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Day 10 – Day And Night

And Through The Days


And through the Light of Day

the sun shines a bit too bright,

it’s heat a bit too warm. It burns

all it touches, evaporating bodies

and leaving the vulnerable

star-seed of life’s soul vulnerable

to death’s aching thirst.


And through the dark of Night

the world descends into the

deepening coldness of the abyss.

It comes first as a calming balm

nurturing life back to health. As

night deepens, the coldness

stagnates, stifles, and coallesces

into am icy underworld where

naught but death lingers; forever

putting out the fire of life’s heart.


And through the times between

the bright day and the dark night

life lingers on, hanging by a

barren thread. Thawing out life

in the heat of morning’s light before

that life-granting sun becomes the

desolation of life. Those who survive

the heat through love’s gracious shade,

shall suffer through yet another

night. It forever fends off the cold

fingers of the constellations that

serve as a Light of Hope while

death washes over our bodies

in an icy harness that chokes our

voices to burgeoning quietness.


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Day 9 – The Great Unused

The Knowing


I know what

the unplanted seed

feels like –

* saved for a purpose, left on

a shelf and then forgotten about

* lingering on for the guiding hand

to make use of me, yet time never comes

* pushed into some dark corner left to

either wither in dryness or rot in dampness

I know what the unplanted

seed feels like.


I know what

over ripe fruit

feels like –

* picked mostly last

in recess and gym activities.

* perceiving my best

was everyone else’s average

* over striving to fill

the cavern of lack in my soul.

I know what over ripe

fruit feels like.


I know what

the unpicked fruit

feels like –

* something must be wrong

(with me) if I am still unchosen.

* my spots and bruises

must be worse than other’s

* perhaps I am only meant

to fall and fertilize the land around me.

I know what the unpicked

fruit feels like.


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Day 8 – Manifesting God



Why is it?

– That when God manifests

in this world, he does

as man and not God?


– That when God manifests

in this world, he does

to walk on water?


– That when God manifests

in this world, he does

to fulfill his singular desire?


– That when God manifests

in this world, he does

through the experience of LOVE.

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Day 7 – Waves

Esoterica Obscura


There are waves, of

all types, constantly

exploding outwards constantly

drawing life to the event

horizon of our love.

Through secular acts of

faith, life finds that all acts

are rituals of our devotion

towards our higher entity

of love. For all life is a

conundrum of esoterica

obscura. Release. Relax.

Breathe and open up

to the vulnerability

that is your sacredness.

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Day 6 – Cloud Of All Things Knowable

Silence And Stillness


In the cloud of all

things knowable, our lives

live as a manifested

prophecy holding

tight to the spiritual

identity of love; where

duality dissolves into

a unified silence where

peace reigns through stillness.

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Day 5 – Follow Your Breath

Dimensional Expansion


Close your eyes and

follow your breath.


Immerse yourself

in the ineffable.

You float in space.

You are expanding

space ad infintum.

All space becomes

part of your whole.

One molecule

contains all life.


Close your eyes and

follow your breath.


Cover yourself

in the creative.

You become more.

You take me in

and I become a

part of your whole

sacredness. I expand

to receive you in

my heart to contain all.


Close your eyes and

follow your breath.


Expand and emerse.

Emerse and expand

to your perceived

limits and then go

beyond. Float in

that realm where you

confront  your boundaries

to live your brilliance.


Close your eyes and

follow your breath.

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Day 4 – A Letter in Poem form



Questions fuel our lives

forever forward and leads

each of us to find

our own personal answers.

How are you? How goes

the day? Innocent questions

to be sure, but the

generic answers we give

(fine, well, good, super

or fantastic) erodes and

corrodes our souls if

not lived in earnest.

These lies slake our truth

and contaminates our soul.


I was once happy,

Yes, I have know that gift, known

it well, but that was

many years ago, and I

hope to again. Though life has

given me much, it

has taken more in return.

And I grow tired.

Tired of wearing this mask,

this visage of joy

to appease others and to

safeguard their feelings.


Questions plague the mind

leaving the soul to grapple

in the dark night for

an authentic answer. Why

are you here? What is

your purpose. Is life worth the

effort that living

will demand of you?  Only

you can answer these

questions, only you

can know your whole truth.

Feel it’s true import.

The more I see, the more I

live; I come to grasp

an unsettling truth: Life,

such as it is, is

an absurd pastime

that will slowly steal

all your fortitude and strength

until you are a

mere husk of the dreams

you once dared to dream.

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