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Day 18 – The Sacred Forrest

Of Nature The Mouth Breathes


Of Nature where the wild wind brushes

those fragrant colors of simple bliss.

Of Nature, there appears the forrests

where we climb high for the air to kiss.


Many trees there stand for us to marvel at,

yet still we move until climb we must.

There before us lie many paths and choices

’til one tree speaks to us removing the heart’s rust.


We may beg only to bare witness in honor,

but life forces us to climb as we can.

Breathe through these destined moments

for life is lived through passion’s demand.


There are many trees living and giving

to the life of the soul’s true song

but remember, it is in the climbing

and swinging where love lives long.


The Tree of Money, sought by many

stands tall in usefulness and delight.

Whereas the Tree of Health stands

meagre, young, and radiates gentle light.


The Tree of Fame stands stately and true,

framing the ideal of what is always the same.

And then there is the Tree of Knowledge

that bears the mind’s fruit as ignorance to tame.


Yes, there are many Trees in this forest

and there is the center, the oldest of all

stands wretched and meek, the Tree of Nature

where man has hurt and let low to fall.


Dive deep in your heart of Sacred Heart’s

and catch up from your peasant’s hardship past

The pains will continue yet transformed

and many new joys will come to stand and last.


This Forrest will always stand and new

Trees will surely be nurtured and grow

So we must find the sacred trinity:

Mind, Body, and Soul to live and let flow.




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Day 17 – Miracles

Eyes Love You


Through the passage of

life and time, experience

teaches life certain

lessons when humanity

can best grasp their true

understanding. And

now a new lesson has come

to be relearned; be

re-established: That life is

filled with miracles,

some larger than life

– Jesus-esk if you life – and

others more minute,

though both are necessary.


Eyes wish to open

to your divine beauty and

live in the folds of

your love. Yes, the Eyes

love you. Completely. You bring

much joy, light, and truth

to each moment. Hearts

wish to rip themselves open;

to reveal their raw

truth and be vulnerable

to your presence. It

is true, hearts ache to

be close to your truth. You help

manifest healing

and create love in these worlds.


The lessons of life

are not lessoned by fatigue,

they bare the lightness

of truth and radiance of

the sacred fire.

I know miracles exist,

and am reminded of that

sublime fact daily.

Yes, miracles are

real and give prescience to

life’s precious moments.

As someone once wrote

Beauty is a miracle

to behold; thus I

know they exist; I witness

beauty when I gaze

upon and into your heart,

seeing your beauty,

I live in your miracle.

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Day 4 – A Letter in Poem form



Questions fuel our lives

forever forward and leads

each of us to find

our own personal answers.

How are you? How goes

the day? Innocent questions

to be sure, but the

generic answers we give

(fine, well, good, super

or fantastic) erodes and

corrodes our souls if

not lived in earnest.

These lies slake our truth

and contaminates our soul.


I was once happy,

Yes, I have know that gift, known

it well, but that was

many years ago, and I

hope to again. Though life has

given me much, it

has taken more in return.

And I grow tired.

Tired of wearing this mask,

this visage of joy

to appease others and to

safeguard their feelings.


Questions plague the mind

leaving the soul to grapple

in the dark night for

an authentic answer. Why

are you here? What is

your purpose. Is life worth the

effort that living

will demand of you?  Only

you can answer these

questions, only you

can know your whole truth.

Feel it’s true import.

The more I see, the more I

live; I come to grasp

an unsettling truth: Life,

such as it is, is

an absurd pastime

that will slowly steal

all your fortitude and strength

until you are a

mere husk of the dreams

you once dared to dream.

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Day 3 – Vision

A Corner Of Brilliance


The Power of Now

lies in the power of

open vulnerability,

that willingness to

look directly into your

personal blindspots;

to witness the shades

of present’s past and

see through the mists

of future’s doubts,  and

blindly stare into the

present full of your

emotions. Let that

vision inform you. Let

that sight carry you into

a new perspective, a tiny

corner of your innate

brilliance. Yes, look there

and gain your wisdom,

Look there and gain your

truth, Look there and embrace

your love made whole.

