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Speaking Winds

Wind’s Truth


The wind speaks

in sing-song breathes

luring an audible

truth through my soul:

the natural state of life

lies in fluidity, the grace

of flow. So take this breath,

this one precious breath

and release it, release to

receive. Be like me, move

with the flow of spirit always

releasing to always receive.

That wind speaks in a

melodic way, tempting

the poets words to flow

into meaning, and from

meaning to sacredness.


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You Came To Me

A Divine Love


You came to me as

a gentle storm, restoring

my peace, nurturing

life with your falling waters

and for that I give

you all I have, all that I

am, and all that I shall be.


You came to me as

a cooling wind on

the runner’s face, bringing sweet

relief from the heat

of the day and the body;

you ease all actions

with your loving touch only

to bring a greater action.


You came to me as

the words to a poet’s pen,

I know not from where,

nor how, nor why you came here;

but I am thankful

for you express me better

than I could ever hope to.


You came to me as

the beloved moves towards the

lover, tempting fates

with latent desires and

I, I came to follow

my heart as your love flowed through

bringing me peace. I love you.


You came to me as

a siren to a sailor,

drawing me to you

with a lurid song and a

mysterious glance;

speaking riddles as a truth

to reveal a divine love.

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Day 282 – Feel To Heal

Wake To Feel


You wake to feel

the wind on your

radiant face, always

kissing, always

caressing, always

loving. Arising from

the great depths of

love you breathe

from your heart to

feel the ease to heal.


You wake to feel

the sun on your

beautiful skin, always

warming, always

blessing, always loving.

Arising each morning

from the great canyon of

sky to illuminate the

love in your heart to

feel the peace to heal.


You wake to feel

the waters gliding over

your wondrous body, always

blessing, always nurturing,

always loving. Arising from

the descended nights into

more playful days you

swim in the great sea

of love to fill your heart

with love’s breath to

feel the presence to heal.

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Day 261 – Come To Be True

Heart Of The Green Earth


Come and tread the ceaseless

ocean of celestial vibrations,

feeling all around you the

entire universe touching

your infinite beauty and

with the eyes of the blue

wind you shall look out to

see your vast magnitude

reflected back onto you

through your own eyes that

shade the bluest wind from

the drying stars of radiant light.


Come and sing the eternal

song of the mighty majestic,

striking deep within the seems

of the lasting soul, always feeling

the enlightening magnitude of

your sacred appointment in this

dynamic universe as you take

delight in the surrounding

darkness, for that is where the

heart of the green earth lies forever

singing love’s song – through creation –

with the last long stars held in space.


Come to sound the clarion bells

held aloft of your windswept soul

singing in ever pure tones the muted

words you long to hear with your

heart, La elaha ill’ Allah, taking the

fragrance of those words into the

cleansing breath of the purple

lavender forever taking that

sacred breath into your native

moments forever roaming the

world seeking vulnerable hearts

and expressive acts of flowing love.



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Day 142 – The Arboreal Teachers

Go Now And Dance

To the dancers and

singers of life’s purest destiny:

Enter now into

Nature untamed; go and dance

among the leafing

arboreal teachers that sing

in silence and teach

through whispering winds of love

To the playful and

curious children of life

Go now into those

verdant and fertile fields

of Nature’s pure love

Go and dance with those honest

giants of Nature

unfurled with untamed love

To the artists of

an inspired life, go now

into the waking forest

where life teems with the

excitement of creation

Go now and dance with

your arboreal teachers

who sing the song of love

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Day 78 – A Shuttering Sigh

Mornings Wake

A shuttering sigh

in morning’s wake

inspires the heart

a love to make

rousing nearly

to find a naked heart

tempts the wandering

life, creation’s art

gazing loudly at

the holy insipid sight

gains momentums

sacred rite

and to inspire the heart

a love doth make

always a shuttering sigh

shows in morning’s wake

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Day 46 – Love’s Truth

Your Love Spins Me


Your love spins me like

a top whirling into the

chaotic cosmos

igniting passions divine

yes your love spins me

as the dervishes of old

spun for the same cosmic love


Your love compels me

as a frolicsome song draws

a dancer to the

world’s burgeoning stage of life

Yes, your love compels

me as the flowers in bloom

raise each day to honor love


Your love stills me like

a tempering wind blowing

into a brick wall

gusting upward with great force

Yes, your love stills me

only to raise me upwards

towards the greatness of love’s truth

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