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All There Is

Here And Now



with this breath

and in this place.

Now is the moment –

the bridge between.

Now is the time –

the portal to




with these feelings

and with your mind.

Here is your present –

the bridge between.

Here is the location

where you meet




with this place

and in this breath.

Now is the moment –

the link between.

Now is the time

where love




in this space

and with this heart.

Here is your presence –

the link between.

Here is the location

where you know

your self.

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Born Complete

Our Whole Truth


We are born complete

and resplendent in our love

yet we continue

to shroud ourselves with a growing

mysteries complicating

our intrinsic lives

beyond our measured effect.


We are born total

and absolute in our truth

yet we succumb to questions

of evidence to our worth,

so breathe deep and set

your mind aside and trust in

the proof your heart abides to.


We are born trusting

in the path of life we choose,

questioning always

yet we still choose; forever

forward forever

alive to live with a heart

filled with loveĀ  wanting to share.

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You Hold True

To Hold True


To you who holds me

true to my heart, I give you

all I am for you

inspire me to trust in

my passions and you

hold me accountable while

being a joy every day.

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Life’s Path

The Mountain Top


Here I stand

looking up at

my mountain top

with sweat in

my eyes and blood

trickling down from

the open wounds,

this path has

remained open firm.

Looking up to

the mountain top

I see you there

waiting for my

foretold arrival,

inspiring each step

with a joyous heart

and a wanting love.

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