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Always To You

That Higher Place


It is to you that

sacredness flows ever

taking your heart to

that higher placeĀ  where love reigns

true blessing this world

inside the hearts of men where

beautiful silence is found.


It is to you that

the river of life sings; it

forever blesses

your soul with the divine truth.

For you are shrouded

by grace and adorned with love

so breathe deep this sacredness.


It is to you that

the night of destiny comes

bringing with her a

truth of your elevated

heart and bears witness

to the greatness dwelling in

the fragrances of your love.



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The We-Ness

I and You


In these times together

I have learned so much

from you along with

through you, and

because of you I have

learned much more

about myself. It

took your presence and

inquires towards me to

have me sit down with

myself and listen, to

come to grips of who

I am. for I have ignored

for far too long, if not

openly shunned, aspects

of myself. With your

cautious and continuous

probing, we – both you and –

we came to discover my whole

authentic self. And for this I

am eternally grateful to have

you in my life, possessing my

heart. This is but one reason

among an infinite number of

reasons why I love you. Every

single day I wake up, either

by your side or in my own

spherical life, hoping to

serve you in any way I can,

for you bring me, and this

wide world of ours, such

happiness that I would see

your heart as happy as mine

always is in your company. To

that end, the greatest end, I would

do anything you could ever ask

of me for I: my heart, my soul,

my mind, my body; the whole

I-ness, Love You: your heart,

your soul, your mind, your

body, your whole You-ness.

The whole I in me Loves

the whole You in you.


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Path of Love

Meandering Paths


The Spirit guides

our hearts to the

gift of love.

– bringing you

into my life.


The Heart clothed

in kindness breathes

only with love.

– bringing me

into your life.


Water flows

as love does,

taking its’ own path.

– forever uniting

you and I in love.

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Day 341 – Delight

A Half Known Truth


Take delight in our

sharing, the communal

giving and receiving

of each other’s gentle

caressings, blending

time with experience;

life with love; glances

with touches; breath

with intention; thoughts

with purpose, so take

delight in our communal

sharing as we descover

each other in our hearts.

I was made whole, yet

incomplete until you,

for who can know a

whole truth when only

half of it has been

experienced, so take me

in your heart and let me

find my home in your

arms, as my soul sings

the words: You and

I and Love to the rhythm

we make, we two together.


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Day 306 – I, You, and We See

Where Lovers Live


I see

in your soul’s

sacred glance,

a glimmer

of hope born

from the depths

of eternity,

that speaks

directly to the

soul of my

bleeding heart

asking always

for deliverance

into the world

where lovers live.


You see

in my heart’s

elemental vision,

an inch of joy

born from

the depths of

infinity, that

asks my soul

directly to

experience the

love made to

elevate the heart

into the world

where lovers live.


We see

in our mind’s

luminous eye,

an inch of love

born from the depths

of infinity and made

manifest through

eternity, speaks

in unison of the

moments held

together through

time’s experience

and the body’s

exploration of love

where our hearts

dwell in the world

where lovers live.


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Day 305 – Left Wandering

Coming Home


Left wandering

through the night

I found myself

completely surrounded

by the darkness of

my path, and would

have fear take hold

of my mind, stopping

all progress but you

called out to my

heart, not with your

voice but with your

heart’s song, and

my heart heard your

love, and on this

night, the night of my

revealed Destiny, I

came home to you,

I came home to love.


Left wandering in

the noises of the world,

those incessant sounds

that haven’t the time

to breathe, much less

expand in importance,

yet all striving towards

that place of greatest

importance in our minds.

As I breathed deeply, I

found myself with an

unusual craving, a desire

for your silence which

only love can supply,

a moment of heart to

heart, and eye to eye

silence where I could

come home to you,

where I could come

home to love.

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Day 303 – Like Art, Like Love

Take Note Of Love


It has been noted

that the language

of art is celestial

in it’s eternal

origin and can only

be understood by

a chosen few of

an accelerated path.


It has been said

that the language

of love is mystical

in it’s infinite

beginning and can

only be expressed

through the prowess

of the chosen few

who travel with love.


It has been shown

that the presence of

your soul blesses this

world of miracles with

the radiance of love that

can only be expressed

by the soul that receives

it’s answer to the question

lingering in your heart for

you, waking goddess of

this wondrous world,

provide this soul with

the answer that has been

long sough yet never

answered by my heart.


It has been noted

that the language

of art, like that of love,

is celestial in it’s

eternally expanding

origin and can only

be understood by

the chosen few of

an accelerated love.


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