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You Came To Me

A Divine Love


You came to me as

a gentle storm, restoring

my peace, nurturing

life with your falling waters

and for that I give

you all I have, all that I

am, and all that I shall be.


You came to me as

a cooling wind on

the runner’s face, bringing sweet

relief from the heat

of the day and the body;

you ease all actions

with your loving touch only

to bring a greater action.


You came to me as

the words to a poet’s pen,

I know not from where,

nor how, nor why you came here;

but I am thankful

for you express me better

than I could ever hope to.


You came to me as

the beloved moves towards the

lover, tempting fates

with latent desires and

I, I came to follow

my heart as your love flowed through

bringing me peace. I love you.


You came to me as

a siren to a sailor,

drawing me to you

with a lurid song and a

mysterious glance;

speaking riddles as a truth

to reveal a divine love.


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Day 269 – It Came To Me

The Words Of Another


It came to me

through the words of

another: Be like water,

find your solace in the

hidden depths of your

eternally emerging soul.

Find your repose through

the dance of life, always

flowing through, dancing

around the obstacles; finding

your ineffable source

through love’s movement.


It came to me

through the words

of another: Be like

Earth, impassively

nurturing and

inescapably expansive.

Find your strenght

through stillness, always

lifting life up towards

the skies; allowing

life’s roots to reach

your sacred heart.


It came to me

through the words

of another: Be like

life, breathe through

these native moments

which roam the world

over, ever seeking the

unguarded hearts and

expressive acts of

steadfast love, always

allowing space for the

flowering of love.

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The Unspoken Words

Speaking Eyes


And she came to me

saying silently with eyes bright

clothe yourself with love

and reveal to the world a

heart unhindered and wide

. Yes, clothe yourself with love

and love will shine forth


And then she left me

echoing with her mouth luscious and loud

your love shines forth

only to reveal the beauty without

existing in parts and parcels

uniting man and nature

in one form glorious



And when I left her

with mounting sentiments in my eyes glowing

looking down from above the clouds

we see infinite beauty through the passing

finite tragedies that life bestows on us

only to finally conclude to the epilogue

a vase view of sour souls abound


And I came to her

with a message spoken by silence

to mesmerize the world through love

ambitious and courageous

wide open for the taking by all

who are in desperate need of

love through the profusion of beauty.



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Let Silence Reign From Above

Quiet Love


In this quiet love

open wide for all to see

no words are uttered

revealing the truth of love

through silence alone

explains the unknowable

and ties the knot of two souls


In this loud love kept

shut up behind the closed doors

words try to reveal

the all- querulous passions

through built up speeches

muddling the mind with all

that nonsense dissipates love


In this quiet love

where silence reigns supreme, I

let go of my words

and let actions take the lead

knowing that all will

be revealed through love’s guiding

hand and know love’s acceptance

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Delicious Words

Holding To Truth/ Sculpting A Life


Delicious words

clothe our naked bodies




always sculpting a life

– always holding to truth


Cascading desires

tempt our feeble minds




always sculpting a life.

– always holding to truth


Frolicking ideals

forces the world’s compliance




always sculpting a life.

– always holding to truth




Bold-faced ideals

enact whimsical faith




always holding to truth.

– always sculpting a life


Latent desires

mask the heart’s intent




always holding to truth.

– always sculpting a life


Delicate words

break upon our hard bodies




always holding to truth

– always sculpting a life

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The Soul Speaks

Through Broken Things


Our spirits flows on

living in fragile bodies

unknown to exist

until the day of fate came

and removed from sight

those garments of esteemed costs

Revealing all at once love


The soul stays quiet

Residing in empty sounds

Disposing of words

for a greater impact of

distilled meanings through

wayfaring acts to reveal

the truth of gratitude seen


The spirits uplift

depressed bodies when they’re seen

and contain all truth

as a life is to be lived

within the scope of

the ever living heart and

speaks throughout the broken things

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Speak To Me In Silence


I distrust language

– even more in the rules of phonics


How rude they are

– contradicting themselves often


What you don’t believe me?

– read the following examples:

(and note the changes)








-now how many times did e change its sound?


or try this one:







No, I distrust in languages

– and more of their words


It’s best to speak to me in silence

– where nothing is misunderstood


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