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The Call

Only Love Could Answer


I have heard their call,

the sisters of the sky –

where the stars all gather

to celebrate our beauty –

I have heard their call

that life is a mystical

experience to be lived

with devotion to love.


I have heard their call,

the brothers of the earth –

where life all gathers

to honor our presence –

I have heard their call

that all life is a ritual

which our souls perform

with reverence to life.


And I have heard their call,

the family of distant pasts –

where wisdom gathers to

shape a future guided by love –

I have heard their call

over the river of silence

where life came knocking

and only love could answer.


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Floods of Greatness

Beholding Miracles


It comes to the space

of my breath, between strides, blood

pumping, endorphins

are firing, that the mind

and body are a

miracle to behold. Think

a solitary

thought and your mood, if not your

entire day changes –

it’s like words (verbalized or

not) are magic and

maybe they are, I’ll leave that

for the others to

discuss. You perform a single

task with earnest desire

and repeat it with

diligence day in and day

out, and after a

short while a new graceful

skill emerges – just

through your determination

and repetition;

add to that elixir

a dose (or two) of your raw

talent, or better

still a cause to attend to

or to fight against

and there is no telling how

high you’ll raise. You, my

love, are a miracle to behold.

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Three Wishes

The Djinn And His Granting


Upon my travels through

the wild, entering and

exiting the darknesses of

this world, I have learned that

the last few steps towards

the lit world is usually the

most fraught with fear, and in

that shadow of the shade I met

a Djinn; the granter of wishes,

maker of secrets. I requested to

be taken to the sea within that holds

the magnetic light of my soul,

and to be given the path to

share that love to the world.

Taking his hand to my head he

filled me with love and proclaimed:

You are absolute love, the fountain

where lover’s drink from, your

works shall all demonstrate that.

I then asked to be given the greater

sight where Love provides a new

understanding of the whole truth,

where all heart’s, no matter how

pained, paint the sky with Love. He

then put his lips on my forehead

and breathed a warm breath that

flowed through my mind, and said:

“Open your eyes now and see clearly

the truth that life offers everyone.”

And for my third wish I asked to

feel each moment – for each moment

is a instance of singularity that lies

between the external and the

internal that is perpetually occurring.

He then placed his hand on my

chest, covering my raw heart, and

applied pressure and said: “Go forth

and feel with the poet’s heart all that

is to be felt in life, and then find

a way to share it.” I then took but

two steps towards the light, and then

took a look back, and thought I saw,

still standing there in the shadows of

the shade I thought I saw – through the

fog of a fading memory – the image

of the Cheshire Cat smiling widely.

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The Gatekeeper

Meant To Be


Come –

let us open up our

two eyes together.

Let me pour all

my knowledge,

wisdom, truths to

you. let them fall

from my head and

enter into yours.

I’ll become the crazed

lunatic roaming the

streets, the town idiot,

the merry fool mad

for love. You’ll become

the bearer of the sacred

wisdom, the gatekeeper

of sublime knowledge,

the speaker of all truths

who graciously opens the

doors to your heart and

welcomes love . Yes, let us

put our two eyes together

as we kiss and become who

we were always meant to be.

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Little Whispers

Life’s Calling


It has been said,

by more wise men

than I, that life’s

highest path is that

inward journey to

the heart of the soul,

and the mind of the

heart; where all

are  passions are

revealed through a

beautiful silence.


It has been told

by those lingering

whispers riding on

the wings of the winds,

that life’s truest calling

lies in the union of

your love and your

full life’s mission; and

if you can heed the

wisdom of the winds

then yours will be a

whole life filled with

love’s saving grace.


It has been spoken

in the hushed hues

of the painter’s vision

that the true beauty

of life lies in the fault

of our stars and our

greatest strength is

in the gentle surrender

to our heart’s truest

calling: to live in an

accord with your love.

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Accelerated Times

Living Here


We live in


times where

we are asked

to become

strong enough

to be gentle;

to live a life of


made whole.


We live in


times where

your heart is

that bastion of

love’s truth; the

cup that holds

the world’s

divine wisdom.


We live in


times where

we the sing  the

heart’s divine

song. Breathe

deep into your

that truth and

let love be the

melody be the

song we sing.


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Love And Gratitude

To Find


Finding gratitude

in this moment

instills a joyous

peace within your

presence and brings

a lasting calmness

to our breath eternal.


Finding love

within this present

brings exhilaration

to your life’s blood

flow yet brings a

gentle ease of joy

to your expanding

heart  ad infinitum.


Finding Truth

in this moment

imbues our minds

with a permanence

of gladness and a

sacred wisdom to

our hearts that speaks

what we already know:

that gratitude is a happy

love bathed in grace.


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