent and allow the

fragrance speak directly to

your heart, always repeating

love’s sentiment that  Life is

held- in it’s truest form – in

the moment of singularity

constantly suspended between

the eternal and the internal

perpetually occurring. So take

those royal eyes of divine

intelligence and glance through

the veil that separates you

from life – glance through to

see love radiating back at you.


With the heart of

compassionate wisdom

will you aid in the health

of love? Gracing this life

with your wondrous fragrance

as you softly speak to Nature’s

own beauty – emanating from

beauty itself – You secure your

breath through freshness, walking

softly upon the grasses. Your

beauty is a continuously flowering

virtue that imbues love into the

ailing world. The love you live

becomes a fierce grace within

a hesitant heart. Breathe through

that love with the heart of

compassionate wisdom.


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