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Soul’s Truth

The Wanderers


The wanderers of

the soul’s call – ever seeking

the lonelier way –

wish to begin no day where

they ended before

and hope to see not one more

sunrise where the last sunset

left us to our running hearts.


The wanderers of

the soul – ever hopeful to

see greater truths – breathe

deeply to inhale the great draughts

of this Earth’s canvas,

forever imbuing life with a

beautiful love where the soul

flows with the passing earth-sets.


The wanderers of

the soul – ever seeking the

heart’s  hidden truths – moves

with the confidence to be

knowingly lost in

this wild world born of beauty

step with lively, though often

respectful, step towards truth’s love.

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Day 94 – Wanderers

A Fulfilled Love

We wanderers

of the lonelier path

breathe in love

as we amble under

the sunlit skies

and give thanks

through our graced

steps of austere

beauty and then

we breath out

our gratitude as

we take our measured

steps under the

veiled stars. For under

this starry canopy of

inky blue and piercing

white we wanderers

seek always to live

the absolute truth

of fulfilling love

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