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Speaking Winds

Wind’s Truth


The wind speaks

in sing-song breathes

luring an audible

truth through my soul:

the natural state of life

lies in fluidity, the grace

of flow. So take this breath,

this one precious breath

and release it, release to

receive. Be like me, move

with the flow of spirit always

releasing to always receive.

That wind speaks in a

melodic way, tempting

the poets words to flow

into meaning, and from

meaning to sacredness.


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Breathe Through The Heart

Smile Much


Breathe through your heart

and take hold of your

authentic spontaneity,

forever dancing with the

sacredness of each moment.

Breathe deep in your heart.


Strike at the wild seams

of the gentle greatness

elevating your mighty

soul further towards

the majestic realm of love.

Strike deep at those seams.


Return to the birth of your heart

and dance with the wild passions

carried with the weight of

a thousand suns; dance with

the coincidental synchronicity,

Return again to your heart.


Think deep and smile much,

for this life presents many

riddles and bestows a  sacred

grace in love’s knowledge:

You are the only mystery worth solving.

Think deep and smile much.

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Losing Yourself

Treasured Emanations


Walking here and

looking there, we

are apt to lose

ourselves along

the path, and once

lost we are given a

golden opportunity,

one we may have asked

for, a chance to find

ourselves on the path that

we are traversing, so take

this breath, this moment

and live the gradual

opening that is finding

yourself exactly where you

are. For in this true living

you are eating the bread

found in the sacred wilderness.


Finding yourself not where

you expected yourself to be,

you begin to doubt who you

are, what you want, how to

move forward, and then a

miracle happens, your heart

speaks to you through your

divinity. “Love cannot be

owned by one, nor by any,

but rather must be shared

and added to.” A light flickers

within your soul, and idea is

gleaned, “In my ignorance, I

mistook that communal

sharing as a personal right

to ownership and am now

stumbling upon the inherent

of love: Now, I know, something

that grand, such as love is, could

never be possessed by one

person, just as one swatch of

paint owns not the painting

of which it is a part.” This is

the feast of bread found in

that sacred wilderness that

you have given yourself, for you,

and the rest of us, are treasured

emanations of divine love.

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The Three Sisters

A Greater Capacity


Breathe deep my love,

breathe deep and trust –

let that capacity of

love flow like water

and nurture your

sacred heart. Invite

that holy elixir into

your soul and let it

nourish your self-esteem.

For a healthy and whole

heart has no limits to it’s

ever expanding love.


Breathe deep, my soul,

breathe deep and trust –

let the winds of life etch

away the insecurity of

your intelligence. Set

the mind at rest and

know the limits of your

integral thought. For it

adds much beauty to life

to allow wonder to live

in uncertainty. For a

healthy and whole mind

knows naught but the

love it has to continually give.


Breathe deep, my love,

breathe deep and trust –

let your inner child, a

child born of the instant,

roam the wilderness of

your heart, forever alive

and playing with the

strings of your emotions.

Allow your intuition to

flow as water and your

breathe in a greater love,

and give way to the three

sisters of your total being

as they guide you ever to love.

For the healthy and whole

heart has no limits to it’s

capacity to love – even yourself.


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The Roving Plains

The Child Of The Instant


Take me there,

along this path where

we walk with love

constantly surrounding

us as we move towards

something greater, into

that silent life where only

truth lives through our acts.

Take me there.


Take me there,

through the shifting

skies and the roving

plains where love delights

in the hearts of friends. Ever

basking in the joy of each

other’s presence, igniting

that most sacred flame.

Take me there.


Take me there,

down the line of lives

already lied, up until

now where love gives

birth to a wholly new

world that breathes through

love and gives birth to the

sacred child of the instant.

Take me there.

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Unsought Sounds

A Creaky Door


A door creaks open

the wind is still, a

sigh flows through

your breathing soul.

What to do? What is

to be done? Feel

intensely. Feel it

all intently. Bring

awareness into your

being and grow the

magnetic light that

is your soul’s love.


The floor creaks

under the weight

of your step, the

windows fall shut.

what are you carrying

with you? What are

you holding to?

Feel your weariness

drop. Feel it intently.

Let your intelligence

grow in this life.

Bare your awareness

as a torch for your

heart to follow. Let

love be your guide

in this sanctified life.

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Your Sacred Truth


Look inward and

see your truth. You

are the great Eastern

rains that wash the

plains of my temperate

heart. You always

nourish love with

grace-filled actions.

Look inward to see

your sacred truth.


Go inside your heart

and feel your truth. You

are the expansive Western

winds that whisper the

sacred hymns of my

heart. You always guide

the flight of our love

with beautiful trust.

Go inside to feel

your sacred truth.


Look inward and

see your truth. You

are the purifying Northern

snows that brings beauty

and warmth to the

fertile love of my

heart. You always

comfort the agitated

passions of our love.

Look inward to see

your sacred truth.


Go inside your heart

and feel your truth. You

are the warming Southern

sun that brings light and

warmth to the beauty of

our love. You always

shower this world with

a radiance that speak

of a divine love.

Go inside to feel

your sacred truth.

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