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Day 171 – Open The Gate

The Edge Of Love

Open the gate

– that fated portal

where thoughts stray

not a doubt in this

wild world. Tear

through those

walled ruins of

your wounded heart

and dance yourself

to the edge of love

Always wandering

down the path

were you will find

a moment’s family

Open the door

– that tempting threshold

where losses linger

and gains seem to

veil themselves into the

mists of time eternal.

Break through those

sticky webs of

strained thought and

dissolve into the

elixir of infinite love

Always moving

onward towards the

goal where you will

find a family’s moment

Open the gate

– that fated portal

where expectations

run wild and live

immortal through

the restless mind.

Rip through those

varied visions and find

the one who worships

at the shrine of your

life; take him in and

dance him to the

edge of love eternal

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Day 170 – Come And Merge

Eternal Effulgence

Merge with me

and see the


renewed with

an abiding love

Come and

give your



to the surrounding

universe within

your beautiful

and bountiful


Your eternal

effulgence has

stoked the fires

of my heart

Come and

enmesh your

lingering soul

into this creative

and impassive

world of abundance

Merge with me

and let our

divine union

be the holy

neighbors to the

brightest stars

in love’s eye

Your eternal

effulgence has

lit the flames

of my soul

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Day 169 – Think Of IT

Incomparable Greatness

Think of it

– that grand form –

your body


forged within

the furnace of

distant galactic

star systems.

Every molecule

from untold

reaches of space

aged perfectly over

a millennia yet ever

renewed through

life’s procession

Think of it

– that great conductor –

your mind


birthing all of

life’s events

with a cognitive


Every synapse

coming not from you

but forged by you

contains the chasm

whole of time and

experience through

the soul’s procession

Think of it

– that sacred union –

a synthesis between

material and consciousness

forged through the

fires of space and

tempered through the

cognitional passage

of time. Every instant

a shift in the ever

changing state of

perpetual balance that

honors your sensuality,

born of the space-made

body, and your emotional

states, born of your

time-sense combine in

love’s divine procession.

Think of it

– that incomparable greatness –

laying in the center

of every single fiber

of your radiantly beautiful

being forged through

circumstance and set

free through choices.

Every action

warranted and thought

needs to be expressed

through intentional

devotions of a plaintive

sort, to sanctify all life

through living your

incomparable greatness

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Day 168 – Universe Of Feelings

Know That Greatness

Feel the universe

– manifest and complete –

looking out onto

itself through

your infinite eyes.

Know that greatness

Feel the day

– awakened and radiant –

ascending upon

creation’s delight with

the vibrations of love

Know that greatness

Feel the ocean

– undulating and solid –

tread those waves

of celestial vibrations

of your beating heart

Know that greatness

Feel the night

– pure and luminous –

descending into the

great depths of

our sacred mind

Know that greatness

Feel the abyss

– infinite and engulfing –

bringing life into

the living realm where

only love remains

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Day 167 – From The Nearer

Dwelling Life

From the nearer

born of past


passing off

into experience

of the unknown

enters into

the further depths

of life eternal

comes the boons

of growth restrained

in fields of

posturing grace

and headlong still

into the deified

truth that life

dwells in love

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Day 166 – Come And Enter

The Mystic World Calls

Come home to

love, precious

soul, come and

let the beloved

care for your

wounded heart.

Enter into that

mystic realm

where love answers

to the lover’s call

Come let go

to love that

beckons us

forever forward

into to realm of life

Enter into that

mythic world

where fantasy

blends with

unseen realities.

Come to a true

vision of love,

that union of things

seen and unseen;

a melding of

worlds resolved

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Day 165 – From The Heart Of An Artist

To The Muse

It is in you,

the golden mean of

love’s tempered

equation, the

building blocks

of the soul’s


Hidden in you,

within the garden

of your heart

I found the

fruit of peace that

would nourish

my soul and

sate the fiery

hunger of my heart

It is in you,

siren of the

mystical answer

always beckoning

love’s devotional call,

the song of

the universe urging

our hearts to

sing for love

Hidden within you,

in the verdant fields

of your ardent soul

I sought the

marrow of life,

the flame of love

that would kindle

the poet’s soul and

inflame the artist’s

passion for love eternal

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Day 164 – OurBathing Souls

Strange Sights Of Love

Our souls

-they wash


the shore

of eternity,

lapping at the


of strange sights

Bathe yourself,

and all life

dwelling in your

eternal soul,

in the delicate

yet equitable

light of native


Our souls

– they bathe in

the great space

where beauty

and wisdom

blend into

a consciousness

of auspicious delights

Wash yourself,

and all things

in the garrulous

waves of an

emotional heart

pouring out its

contents into

the void of creation,

that living soul

of love

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Day 163 – The Abiding Soul

The Convincing

I am convinced

– not by simile,

nor by rhyme –

that the efflux of

the soul abides

in love eternal

I am convinced

– not by experience,

nor by thought –

that life when lived

rightly is to be

empty and heartless

I am convinced

– not by smile,

nor by laughter –

that love is a

tether that binds

us to this world


I convince

– not by gladness,

nor by ease –

that yours is a beauty

wild and free, out

in front of you

I convince

– not by actions,

not by plans –

that to be heartless

is to give all your

heart away in love

I convince

– not by metaphor,

nor by prose –

that all of life

abides in the

infinite love eternal

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