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The Life You Wanted

To A Mother


I have been grieved and

it grieves me to have to make

this apology;

to apologize for who

I am, how I live,

for what I do and what I

have become. I am sorry.


It hurts to ask this,

to request forgiveness for

choosing this life of

mine, for living the life I

want, for not living

the life you have wished of me;

for not being who you wanted.


I have failed in things

as I have accomplished things,

forging my own path

and learning with every step

the person I hope

to become, but I’m sorry

that you don’t understand him.


It grieves me that you

don’t understand, nor with to

know who I now am –

you see me, but you don’t see.

You see the choices

I didn’t make and so think

I’m less for it. I am sorry.

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Speak To Me In Silence


I distrust language

– even more in the rules of phonics


How rude they are

– contradicting themselves often


What you don’t believe me?

– read the following examples:

(and note the changes)








-now how many times did e change its sound?


or try this one:







No, I distrust in languages

– and more of their words


It’s best to speak to me in silence

– where nothing is misunderstood


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