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Little Whispers

Life’s Calling


It has been said,

by more wise men

than I, that life’s

highest path is that

inward journey to

the heart of the soul,

and the mind of the

heart; where all

are  passions are

revealed through a

beautiful silence.


It has been told

by those lingering

whispers riding on

the wings of the winds,

that life’s truest calling

lies in the union of

your love and your

full life’s mission; and

if you can heed the

wisdom of the winds

then yours will be a

whole life filled with

love’s saving grace.


It has been spoken

in the hushed hues

of the painter’s vision

that the true beauty

of life lies in the fault

of our stars and our

greatest strength is

in the gentle surrender

to our heart’s truest

calling: to live in an

accord with your love.


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Accelerated Times

Living Here


We live in


times where

we are asked

to become

strong enough

to be gentle;

to live a life of


made whole.


We live in


times where

your heart is

that bastion of

love’s truth; the

cup that holds

the world’s

divine wisdom.


We live in


times where

we the sing  the

heart’s divine

song. Breathe

deep into your

that truth and

let love be the

melody be the

song we sing.


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Love And Gratitude

To Find


Finding gratitude

in this moment

instills a joyous

peace within your

presence and brings

a lasting calmness

to our breath eternal.


Finding love

within this present

brings exhilaration

to your life’s blood

flow yet brings a

gentle ease of joy

to your expanding

heart  ad infinitum.


Finding Truth

in this moment

imbues our minds

with a permanence

of gladness and a

sacred wisdom to

our hearts that speaks

what we already know:

that gratitude is a happy

love bathed in grace.


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Wisdom and Star Light

Through The Narrow Paths


Wisdom comes to us

in various  ways, some through

the narrow path and

others through more obscure ways;

but wisdom will come

to us when it is needed

most and can be most useful.


Through the peerage of

the things of remembrances

past, we realize that

we are the children of stars,

we were born in the

heart and the passionate heat

of the star center of life.


Breathing life into

this moment, wisdom comes too;

through half ideas and

faltering doctrines, but it

comes still to be true;

no matter how lost one is,

no ray of star-light is lost.

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Sweet Surrender



Travelling far and

wide, I have seen many things,

tasted ripe and sweet

fruits along with bitter ones,

but by far the best

flavor I’ve ever tasted

was that of your sacred kiss.


As I venture forth

into the unknown realms of

this beautiful world,

I go with very little

but save the knowledge

that my heart’s destiny lies

in sweet surrender to you.


It has taken some

time and many travels through

distant countries and

in all that movement I have

finally found what

my heart was searching for: I

found my soul’s home in your heart.

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I See You There

Divine Wisdom


I can feel you there,

feel your loneliness

as I sleep all alone

here. I can feel

that suffocation

of your baited breath,

feel it as your thoughs

descend,yes I can feel

it and my heart hurts

for your agony; but

I know one thing, the

only thing that matters,

that you are strong,

strong enough to embrace

the gentleness of love.


I can see you there,

you with your

blessed nobility and

haunted mind. I can

see your thoughts

belittling you and

darkening your smile.

You must remember.

Remember your truth:

That it is a blessed eternity

where you are everything;

that you breathe love and

live joy, and are sacreness

in human-form. So smile. Yes,

smile, my beloved friend,

and in remembrance of things

to come, and visit those

places your stories are living,

become who you are always

meant to be, the holder of

the divine wisdom of your love.

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The Prophet’s Eye


Through the eye

of a prophet many

truths are seen that

allows our thoughts

to venture true onto

the fields of stars far.

Each of us gain, in life

as it is in love, through

sharing and hurling

headfirst into the

passions of your

soul flight’s vision.


Through the eye

of a prophet each

world gains the

vision of each heart’s

vulnerable truth, that

we, every living soul,

is a prized sight, a

treasured emanation

of the divine life.

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