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The Sacred Rites



Our daily tasks, when

done with reverence and grace,

turn into rituals

and it is through rituals that

we can honor the

sacredness that moves through us,

aligning our paths with love.


Our tasks – soon to be

purposes – ignites our lives

with a light made whole

and a conviction to hold

to our truth: to breathe,

to touch, to love, to live, to

honor love with gratitude.


Our simple rituals

speak of our innate grace that

illuminates the

love dwelling within our hearts.

Take this breathe and make

each task into a sacred

rite, a ritual of your love.


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Where Beauty Abounds

The Pull Of The Soul


The pull of the soul

directs us to this day

where our greatness

abounds – that strength

of beauty which lies

within our heart’s

grasp – this day where

we find that only

together can we be

the stewards of our

destiny where the

power of the sun

reveals the truth of

our eyes, that life

is a beauty realized.


The pull of the soul

allows us to throw

our spirits to the

winds and allow

those temperate

winds to wash our

hearts into a purity

to where the light that

wraps us and all

things in a delicate

yet equitable showers

where we come

to know our task – to

animate love within

every heart we cross

and bring into those

sacred hearts a lingering

presence that lights the

candles of their soul’s love.

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The Places Where Love Abides

Mathematics Of Our Souls


It came to life from

the hands of the

infidels, that holy

mathematics of

our souls, and as

we start to open

up to our heart’s

sacredness, we

can start to fill

that vessel where

our love abides.


Through this, the

Gate of Wonder, we

come to breathe in

the love our souls so

desperately crave, but

to receive our fill, it

calls to our opened

hearts to give and share

and it seems that life

comes down to a series of

moments where love lives.

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Little Whispers

Life’s Calling


It has been said,

by more wise men

than I, that life’s

highest path is that

inward journey to

the heart of the soul,

and the mind of the

heart; where all

are  passions are

revealed through a

beautiful silence.


It has been told

by those lingering

whispers riding on

the wings of the winds,

that life’s truest calling

lies in the union of

your love and your

full life’s mission; and

if you can heed the

wisdom of the winds

then yours will be a

whole life filled with

love’s saving grace.


It has been spoken

in the hushed hues

of the painter’s vision

that the true beauty

of life lies in the fault

of our stars and our

greatest strength is

in the gentle surrender

to our heart’s truest

calling: to live in an

accord with your love.

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Latent Gifts In Truth



.You were born with

your truth in tact

bringing to light the

gifts latent within.

As the jewel of the

lotus gives beauty to

the face of life, and

the light of the heart

shines forth through

the darkest nights

bringing hope to those

desperate souls lost in

fear; and so it is with

your gifts lying within

the soul of your purpose,

to set loose the dragon

of your passions and

bestow your gifts on to

this wild world made

before your by the beauty

of those who shared their

gifts before your arrival.

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To Release Your Self

The Silences


Let loose your soul

and let it soar through

the untempered schism

of the celestial heart,

letting it venture out

into those wild silences

where love is revealed.


Set free your heart

and let it roam those

native lands where

silence is the living

experience of our

eternal love that

breathes through us.


Release your mind

through your breathing

and let that beautiful

silence reign, forever

bringing you back to this

moment to experience a

sacred truth, to know love.

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Rips And Tears


A tear in the vale

reveals much to

the soul to wisdom’s

gain as a rip in the veil

gives fresh sight

to illuminate the heat’s

deepest conviction.


A  break in the winds

breathes clarity in the

ensuing calmness, always

desiring to bring a closeness

to our souls that speaks of

true intimacy, forever uniting

us to the truth of love.


A rip in the veil

adorns the sacred

eye giving providence

to our elevated souls,

as a tear in the vale

brings our souls to

a vulnerable intimacy.


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