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Love Interrupted

Broken Things


You can push me away

or you can pull me near

No matter what you do

I’ll still be here

– by your side


For the love that is

shared cannot be

un-shared and the

two hearts that were

joined cannot be

separated. Once two

paints are mixed they

cannot be unmixed

and are made the

more beautiful for the

mixing. Two souls

united with love may

part, but are always

together as one.


You can push me away

or you can pull me near

No matter what you do

I’ll still be there

– by your side.

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The Breathe Through



The heart is

our perennial

shelter where the

language of art

is embedded by

the celestial and

only understood

by the lover’s sight.


The heart is

the eternal

dancer where

the lessons of life

are taught  in a

language only

true dancer’s can

speak through

the lover’s touch.


The heart is

a perpetual

moment where

each moment

flows always towards

the next seeking

to breathe in

love through

the lover’s kiss.



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There are barriers

strong and secure

that time cannot

defend – you have

built them too well.

Walling yourself off

from this world in

the name of protection,

or is it fear from past

pains that lead you to

this miserable state?

Sit with that isolation,

and feel it creep into

your being, breathing

into a confining

solitude born not

of this world, but

of your fearful mind.


A time will come

when you have done

the sacred work of

tending to your

heart and at that

time those barriers

will start to crack

as love seeps into

the coldest hearts,

bringing warmth and

life to stir the blood.


Barriers will fall

and time will fade

– that separateness

that you once saw

will dissolve in the

union of your love –

so fret not in that

solitude beloved,

rejoice in the sacred

knowing that you

are beloved to this

wondrous universe.


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Breathe Deeply



Can you feel it?

– close your eyes

and breathe deeply –

That sense of being,

it permeates everything.

Can you feel it?


Can you feel it?

– walk gently with

total awareness –

That wholeness of life,

it unites everything.

Can you feel it?


Can you feel it?

– look at all with

no judgements –

That freedom of mind,

fosters a greater love.

Can you feel it?


Can you feel it?

– close your eyes

and breathe deeply –

That gentle awareness

brings boundless joy in life.

Can you feel it?

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The Coming Storm


The world abounds

with lessons for the soul

– a foreboding sky

with a silver sheen

or a butterfly showing

color before the storm

– a cooling summer shower

or a hard day’s labor

in a staunch humidity

– the winds of change

blowing you on your way

or perhaps you stand your

full of pride, refusing to flow.

The soul delights in

these and other lessons

that this world abounds with.

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Our Shared Life


Your effulgence spreads

it’s inner worth to this world

– rousing sleeping hearts

to live another day – to

sing it a holy

song, to become a witness

to the world’s sacred beauty.


Your effulgence spreads

over t my world giving

my soul your sacred

breath, revitalizing the

life lived with your love.

A presence divine engulfs

this soul, manifesting love.


Your effulgence spreads

magnificent color in

this windswept spirit,

tempting life to swell in the

sanctuary of

our soul’s abode where love reigns

supreme throughout our shared life.

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