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It Does Happen Sometimes



It happened slowly

but was impossible

to stop, it came, and

it happened to me

as it happens to

every life exposed

to bear the heart’s

truth. It happened

on a day like this,

and on that day, I

found my wings,

found them being

pinned by love,

but through you I

also found that my

soul still soars, higher

than I ever could

have imagined. It

happened and

I am happy.


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Day 319



Dragonfly wings

segmented and disjointed

glisten in the summer winds


Always fagile

emanating delicate elegance

for Nature to absorb


Those nimble wings

so strong yet beautiful

carrying bodies aloft


So much to be taught

from the vestibules of nature

That I yearn to to learn


Segmented and conjoined

centered with your embrace

I soar high with my delicate wings

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