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You Are

Ocular Air Of Love


Reach deep down

towards the greater

edges of your gilded

heart and strive for

that all seeing, all-

knowing ocular air

of love’s destiny. In

the act of striving

we find the path

of surrender where

the universe arrives,

arrives, always arriving

within you as the silence

that breathes a calmness

in our chaotic lives. Reach

further still, transcending

the myriad thoughts of your

you-ness and find your

truth, that you are radiant,

that you are pure, that

you are love. You are.


Come to that point where

birth and death cease

their gentle touch upon

your heart, and live to be

that love that encompasses

all of eternity, and breathes

through the guise of material

life. For as you walk through

that veiled valley of life, you

assume that silence of the

heart where you can speak

without words, act without

actions, and love as only

a unified heart-mind can.

Transcending form, you

are reborn again and

again as that all-seeing,

all-knowing ocular air

of divine love. You are.


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Day 346 – Fated Destiny

Find It Here


It is here,

this place, this time,

where we can

find ourselves

just as we are,

fully accepting

ourselves in

this present

incarnation, with

all our stressers,

all our packaged

pains, all our beguiled

guilt. Breathing deep

in this  moment of

realization where we

find ourselves.

It is here.


It is here,

the here and now

of this breath, that

we can transcend

our misgivings,

our sufferings, our

heart’s tragedy to

encapsulate a

sacred love for

this moment, but

only for this moment

and then let it pass

for all things will

surely pass weather

we want them to

or not. So breathe

deeply into this

moment of eternity,

and then let it go,

to attain to your

higher self of

realized love.

It is here.


It is here.

The time has

come and the

place stands ready

to receive your

manifold greatness,

letting go of what

you think you are

owed in this life, or

who you think you

are, letting all ideas

of yourself and your

purpose in life to pass

before you and fade

into the land of

distant memories. So

breathe deeply into

this moment and

realize your fated

destiny lies with

love eternal.

It is here.

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Day 223 – I too, Sing

As the Mounting Sun Rises


When the passing

of the sun has come

and the moon arrives

to join in the cosmic

fun and in the space

after the day has

departed and the

night has yet to arrive

A shift starts to occur,

a gentle unraveling

that opens up the heart

and allows love to  flow

freely from one heart to

another gentle heart and

in that space each of us

finds a grain of wisdom

and in the joy of growing

wisdom you will find that

I too sing Yah Fatah.


When the ebbing moon

starts to wan at the

approaching dawn, as the

moon descends and the

rising sun glistens with

the dew there exists a

moment, an instance of

divine celebration where

the heart and the soul

merge into one being of

cosmic love where beauty

cannot be seen, but is lived

completely, in that sacred

moment in space beauty

becomes more than a visage,

more than an ideal – it

becomes life itself and when

I find myself in that beauty,

I come to see that I am the

source of all existence

inviting all to come bask

in my presence as I –

I too, dance to love.


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The Land Of Dreams


Entering dreams

carves reality’s seams

Transmuting desires

confounds the high flyers

Transcend the night

pronounces the light

Uttering languid ideals

Sanguine thought conceals

Ascending to the day

forms the acts without delay

Benumbing the mind

Clears the room left to find

Re-fusing the high flyers

Transmits our desires

Craving reality left to seem

When we enter the land of dream

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