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Sisters Of Light

The Returning


The sisters of the sun

have long since retreated

from the Earth – It is

Now, this moment, that the

brothers of night show

their strength, shrouding all

truth with the veil of

mystery and the fog of doubt.

Delusions reign in this Kali Yuga,

but soon the Iron Age too shall

pass and the daughters of

light will come again to dispel

the vicissitudes of this age. Yes,

those mighty sisters of the sun

will return in resplendent

beauty, a sacred wisdom, and

an encouraging love.

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Altered Eyes

A New Dawn


After the dark night,

a new dawn soon follows with

a radiant light,

and in the great shinning a

new practice soon forms –

the Great Listening – to breath

with sure intention.

Through the altered eyes of a

stilled soul I saw a

vision of blissful delight.

Fractals of our true

destiny lies in the love

we share with others.

We find that our souls vibrate

back to us our heart’s

true path through lessons learned

and life lived through love.

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Floods of Greatness

Beholding Miracles


It comes to the space

of my breath, between strides, blood

pumping, endorphins

are firing, that the mind

and body are a

miracle to behold. Think

a solitary

thought and your mood, if not your

entire day changes –

it’s like words (verbalized or

not) are magic and

maybe they are, I’ll leave that

for the others to

discuss. You perform a single

task with earnest desire

and repeat it with

diligence day in and day

out, and after a

short while a new graceful

skill emerges – just

through your determination

and repetition;

add to that elixir

a dose (or two) of your raw

talent, or better

still a cause to attend to

or to fight against

and there is no telling how

high you’ll raise. You, my

love, are a miracle to behold.

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Gathering Stars

Life’s Vista


It is true that the

stars – visible and

innumerable – all

gather to celebrate

the birth of your love,

to be touched by the

gods and given the

beauty which that touch

has brought leaves the

rest of us unable to speak.

That fated moment where

grace became manifested

in the hearts of mankind

bring a terrifying beauty

to this world and a manifold

purpose to  life’s delicate

balance. We are all seekers,

in a way, looking towards

others for our sacred truth,

and looking back through

life – personal and global – we

see through the pains and

tragedies of life and come

to view the vista of life

lives in the truth of beauty’s

divine bounty: your heart.


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Life Is Singing

The Siren’s Song


I have heard her song

sung in many tongues,

her call beckoning me

forth to her side, to always

walk beautifully with my

feet in her waters.


I have read her words

written by many a hand,

her hand waving me

forever far to always

talk beautifully with my

mouth filled with her words.


I have felt her wonders built

resplendent through serene

grace, ever aware of that

divine fragrance to always

live beautifully with my life

eternally bound by her cause.


I have tasted her truth

made ready with the spices

of life, her elegance emanating

high on a lofty brow, to always

love beautifully with my heart

infused with her grace.


Yes, I have heard her song

sung by every mouth in every

tongue always calling forth

to life to come and rejoice

in her sacred waters, to

always live with that Tapas:

that sacred flame in the heart of life.

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Your Truth

The Darkening Path


In the darkness

of your path

– Dar Tariki tariqat –

We should remember

the river rock, made

smooth by the currents

constantly flowing over

and around it, yet retaining

it’s hardness and pereseving

it’s truth. Stilling it’s hardness

through the plying softness

engulfing it. Remembering the

river rock, remembers your

heart – it embodies the same

softness and hardness,

roughness yet is made smooth,

it raw and true, yet masked

by the mind’s agenda; hold

true to your truth; your are a

duality made into one whole.

It is good, Dar Tariki tariqat,

in the darkness of your path,

that you are beloved by Nature,

Man, me, God, the Goddess

Supreme, and the Universe.

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